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My Running Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 (AKA “Gerries”) Review

Brooks Adrenaline


Sorry this post is a little late getting up–I had to work on a draft first thing, so I didn’t get around to starting this until later this morning. ?Heads up–there’s also one more running focused post going up this week, but I feel like the topic of running SHOES (and my shoes, specifically) is a topic that deserves a post of its own, because it’s one you guys ask about often! 

I would not really call myself a runner by any stretch of the imagination–BUT–running is my favorite way to get moving and de-stress at the same time. I also do quite a bit of of running in Orangetheory–which equates to about 3 miles of treadmill work each class. (Read my Orangetheory review here!) 

The one problem: I have VERY flat feet, and I have issues with pronation (i.e. because I don’t have an arch my ankles roll inward–putting stress on my ankle and my knees.) If I don’t wear the right running shoes, this can result in pain in my feet and knees, so having the right running shoes is REALLY important.

Which lead me to purchase…my beloved “Gerries“–as Neal calls them. (Short for “Geriatric” shoes. ?) Also known as the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 running shoes. Basically, yes, they look like old people shoes, but they are wonderful and today you will see why. 

Are they crazy comfortable? Yes.

Do they help my feet and knees immensely? Yes.

Are they chunky and ugly compared to all the cute sleek stylish Nikes out there? You bet. ?


I get SO MANY QUESTIONS about my Gerries, and like I said–it’s time they finally got their well-deserved time in the spotlight. So here we are. 

Running shoes are a very individual thing. 

Unless you have literal perfect feet–those cute Nikes you like to wear to brunch on Sunday are likely NOT. CUTTING. IT. If you’ve started to notice recurring pain when running, there is a VERY high probability your shoes are to blame! 

Here’s a fact that I think a lot of people overlook: running shoes are a VERY individual thing.

Just because something works for me doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. I would highly highly recommend going into a specialty running store so you can get personalized recommendations for YOU. They will have you run on a treadmill, and someone who is a very experienced runner will analyze your stride, movement, injuries (or potential injuries) and fit you to a shoe that is specifically designed for your needs. It’s also just super helpful knowledge to have in general, so you can use that info to guide all your purchase decisions moving forward! 

If you live in Chicago, I highly recommend stopping by Fleet Feet! I went years ago and they told me what kind of shoes I need to look for (Asics and Brooks were the two shoes they recommended for pronation/flat feet) so now, I know what qualities and styles to look for! Prior to that, I wouldn’t have even known there WERE certain shoes that were better for flat feet and pronation! Do yourself a big favor and consult the professionals–your body will thank you! 

Running shoes are an investment: 

I also think its very much worth noting that running shoes are expensive for good reason–they are more of a health purchase than a fashion purchase. Bad running shoes can lead to injuries that you’ll deal with for the rest of your life–this is not an area to skimp on. Believe me, I didn’t want to spend $130 on Geriatric looking shoes, but the first time I ran in them I immediately knew they were worth every penny. They make THAT much of a difference. 

Why I love the Brooks Adrenaline: 

For more background, when I was younger, I went through a period of time where I ran A LOT on the Lakefront. Then, life got crazy, I didn’t run for a period of several years until leading up to our wedding, when I started Orangetheory. I was running in regular old Nikes (thinking, “I’m really not running THAT many miles in them! I’m sure I’ll be fine!”) WRONG. My knees started killing me–it hurt to get out of bed in the morning, and I knew I was being stupid and that I needed good shoes again ASAP. Thus, I got the Adrenaline’s and they have made an insane difference. 

These are a great running shoe for anyone who needs a lot of support (whether that’s over or under pronation, people who are prone to knee injury, etc) and are best for low to medium arches. They have what they call “guide rails” in place to ensure your foot stays exactly where it needs to be. They have a ton of cushion and are very comfortable! (Note: they are not lightweight though, but from what I understand-support and lightweight don’t often go together. ?) 

The other reason I chose to go with this specific pair was because they seem to be the only supportive running shoe out there that comes in a NORMAL color.  I just wanted like GREY, or WHITE–is that too much to ask for!? Why are all *real* running shoes made in such loud colors? I felt like I hit the jackpot when I finally found this grey pair with rose gold accents! 

Where to buy them: 

There are a LOT of places you can buy Brooks. If you want to purchase online, there is obviously the Brooks website, but I think Zappos is your best bet if you want the most selection AND super fast shipping! You can also get them at Amazon, and Nordstrom also has a good selection of Brooks (but they only have a couple pairs left of the Adrenaline’s specifically!) They come in different widths, so if you don’t see your width in one spot, check another retailer! I think they run TTS. 

That’s it! Short and sweet, but I hope this helps you to find your own Gerries! ?Have a great Monday, guys!