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My pumpkin-spice-coffee for people who hate sweet coffee

not-too-sweet pumpkin spice coffee

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you’re having a great week so far! It’s been a little wild over here–getting back into the swing of things post travel and Neal has been super busy with a work conference the past few days, so I’ve also been flying solo with June most of the time. Never a dull moment over here! Thus…why it’s Wednesday and it’s my first post of the week! If you need a little pick-me-up, I hope you’ll love this post, just in time for your mid-day coffee break! I have been making this super easy combo nonstop–as someone who hates sweet coffee but wants to feel included in the seasonal drink fun, it really hits the spot. (Not to mention, is way cheaper than buying at Starbucks!)

All the at-home recipes I was finding called for canned pumpkin–and I was not about that. Who wants to open a whole can of pumpkin just to use a tiny dollop for a coffee? So I created–of course–the lazy girl version (per usual) of a not-too-creamy-not-too-sweet PSL.

I hope you love it too!

How to make my not-too-sweet pumpkin spice coffee:

1. Start with milk or creamer of your choice (I prefer Milkadamia Latte) in a separate cup or pitcher

If you’re making an iced coffee, leave it cold, but warm in the microwave if you’re making a hot coffee!

2. Add a pinch of Pumpkin Pie Spice

Any pumpkin spice seasoning will do–or if you don’t have that, cinnamon is really lovely as well! (Or a combo of any warming spices you have in your cabinet!)

3. Add in just a whisper of maple syrup

I don’t like my coffee sweet, so I just use a tiny bit (to taste). (Like if LaCroix had a sugar flavor, that’s what it would taste like. That’s how sweet I want my coffee. 😆) Start with a little bit at a time, you can always add more!

4. Froth all of the above together with a handheld frother

If you don’t have one, you could always use a cocktail shaker to shake together a frothy iced coffee by combining your coffee and your creamer with some ice!

5. Pour mixture over coffee of your choice

Whether it’s cold brew, hot coffee you’ve let cool for an iced coffee, or freshly brewed hot coffee!) If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can sprinkle a bit more cinnamon or pumpkin spice on top for extra flair!

Hope you love this as much as I do and have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday!