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My OurPlace Always Pan Review

Oct 23, 2020

My OurPlace Always Pan Review

Above: Making cheesy fried eggs in the Always Pan–use code JESSKEYS for $10 off! 

Friends–to say I’m excited about today’s post would be quite the understatement–my first sponsorship with OurPlace! ????????

If you’ve been following along on stories, you’ll know I haven’t stopped raving about this company and their famous Always Pan for the last couple of months. (Yes, that pan that is taking over Instagram, sold out immediately when it launched and had a massive waitlist!)

I was skeptical too that a nonstick pan could be revolutionary, but turns out, it’s been one of the things that has brought me the MOST joy over the past few months! 

My OurPlace Always Pan Review

Today, I’m deep-diving into my full review, why I love it so much, and answering all of your FAQ’s you submitted last week over on IG stories!

But first, some background on me, the Always Pan, how this all came to be (and a HUGE thank you to YOU)! 

How this came about: 

My friend Emily, who I have worked with for years at another brand, recently made the move to OurPlace earlier this summer! She reached out and offered to send me a pan and their dishes to try, and gave me a discount code for my readers as well!

I had been so intrigued seeing their beautiful ads for this magical pan all over Instagram, so of course, I was ecstatic to give them a test drive! 

Well–spoiler alert, I became the new biggest Our Place fan. (Which is why I’ve been talking about them nonstop on my IG stories ever since!)

I really hoped that one day it could turn into a sponsorship, and THIS MONTH my dreams came true! I have you to thank for that, because many of you have been using my links and discount code (JESSKEYS gets you $10 off!) it helped prove to them that a paid partnership would be lucrative for the brand! (So THANK YOU! Every time you use my codes and links, it not only contributes to my bottom line as a small business by giving me a small commission but also helps me land partnerships with brands I’m over the moon about!) 

Anyway, today’s blog post is sponsored by Our Place! But as you know, I’m wildly picky about my partnerships, and only take on partners that I would shout from the rooftops about anyway! Let’s get into the details! 

My OurPlace Always Pan Review

OurPlace Always Pan Review: 

The top five things I love MOST about the Always pan: 

We’ll dive more into the specifics below and why it’s so different from other pans, but to recap, these are the top 5 things I love about the Always Pan! 

  1. It’s the non-stickiest nonstick, but browns food beautifully 
  2. Safe and non-toxic
  3. Cleaning has never been easier–no more soaking or scrubbing! 
  4. It’s shallow enough to fry, deep enough to boil–you’ll rarely need another pan 
  5. The company’s mission and values

Other honorable mention qualities: 

  • I love that the steamer basket it comes with also functions as a colander 
  • It’s so beautiful that you can pop it on a trivet or dish towel and put it on the table to serve 
  • It’s designed to be a beautiful design element of your kitchen, so it should be stored on the stovetop!
  • I love the beachwood spatula and the fact that it pops on the handle for an easy spoon rest and storage. 

The Do it All Pan: 

My OurPlace Always Pan Review

The pan claims to be an 8 in one–a fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest, and I can vouch, it does all of the above while being pretty enough to carry right to the table and serve!

What does the Always Pan come with? 

The Always Pan comes with a wooden beechwood spatula and a steaming basket, that also works nicely as a colander. 

How much does the Always Pan cost? 

It retails for $145 but you can get it for $135 ($10 off!) with code JESSKEYS! For a pan that has so many functions, it’s well worth it! 

More questions about the Always Pan + Why I think it’s so great: 

Is it REALLY that great? (I hate usually nonstick pans!) 

I have discovered, after registering for a large set of nonstick pans for our wedding, that I’m actually not a big fan of them. ???? Don’t get me wrong, the pans I have are really nice–but I rarely touch them and before the Always pan, I had been pretty much exclusively using my cast-iron and dutch oven to make 99% of my meals.

My biggest issue with my nonstick pans is that: 

1. They didn’t brown food that well (which is essential for building flavor) and

2. I was constantly pulling out different pans for different things, which was annoying. 

Like I said, this resulted in my non-stick pans living in the cupboard and the cast-iron being used for the majority of my cooking! However, that still brought upon other issues that come with using a cast iron: 

1. It’s a HUGE pain to clean.

2. It’s wildly heavy.

3. It doesn’t have a lid. (I know, this is easily solvable by BUYING a lid. It just didn’t come with one and I didn’t really feel like buying a cast iron lid that would add to the weight of something I could already barely pick up on my own anyway. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still adore a cast iron and I think it’s a staple in any kitchen, and I think it’s worth the cons above, AND I realize these are first world problems.

HOWEVER, what I didn’t know is how much I would appreciate a pan that addresses ALL of the above issues, until I tried the Always Pan! 

It doesn’t just look pretty on the stove, it makes cooking even more joyful, and makes cleanup a breeze. No more scrubbing or soaking. 

The nonstick is so excellent that I only need to use a small amount of oil (unlike the cast iron, which seems to require a lot!) It also does an amazing job of browning–even meat coated in flour or cornstarch doesn’t stick! 

My OurPlace Always Pan Review

Is the Always Pan safe and nontoxic? 

Nonstick pans can be a big point of concern when it comes to toxicity, but the Always pan is free of Teflon, PFOA, & PTFEs, cadmium, toxic metals, and nanoparticles. 

Is the Always Pan REALLY easy to clean? 

It cleans so easy, I often don’t even need a sponge. (I mean, I still use one, because what else would I use, but the point is, all you usually need is a quick rinse!) Even the archnemesis cheesy scrambled egg residue wipes off easily with one swipe of the sponge! 

On that note, is the Always Pan dishwasher safe? 

Many ask if it’s dishwasher safe, and the answer is that no pan should be put in the dishwasher if you want it to last a long time. I know that’s not the answer you were wanting, but just as the washing machine and dryer ruin your clothes, the dishwasher ruins your pans!

You also don’t need the dishwasher because the pan cleans so fast–that would be doing double the work anyway. (Not to mention I HATE unloading the dishwasher!) 

Always Pan uses: 

In addition to the nonstick factor, the shape of the pan is, in my opinion, the other main reason this pan is so functional.

You’ll use it like a frying pan for things like eggs, searing meat, and stir-fries, yet it’s deep enough to shallow fry, boil rice, quinoa, farro, and even pasta. (Assuming you’re cooking a portion for two–if you need a bigger portion you’ll want to haul out your pasta pot–the pan holds 2.6 quarts of liquid!) It has a domed lid to let off steam when you want to and lock it in when you don’t! 

(Also, FWIW, the nonstick part is key when you’re boiling starches like rice or pasta as well–you don’t get that sticky, impossible to scrub off rice crust at the bottom!) 

Messy free cheesy eggs (fried and scrambled!) 

[one-half-first]My OurPlace Always Pan Review[/one-half-first][one-half


My OurPlace Always Pan Review


I think eggs are the WORST offender when it comes to sticking and creating a big mess–but with this pan you don’t need to soak or scrub. You can melt straight cheese into this pan and it will swirl around without sticking! ????

Pan-Frying and browning: 

My OurPlace Always Pan Review

I am a sucker for a good schnitzel–which is typically something I’d love to use a cast-iron for. Typically I don’t think cast irons brown well enough for my liking, but I was SO pleasantly surprised with this pan! It crisps and browns beautifully, no matter what you’re making!  

Fried Rice: 

My OurPlace Always Pan Review

I LOVEEEE a good crispy fried rice–which the cast iron does great, but then you end up with that sticky mess at the bottom of the pan. The Always pan makes delicious crispy fried rice with zero mess! 

Quesadillas and grilled cheeses: 

My OurPlace Always Pan Review

Again–melting cheese mess-free is the one of the Always Pan’s most wonderful specialties. Crispy quesadillas and gooey grilled cheeses are a snap! (Plus, covering them with the lid allows the cheese to melt easily!) 

Stir Fries: 

Stir Fries

We make a lot of stir-fries for weeknight dinners, which can get really messy with sticky sauces, but again–with a couple passes of the sponge, it wipes clean! 

Their amazing values: 

What is really the cherry on top of this pan, for me, is the mission behind the company. Its founder, Shiza Shahid, was also a co-founder of the Malala Fund (alongside Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai) and NOW Ventures, an organization dedicated to investing in women-led startups that make the world better.

She was named one of Time Magazine’s 30 under 30 people changing the world, featured in Forbes’ Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs.

An excerpt from Forbes

Though it may seem far removed from Shahid’s previous work in philanthropy and social impact, which sought to raise awareness on women’s issues, she’s actually aiming to bring the two together…

“As I started to cook more, I looked at the landscape of existing kitchenware brands, and realized none of them spoke to me, solved my problems, or represented my values,” she says. “So we started Our Place for the modern, multiethnic American kitchen.”

The idea dawned on her in her own kitchen, as she learned to cook and host friends, far from her mother’s kitchen in Pakistan where she had grown up. As an immigrant, she says, she “found her place in America by cooking and sharing food with new communities.” Building a company that brings people together around home-cooked meals is her goal.

In addition to having an awesome founder, not surprisingly, the company is very mission-driven. 

  • Most products are sourced from a woman-owned factory partner
  • Packaging is 100% free of plastics and is fully recyclable and biodegradable
  • Their warehouse is a B-Corp doing exceptional environmental and social justice work in the world.
  • They recently donated 200,000 meals to help fight hunger, and thousands of dollars to the Equal Justice Initiative’s critical work for racial justice. 

The Do it All Pan

More FAQ’s about the OurPlace Always Pan! 

Is the Always Pan oven safe? 

This is the one drawback to the Always Pan. It is not oven safe. It’s not as big of a deal-breaker as I thought it would be though. 

Is it an issue for you that it can’t go in the oven? 

I’ll admit, I thought it would be more of an issue than it is. I think because most of the time if I’m putting something in the oven, it’s a braise I’d make in my Dutch Oven anyway, or something I’d make on a sheet pan–not something I’d make in the always pan, if that makes sense? 

Before, I would also use the oven to melt cheese on top of dishes, but with the lid, that negates that need. I just pop the lid on and wait a minute or two and the cheese is melted with no need for the oven! (I make stovetop enchiladas this way and don’t even need to turn the oven on–it’s great!) 

Do you still use your cast iron? 

It has definitely replaced my cast-iron as my go-to pan, but we still use the cast iron for special instances–cooking nice steaks (usually on a weekend), bacon, or any meat that would require searing on the stovetop and finishing in the oven, but those are more rare occasions!

If I had to choose between getting this and a cast-iron, the Always Pan is definitely more practical and you’ll get much more use out of it, however, if you are an avid cook there is always going to be a place for both in your kitchen. Nothing can replace a cast-iron if you’re a steak snob! 

Do you still use your dutch oven? 

I do! And I would say having a Dutch Oven and the Always pan are both kitchen staples. I still use my Dutch Oven for soups and stews–anything that requires a lot of liquid–more liquid than the Always pan can hold. 

Does the color stain/have scorch marks with the light color? 

A bit of wear and tear on the bottom of the pan is normal, but mine doesn’t show sitting on the stovetop. As long as you aren’t using high heat you shouldn’t have a problem. (It’s recommended to use medium heat–which is a good heat threshold to have anyway to avoid overcooking or burning your food!) 

Can you use metal utensils with the Always Pan? 

No, because it’s nonstick, you’ll want to use the wooden spatula it comes with, or a spatula made of a softer material! 

Can you lift it one-handed? 

Yes!! That’s another thing I love about it–I can lift it one-handed and Neal doesn’t have to come help me like he does with the cast iron. ???? At the same time, it’s still heavy-bottomed enough for searing! 

Can you really survive with just this ONE pan? 

It depends on what kind of cook you are! Does it do the job of many different pans? Absolutely. Most days, I need nothing else! 

But if you’re say, entertaining and making a multi-course dinner, you’ll definitely need more than one pan because you’ll need to cook multiple things at once. But for everyday cooking, yes, this is the one pan that you’ll use 99% of the time! 

I think of this pan as the white oxford button-down of my wardrobe. I wear it all seasons, all occasions, I can dress it up, I can dress it down–make it look casual, professional, wear it on a date–you name it.

Does that mean I’m going to throw out all of my other shirts? No, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the #1 thing I reach for almost every time. ????

Worth it to get the bundle that includes the pan, dishes and glasses? 

ABSOLUTELY. If you have been in the market for new dishes, for sure. I have the plates and bowls (which are so beautiful!) but my favorite are the glasses, which honestly need their own review. (I’ll do that soon).

Long story short, I love the glasses because they’re handmade, vintage-inspired, they stack and take up so little room, and the size and shape make them perfect for everything from water, to iced coffee, to juice, to cocktails and wine! Neal even uses them for whiskey. You can buy the bundle here! (Remember to use JESSKEYS for $10 off!) 

Shop all colors of the Always Pan: 

The Do it All Pan

Have more questions about OurPlace or the Always Pan? Feel free to DM me on Instagram and ask away! If you decide it’s a fit for you and would like to purchase, remember to use code JESSKEYS for $10 off

Huge thanks to Our Place for sponsoring this post–I’m so excited about this partnership and also grateful to you for supporting the brands that help keep this blog up and running! 

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