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My Favorite Ultra Soft Sheets (Bonus: they’re a Target find!)

Apr 28, 2021

The Casaluna Lyocel sheets from Target | My Favorite Ultra Soft Sheets

Yes if you’re wondering, I DO still have tiny lights woven around my headboard from Christmas. It’s fine, we’re all fine. (Headboard is vintage and customized from MegMade!) I also tried to take a pretty staged photo of just my bed, but the sheets were wrinkled and there was too much crap on my nightstand. So here we have my cheesy staged photo instead which is much more on brand anyway, let’s be honest. 

First of all, apologies for the lack of post earlier today. Publishing this one at 6pm on Wednesday so I suppose maybe this shall count as both a Wednesday and a Thursday post? I’ve been dealing with a slow computer over here and had some technical glitches.

Second, today’s topic is a bit random, but a GREAT one. You know you all can always count on me for the random must-haves, and this is no exception. These new-to-me sheets are all I want to talk about these days. So…I’m going to talk about them some more!!!

My Favorite Ultra Soft Sheets

Who doesn’t love a great set of sheets? Is there anything better than sliding into fresh, ultra-luxurious sheets after a long day?

Last week, we were all discussing the topic of sheets on stories. (Of course, where we discuss ALL the things) and it made me realize that there are two kinds of people in this world:

1. CRISP, hotel-like sheet people

2. SOFT sheet people

All this time, I found myself puzzled as to why certain people would rave over sheets that I absolutely hated. Now it all makes sense.

Myself? I typically fall into the soft sheet lover category. I do not typically enjoy a crisp hotel-like sheet–I find them to be scratchy, even though they are aesthetically much more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

So, this post is for my fellow SOFT sheet people. The people who love a nice silky or jersey or bamboo type of blend.

If that’s you, stop what you’re doing because I have found the most luxurious sheets for you:

The Casaluna Lyocel sheets from Target

(I actually can’t take credit for discovering them, because Lynzy actually shared them first and I bought them on her recco!)

They are made with Lyocel, which is naturally cooling and moisture-wicking, making them the perfect sheets for summer in particular, but let’s be honest, these will be my go-to sheets year-round. (I actually just bought another set!) I love the “natural” color, which is an off-white, light beige. It’s a nice mix-up from the standard white sheets!

Other great features of these sheets: They have a tag that indicates top and bottom, which is so small but immensely helpful as I always seem to put the fitted sheet on in the wrong direction EVERY. TIME. They also never slip off the corners and we have a deep/thick mattress!

Who these sheets are NOT for: The crisp sheet lovers. Also, any sheet ironers, or those who like taut, crisp, bounce-a-quarter-off-of-em sheets. These are not that. This fabric is loose and flowy and it seems that this material shows wrinkles more than my other sheets, which does not bother me in the SLIGHTEST but I know people who wouldn’t be able to sleep with their sheets so wrinkled, so, just being upfront! (Me? I don’t even own an iron.)

Thank you for coming to my sheet Ted Talk, soft sheet enthusiasts. I hope you love these as much as I do!! 

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