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My Favorite New Everlane Staples This Month + 10 Ways to Wear them!

Nov 27, 2019

My Favorite New Everlane Staples

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

I hope you get to work from home today where you’re doing that thing where you just tap your mouse every 20 minutes so it LOOKS like your “online” in your work chat ?OR you’re “working” from the office but really just getting a head start on your holiday shopping!? (Those were always my favorite days in the office!)

I’m so excited to be back with another Everlane post today–did you hear the news I shared on IG stories? We most recently had a three-month partnership. But it has now been extended to January! I am THRILLED! Everlane is one of my all-time favorite brands and one of my absolute favorite partners to collaborate with!

So, here we are with NOVEMBER’S post–huzzah!

My Favorite New Everlane Staples This Month

If you’re new here, there are so many reasons to love Everlane. And I have been a fan of theirs LONG before they ever were a blog sponsor (we’re talking like, 5+ YEARS!) But here are two big reasons why I love the company so much:

1. Transparency:

They cut out the traditional retail markup and middlemen so they can sell everything at a great price, with impeccable quality. On every product page, you can scroll down to the very bottom to see how much it costs to make the item at each stage of production and in turn, how much they charge for it.

2. Ethical partners + company mission:

They do a LOT more than just make great clothes–they are very focused on sustainability and have a huge goal of eliminating all virgin plastic from their supply chain by 2021! They also have a “Black Friday Fund” instead of a sale each year, where they give back to a different cause each year central to the company’s mission. By the end of this year, they will have raised over $1,000,000 for projects to improve the lives of their factory workers and clean up the environment!

Anyway, this month is a little bit of a “looser” capsule than we’ve done in the past (I was quite liberal with the shoe choices in order to show a lot of variety!) but they include your top new item requests––Teddy Sweater, Alpaca Cardigan Sweater, Mockneck bodysuit, and Chelsea boots––mixed in with my other favorite Everlane staples.

Heads up: Everlane + Black Friday

Before we get into the post––I do want to point out that Everlane will not be doing discounts for Black Friday. However, this year’s Black Friday Fund helps to benefit Oceana, an organization dedicated to protecting our oceans by putting an end to single-use plastic! $10 from each order will be donated to the cause until they reach their goal of $300,000. Such an amazing cause and a great way to make a difference just by shopping!

So, you don’t need to hold out for any of these items you see here to go on sale (they won’t!). However, if you’d like your dollars to help support a great cause, you can certainly wait a couple more days to purchase!

Featured Items in this post:

Mockneck black bodysuit

Your number one most requested item to style with this post! So here we are 🙂 Just as you suspected, this bodysuit does not disappoint! It’s much different material than their other bodysuits––it’s made of Lyocell so it has a little bit of a sheen too it (great for dressing it up!) and is stretchy and breathable! The perfect base layer! It has a snap closure as well (IMPERATIVE for a bodysuit!!)

Sizing: Wearing a small, runs TTS!

Cheeky Straight jeans

You know these are amazing when they make my Jess’ Favorite Things list! They are my #1 top-selling jeans because they are so flattering and the perfect mix between skinny and wider cut denim. These are probably the jeans I wear most often in the fall and winter. I love how classic they are and they come in lots of washes!

Sizing: Run TTS for me, I’m wearing a 25 (what I always wear).

Black Chelsea boots

The most classic pair of Chelseas! I think a Chelsea boot is an essential staple in every woman’s wardrobe, especially if you walk a lot! (I especially love a good Chelsea boot for travel because they’re great for walking and they’re so sleek they can be easily dressed up or down!) This pair does not disappoint. I love the height of how they’re cut just above the ankle (I don’t love a Chelsea that is SUPER high cut because they don’t tend to be that comfortable then, but I don’t like when they’re too low cut because they aren’t that flattering!) I love the almond toe of these as well–I have another pair of Chelsea boots but the toes are rounder, and I think these are sleeker and chicer looking! They take a couple of wears to break in, but that’s to be expected!

Sizing: Run TTS!

Alpaca Cardigan: 

Just as I suspected, I love this Alpaca cardigan JUST as much as I loved the oversized crewneck Alpaca sweater! It is SO incredibly cozy and I just love how it looks buttoned up and tucked into a pair of jeans. I got it in both this almond color AND red–which will be perfect for holiday! (I’ll be styling that one in another post soon!)

Black Modern stretch cigarette ankle jeans

Can you guys tell these are denim?! They are a true black, which can be hard to find. I feel like Audrey Hepburn would wear these? They are so classic and sophisticated! They fit like a skinny jean all the way until the very end where they stay straight, which adds a fun, almost retro twist.

Sizing: Run TTS, but size up if in between sizes

Ecru Day Booties

You guys know I have these in three colors now! They’re just perfect in every single way, and I’ve styled them dozens of ways on the blog. Beyond comfortable, they are my booties of choice for travel and exploring. These also made my Jess’ Favorite Things list!

Sizing: TTS

Wool/cashmere blanket scarf

Part scarf, part blanket––what more could you want!? I adore this scarf and I think it would make an incredible gift! (Comes in other colors too, but I am partial to this beautiful Cider hue!) If you’re traveling anywhere this winter, you definitely will want this with you! It’s also perfect to keep draped over your chair at the office––it keeps you warm and chic at the same time! I love wearing it as a wrap or a scarf!

Black Glove Booties

The perfect winter bootie, these are so incredibly comfortable and warm! They come up higher and tighter on the ankle to keep your ankles warm. They also come in several colors- I’m eyeing the toffee shade!

Sizing: TTS

Wide leg crops

I now have these in black and white they are so good! I especially love the look of them with booties for fall and winter. They add a fun proportion to any look. Dress them up or down, they work for anything- including the office!

Sizing: Run TTS! I’m wearing a 0.

Teddy sweater

This was your second most requested item when I asked what requests you guys had for my next Everlane post–again, it does not disappoint! This sweater is wool, but it doesn’t feel like wool at all–it feels like your favorite––well, as the name suggests, teddy bear! The texture is soft and nubby, and gives every outfit an interesting textural element! I love the v-neck but it also comes in crewneck!

Sizing: TTS. Wearing a small!

Camel Modern Loafers

The shape of this modern loafer is just. so. good. It looks so sleek and sharp, and I love the fun element the camel color adds to any outfit. These are another versatile Everlane staple that works in and out of the office.

Sizing: Go up 1/2 size

Double Breasted Blazer

I adore the oversized fit of this blazer. It’s great for both the office and wearing out. Because it’s double breasted, you can also button it up and wear it alone for a date, too!

Sizing: Oversized fit, size down. I went with a 0!

Corduroy straight leg crop

I featured these in my late fall capsule post, and I just adore them so much! The golden brown color, the fit, the texture is all right out of the ’70s, yet still modern. They are also a great option for winter, because they’re really warm!

Sizing: TTS! I’m a size 0. (They fit the same as the regular straight leg + wide leg crops!)

ReNew Traveler Tote (Packable!)

Cute AND insanely practical, this spacious tote can fit all your essentials (for work or even an overnight stay!) but it can fold or roll up into basically nothing, so it’s the perfect packing tote! It’s super easy to clean, and made of entirely recycled materials! 


Red Day Heels

I’ve been a fan of Everlane’s Day Heels for YEARS, because they truly are the most comfortable heels EVER. I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone- especially if you’re on your feet quite a bit throughout the day. They have them in tons of colors and in both suede and leather!

Sizing: TTS (I think they used to run small, but now my normal size works great)

Work pants 

These aren’t your average work pants — in the best possible way! Versatile, chic and flattering, you’ll actually want to wear these from desk to dinner! The houndstooth print is extra sophisticated and perfect for winter!

Sizing: Run small–I usually wear a 0 in Everlane pants and the 2’s here fit perfectly!

Black Editor Heels

These are truly a wonderful classic pump — low, polished and incredibly versatile. These are sharp for elevating casual looks, the office or for date night.

Sizing: TTS

Now, let’s jump into the outfits!

Bodysuit for travel: 

My Favorite New Everlane Staples - bodysuit for travel

 Blanket Scarf, Mockneck Bodysuit, Cheeky Straight Jeans, Chelsea Boots 

I pretty much lived In variations of this outfit formula on my Portugal trip! It’s chic, simple, warm, and best of all, comfortable! I love a bodysuit, classic jeans, and chelsea boots ALL day. And I think a lot of times we associate a bodysuit as “edgy” or “sexy” or strictly something to wear out, but that’s totally not the case at all–it can be an awesome daytime look as well! I particularly love the scarf worn both as a wrap OR as a regular scarf. You get two totally different looks with just one accessory.

[one-half-first]My Favorite New Everlane Staples - bodysuit for travel[/one-half-first][one-half]My Favorite New Everlane Staples - bodysuit for travel

[/one-half]ankle boots and jeans for travel

Bodysuit for work:

My Favorite New Everlane Staples - bodysuit for work

Double Breasted Blazer, Mockneck Bodysuit, Wide Leg Crops, Glove Booties 

Again, you don’t usually think “bodysuit’ and “work” would typically go into the same sentence––but when paired with more structured, masculine pieces like a blazer and wide-legged crops, it TOTALLY works! This look would also work great with either of Everlane’s more traditional “work” pants (both which I give two thumbs up!)––their Italian Go Weave Easy Pants (basically feel like sweatpants) and their “work pants” aka stretchy trousers!

Glove Booties with cropped pants

Bodysuit for dinner:

Everlane bodysuit outfit ideas

Mockneck Bodysuit, Blanket Scarf, Modern Stretch Cigarette Ankle Jeans, Editor Heels

Same scarf and bodysuit as our first outfit, but totally different look! (See why these two are so great for travel!?) Just swap pants and shoes and you’re dressed up and ready for a date! These are Everlane’s Modern Stretch cigarette ankle jeans and I absolutely love them! They fit just like a skinny jean, but instead of tapering at the ankle, they run straight down from the calf. Still super tailored and classic at the same time! Plus, these are VERY black, so they look much nicer than regular denim (making them easy to dress up for the office too!)

Teddy Sweater for casual dinner with friends: 

Teddy Sweater for casual dinner

Teddy Sweater, Cheeky Straight Jeans, Day Heels

For when you want to look comfy and cozy, but polished at the same time! LOTS of you requested a review for their new Teddy sweater, and it’s truly the most unique material! I was expecting it to be “fleecy” and “sherpa-y” but it isn’t at all–it’s much more textured while still being soft and cozy! I love how the heels elevate a basic outfit and give it a pop of color. I’ve had these heels for more than three years now and I absolutely love them. They’re the most comfortable heels money can buy and you can be on your feet ALL day without them hurting! I once walked from River North to Wicker Park in them (MILES!!)

Teddy Sweater for casual dinner

Teddy Sweater for work:

My Favorite New Everlane Staples - Teddy Sweater

Teddy Sweater, Work Pants, Modern Loafers

Because it isn’t often that you get to associate the word “cozy” with “workwear” but with this sweater, that can all change! ?It looks just as great with a pair of work pants or trousers as is does with jeans! I think the loafers add the perfect amount of polished while still keeping your look low-key. (And if you get cold in the office, throw on that blanket scarf!!)

Teddy Sweater for brunch:

My Favorite New Everlane Staples - Teddy Sweater

Teddy Sweater, Corduroy Straight Leg Crops, Day Booties

Okay, let’s be honest––this is not just a look you have to tie to “brunch”––I have been wearing a lot of variations of this outfit lately. I LOVE their straight leg crop cords and I think the Teddy sweater is a perfect pair–I love the two textures together, not to mention, they’re both so warm! I also cannot get enough of their ecru Day Boots. As you know, I own the Day Boots in three colors but this is the color that has been on constant rotation––I think they are a fresh departure from a typical brown or black bootie and make everything look fresh!

Teddy Sweater, Corduroy Straight Leg Crops, Day Booties

Alpaca sweater for a day exploring the city:

Alpaca sweater outfit

My Favorite New Everlane Staples - Alpaca cardigan

Alpaca Cardigan, Modern Stretch Cigarette Ankle Jeans, Chelsea Boots 

The verdict is out: I love the Alpaca cardigan JUST as much as last month’s obsession––the Alpaca oversized crew! A buttoned-up cardigan is my favorite “trend” when it comes to sweaters lately (even though its a very classic look, I’m hesitant to call it “trendy” haha!) I got this in both this color AND the red color and adore both of them equally. The alpaca is SO cozy and soft, it’s not itchy at all and is VERY warm.

Alpaca sweater for dinner and a movie:

My Favorite New Everlane Staples - alpaca sweater

Alpaca Cardigan, Cheeky Straight Jeans, Modern Loafers, Cashmere Beret (this color is currently sold out, but it also comes in a pretty sand color!)

The perfect outfit to throw on for a leisurely and casual weekend activity––like a movie, or lunch with a friend! Very comfortable, but still very put together. I also love Everlane’s take on a cashmere beret–it’s kind of a cross between a classic, more structured beret, and a beanie––ideal for covering up last night’s unwashed hair! ?

Alpaca sweater for a coffee meeting, baby shower, or lunch with a girlfriend!

Wide Leg Cropped pants outfit idea

Alpaca Cardigan, Wide Leg Crops, Day Booties

Last but not least–an incredibly versatile look that you could wear anywhere from work to dinner to a day of shopping, a friend’s baby shower–– anything in between! Warm, classy, stylish, versatile––this will be an outfit framework you copy for many occasions to come!

ReNew Traveler Tote Review:

ReNew Traveler Tote Review

Another highly requested item last time I polled you guys over in IG stories was Everlane’s Renew Traveler Tote! It’s a super functional nylon tote that is made of 100% recycled materials! If you’re looking for a cute, stylish tote that you can beat up and stuff a whole bunch of stuff into––this is it! It’s totally packable and folds/rolls into nothing, so it’s perfect to shove into a larger bag when you’re traveling, or just schlepping things from one spot to another and may need an extra bag! It’s awesome!


ReNew Traveler Tote Review[/one-half-first][one-half]Everlance ReNew Traveler Tote[/one-half]

That’s all friends, I hope you found this review helpful and that you have the BEST rest of your day (and that you get to get off work and start your holiday weekend early!) So thankful for all of you! ❤️

This post brought to you in partnership with one of my favorite brands, Everlane! All opinions are my own, and thank you SO much for supporting the brand partnerships that mean so much to me and allow me to continue creating the best possible content for you, my #1 gals! 

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