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My Favorite Bike Shorts

My Favorite Bike Shorts

Alo bike shorts, Brooks running shoes, Ray Ban 55mm green/gold aviators, Bala bangle weights, Amazon sports/lounge bra/crop (tank and hat are old) 

Hi friends!

Happy Tuesday! 

As soon as I hit publish on this post I am getting outside for a long walk! It’s so beautiful here today! It’s a perfect day to share about one of my favorite summer staples: bike shorts! 

To be honest, I never saw myself jumping on this trend. ????I thought bike shorts were for Kardashians. (I mean, the whole styling them to look “cool” thing is still not my thing. ????I think of bike shorts as short leggings and nothing more).

There I was on my anti-bike shorts high horse, and thennnn….the pandemic hit. And like everyone else, I needed more spandex in my life, and less of, well…anything that was constricting?! (Plus, my regular shorts were getting tight because #Pandemic ????)

And here we are. Turns out, bike shorts are also pretty damn great when you’re pregnant, too. And pregnant IN a pandemic, for that matter. But regardless of what life stage you’re in right now…I think every girl will appreciate a pair of bike shorts in her comfy everyday wardrobe. 

My Favorite Bike Shorts

As the weather has been warming up, I’ve been getting questions on my favorite pairs of bike shorts, so today, I’m rounding them up in one place, along with a few other pairs that have caught my eye! 

A quick note on length: You’ll find that bike shorts come in many different lengths, and there is no right or wrong length to choose! It’s whatever you feel most comfortable with. For me, I prefer a length anywhere from 6″-8″ and I think that size is pretty standard, but you can also find them shorter and longer. I have heard from petite gals to err on the shorter side, otherwise the length might feel overwhelming, whereas, taller girls might want to veer on the longer side. Again, it’s just personal preference! (I’m 5’6 for height reference!) 

A quick note on underwear: Love spandex, but can never seem to get rid of your underwear lines? You need no show undies!! I did a whole post on them last week–SO comfy, and essential for wearing under leggings and bike shorts, and anything else that tends to show your underwear lines easily! While you’re at it, you should also add this amazing crop/bra to your cart, because it’s equally as comfortable and you’ll never want to take it off. 

Okay, now let’s jump into my favorites! 

My favorite bike shorts

(Plus, some others that caught my eye, too!) 

Alo Yoga

This was my first pair of classic bike shorts. My gateway into the trend I swore I’d never jump on. But I still love them a year later–I have two pairs! My most worn pair is the white. If you’re looking for something that is super supportive, thick (not see through AT ALL and not too thin) you will love these. They come in lots of colors, and they always release fun new limited edition colors throughout the season!

Sizing: TTS–I got smalls! They really suck you in but they’re super stretchy at the same time!

Lou & Grey 

I just saw they brought their terry bike shorts back this season again! I’m so glad because that means YOU can enjoy them too! These are really great if you don’t want them for workout purposes and want them more for leisure/lounge. This is my favorite pair to wear with a loose linen top for a casual, comfy summer look.

Sizing: Run TTS. I would say because these aren’t super “compressing” they are more forgiving. AKA these still easily fit me even with my early third trimester bump!

Old Navy 

I ordered these 8″ compression shorts just in time for our Florida trip and I wore them SO much. They’re a really awesome budget-friendly option that is super cute–good for both working out and leisure–plus, they’re on sale for only $15!

Sizing: I sized up to a medium for pregnancy but I think they’re pretty TTS.


I bought the Wunder Train High-Rise  6″ bike shorts last year and loved them. They’re really lightweight yet supportive at the same time. I wore them a lot on our camping/hiking trip last September!

Sizing: Lulu runs VERY small. Size up at least one size from your regular size if you want them tight, or 2 sizes from your regular size if you want a little more give to them. For example, I’m usually a 2 in non Lulu sizes (non pregnant) and their size 4 is quite tight on me–the 6 is much better.


Align bike shorts are just like the famed align leggings (which I love) but shorts–great for low-impact activities like yoga, pilates, and lounge. I dont’ own these personally yet but plan to order a pair to live in postpartum since they’re so soft. I love all the colors, too!

Sizing: Lulu runs VERY small. Size up at least one size from your regular size if you want them to be more supportive, or 2 sizes from your regular size if you want a little more give to them. The aligns DO have more give than the other pairs though, and are much more stretchy, if that helps you decide!


Okay, so I do not own the Offline bike shorts, but I do own several pairs of the Offline LEGGINGS and if the shorts are anything like the leggings, I know they will not disappoint! The leggings feel JUST like Lululemon Align pants, so I feel like the shorts HAD to have a mention here even if I can’t speak to them personally. (They have amazing reviews, too!) They’re an amazing price! (Also, I love the colors and style of this Aerie pair, too, if you’re looking for more fun colors!)

Old Navy 

Another honorable budget-friendly mention– this “Powersoft” bike shorts look awesome if you’re looking for a soft, lounge option! I appreciate the hidden pocket too, which is just big enough to hold your key and credit card for neighborhood walks!



Hope this is helpful and I hope you have a great rest of your day!