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My List of Beautycounter Favorites

Beautycounter 15% off sale! My favorite beautycounter products

Best Tuesday surprise EVER!

You guys know Beautycounter is my #1 favorite beauty brand–they rarely ever do discounts or sales, but today, they launched their big August sale: They’re offering 15% off almost everything on their site! 

(This is likely the last time they will do a sale before Black Friday, just FYI, so you’ll want to stock up!) I did a quick refresh on this post–which is my ongoing running list of favorites to help you figure out the right products for you and take advantage of the discounts before prices go back up! 

Why Beautycounter? 

Most of you know my history and love of the brand–but if you’re new–there are lots of reasons why I love this brand so much. The first thing that got me hooked on the brand was honestly convenience and time–because I’ve been transitioning my products over to cleaner versions and they make so many different things, that simply ordering the Beautycounter version when my current “non-clean” product runs out has become my go-to routine. (It saves so many headaches and TIME that I would’ve had to spend scouring so many product labels!) 

I really trust their products because they’re extremely strict with what they put in them, and they don’t use any ingredients that could be considered harmful–going well beyond what regulated by the United States government. Plus, they actually WORK! (I don’t care how “good” for me something is–if it doesn’t work–I’m not switching to it! 

(Note: Beautycounter is not a sponsor of mine, by the way! But I am a consultant, which allows me to make a commission off of Beautycounter purchases made–so if you do decide to make a purchase through any of my links, you’re supporting my small business! Thank you! Your support means everything to me!) 

Scary facts on the beauty industry, if you’re new here or need a refresher: 

The US actually hasn’t passed a major federal law pertaining to the safety of ingredients in personal care products since 1938. (To put into perspective how absurd that is, that was during the Great Depression–remember that women were granted the right to vote in 1920–only 18 years earlier!!)

Over the past two decades, our friends in the EU have banned close to 1,400 chemicals in the product formulas of personal care products and restricted the levels of over 250 more in such products. The United States? We’ve only partially banned 30 of those same ingredients to date! 

There is a growing amount of research showing that certain chemicals we repeatedly are exposed to daily through our personal care products can lead to things like chronic disease and even infertility. So, Beautycounter decided to do something about it, and create a company where women could buy anything they wanted without fear of exposing themselves to products with unknown harmful side effects. 

ANYWAY–let’s dive into my favorites so you can stock up on the best BC buys before they run out! 


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Favorite Beautycounter Products

Here are my top tried and true Beautycounter favorites, and what else I have my eye on to try next: 

Where to start? Skincare Regimens: 

Note: Skincare regimen sets aren’t part of the sale because they are already always discounted (you save by buying the set) but I definitely recommend starting here anyway. However, note, individual items from the Countermatch and Countercontrol lines ARE part of the sale, if you prefer to mix and match! Countertime is NOT part of the sale, because it’s a brand new line–but keep reading for a way to save on it with rewards points! 

If you’re new to clean beauty, and you’re wondering which products to switch over first, I highly recommend starting with a skincare regimen for a couple reasons:

1. Because skincare products should be the cleanest–they soak into our skin, stay on all day, and we apply them twice per day. That’s a LOT of exposure and it adds up over time! 

2. Like with any skincare line, each product is designed to work in tandem with the others–so you’ll get the best results by starting with a regimen.

3. It’s way easier than picking and choosing and fretting over choosing a bunch of different products.

4. You get cost efficiencies when ordering a regimen vs ordering each individually! 

Which to order? Here are some top-line highlights: 

For anti-aging:

Beautycounter’s Countertime (clean retinol) line: This is their newest line, which is also VERY moisturizing–I’ve been using this line exclusively most recently (right when it came out) and I am IN LOVE! (Again, not part of the sale, but nearly everything else is– keep reading!) 

The most exciting part of this line is that it’s anti-aging and contains Bakuchiol, which is a clean alternative to retinol that shows comparable effects in clinical studies. Every product of this line contains anti-aging ingredients.

My favorite products from this line are the serum, hydrating essence, antioxidant soft cream, and eye cream. If you want to start slowly and pick one to incorporate, I’d probably start with the serum, because it layers in very well with any routine, and the eye cream! (I am OBSESSED with the eye cream!) 

The whole line is fantastic for those with normal to dry skin who want to prioritize anti-aging (nobody is too young for anti-aging!) For those with oily skin, you’ll find a lot of benefits by incorporating the serum, soft cream, and eye cream into your rotation. (The cleansing oil and supreme cream will be too much moisture for you). Note: this is more expensive than the Countermatch line because of the anti-aging properties, but a little bit goes a very long way, and you can certainly mix and match! 

**How to save on Countertime or anything not part of the sale: While it’s not on sale, if you sign up for Beautycounter’s Band of Beauty Rewards program, you earn 10% cashback points on every purchase to use for future purchases, so, for example, if you waited to stock up on skincare but stocked up on other favorites, and you spent say, $200–then you’d get $20 to put toward your next purchase, which you could use on Countertime! You also get a free body lotion with any purchase over $50! You also get free shipping on all orders over $100. (So basically, it’s like Amazon Prime meets Sephora’s VIB program, but way more perks!) 

For non-anti-aging: 

Beautycounter’s Countermatch line: The first line that made me fall in love with Beautycounter. I’ve used this line for years now and really love it, especially the Adaptive Moisture Lotion! My skin gets very dry in the winter and the Countermatch products were a godsend in keeping it hydrated! Good for those with normal to dry skin. This line is more budget-friendly than the Countertime line and does not contain anti-aging. 

My favorite products from this line are the pure calm cleansing milk (apply to dry skin and remove using a soft wet cloth), hydrating serum and the adaptive moisture lotion. **All these products are on sale when purchased individually! 

For oilier skin: 

Highlights from the Counter-Control line:

The FULL LINE is great for people with TRUE oily skin (however, those that do NOT have true oily skin should not use the whole line–it will be too much for you!!) It’s too much for my skin, so I only use certain products, not all of them! 

I was very apprehensive about trying these products because I feel like so many anti-acne products just dry the hell out of the skin but these two do not. I love the face wash (I used it a lot last summer, but I don’t use it a ton during winter because I don’t tend to get as many hairline-related breakouts–you know, sticky sweat related. Fun) and also the spot remover! It’s especially helpful for eliminating those annoying little bumps you get on your forehead and around your hairline! Does this remove super stubborn cystic hormonal acne? No–but if you’re the person who always has a couple random breakouts and or is trying to control oil, you will love this. 

Other favorite skincare items: 

Overnight Resurfacing Peel in favorite beautycounter products

Overnight Resurfacing Peel: 

My obsession, along with SO many other readers who have also taken the plunge! It’s a very gentle overnight peel that evens skin tone, lightens dark spots, targets fine lines, and eliminates those terribly flaky patches you can get on your face.

It’s still pretty potent, so you’ll want to start just using it once or twice a week and then gradually work your way up! You’ll wake up with a glowing complexion! I love it so much I dedicated an entire blog post to it right over here! Most recently, I had a reader message me saying she has struggled with melasma for years and this is the first product that has ever helped her!

Cleansing Balm: 

This multi-purpose cleansing balm is pure magic–it’s a makeup remover and cleanser all in one, and can also be left on clean skin as an overnight mask. You apply it dry, smear it around and then let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then wipe it off with a warm cloth. Great for dry skin! I also will apply it on my cuticles and even my lips at night if they’re insanely dry! It’s super soothing for breakouts (at least in my experience) and it’s super popular with those with eczema–I even put it on mosquito bites and it’s helped IMMENSELY with itching and healing them! 

Charcoal Face Mask favorite beautycounter products

Charcoal Face Mask

This is another one of my most popular reader favorite products! Great for controlling breakouts, drawing out impurities from your pores and clearing up blackheads and excess oil! 

Charcoal Cleansing Bar: 

Great for anyone who needs a little oil control. My best friend Tasha swears by the Charcoal cleansing bar (she convinced me to try it!) She says it’s really helped balance her skin and reduce breakouts! I keep it in my shower and it’s great for the body as well, especially if you struggle from post-workout breakouts. This is also a great product for your husband because it’s just about as “unfussy” as they come (i.e. he won’t feel un-manly using it, haha!) but it’s really amazing for his skin!

Makeup removing wipes

Makeup removing wipes: 

I always thought all face wipes were created equal and honestly only bought these on a whim because I was going on a trip and I prefer traveling with wipes instead of facewash–but then I used them for the first time and OMG I’m obsessed. These are the only wipes that actually lather like a facewash–so they really do clean your face in addition to removing makeup–but you don’t have to rinse afterword! They’re amazing, and they don’t leave your skin feeling oily OR stripped dry.

Big disclaimer: I have eyelash extensions, so I don’t wear mascara. I’ve recently heard from some people that these wipes aren’t great for removing mascara, so if you wear a lot of mascara and don’t want to add the step of removing it with makeup remover, maybe don’t buy these. I will have to try them when I don’t have lash extensions and report back! I LOVE how well they remove face makeup though! 

#1 Brightening Facial Oil

My #1 most recommended reader favorite! This facial oil smells SO. GOOD. Like biting into a fresh orange! It’s also one of the only oils I’ve ever used that soaks in quickly and doesn’t make your skin feel super greasy and gross. It brightens your complexion, helps to even skin tone–I love mixing it with my moisturizer to lock in hydration even more! 

#3 Balancing facial oil:

Super beneficial for those who have dry spots in some places and oily spots and blackheads in others. It’s super soothing in general, so it’s also great for anyone who just has angry skin that could use some TLC. 

Nourishing Cream Cleanser:

An awesome everyday face wash for everyone– it’s less than $30 and a little bit goes a long way–it’s insanely gentle on your skin (so good for those with sensitive skin or eczema), is very moisturizing and doesn’t ever leave it feeling stripped. 


If you missed my recent post on clean sunscreen, definitely go give it a read! Beautycounter makes some of my favorite sunscreen products–my favorite being their SPF lotion and sunscreen stick (this is a game-changer to stash in your pocket when skiing or in your beach bag! So easy to apply and great for kiddos!) Their Dew Skin SPF tinted moisturizer is great for those looking for an everyday face sunscreen and gives you a pretty dewy finish without feeling heavy. (Note: I’m not sure if I’d recommend this for those with oily skin though because it may give you too much shine, although, setting it with powder will likely do the trick!) 

Need help finding a shade for Dew Skin? **Find your Beautycounter shade with this chart here! 


WHYYYY have I not purchased this sooner!? It came out a couple months ago now, but I only now got around to ordering it to give it a try. It smells like absolute HEAVEN–like a Hawaiian vacation. (But not in like a sickly sweet kind of way–in a fresh floral mixed with coconut kind of way. It feels wonderful after a day in the sun! 

My Favorite Beautycounter Products | The Golden Girl

Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner:

I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner for more than a year now and I absolutely love it! It’s sulfate-free and of course, has none of the bad stuff. It is very gentle and easy on your hair, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! I like that a little bit goes a long way with both. It’s hard to find a good sulfate-free shampoo that lathers like a regular shampoo and this one does the trick!

Body wash: 

Also, I love their Citrus Mimosa body wash! It leaves your skin feeling super soft and doesn’t give it that “stripped” feeling that a lot of body washes and soaps do! It has a really light citrus scent that isn’t too overpowering (Neal uses it sometimes and doesn’t complain about feeling like he’s using “girly soap” ?)

Beautycounter | The Golden Girl

Sea Salt Spray: 

This is definitely one of my very favorite Beautycounter products of all time! I use it every day when I air dry my hair and it’s been a total game-changer. It gives it the right amount of texture without making it feel crunchy or gross. Plus, it’s really affordable!

Read the post: How I air dry my hair for the perfect beach waves! 

Beautycounter Makeup: 

wearing beautycounter makeup

Flawless in Five everyday makeup set: 

This is always the starter set I recommend to those who are looking to get the most bang for their buck with makeup AND people who are looking for a really simple routine that can get them out the door in five minutes! 

The set includes foundation, blush, mascara, brow gel or pencil, concealer and lipgloss! (Note this set isn’t discounted further during the sale because you already get price efficiencies from buying the set, but if you buy the products individually, those are discounted, if you’d rather pick and choose!) Here are more details on those: 

Tint Skin Foundation:

This is one of my most popular reader favorites, but I didn’t think it had enough coverage for me until I used it with a foundation brush (my brush is old from Sephora but this one is similar!) If you don’t need full coverage, I’d recommend applying with a beauty blender. It’s definitely buildable and can be light or medium coverage. It’s great for all skin types! I wear shade “Linen” but for summer I’ve switched to “Sand” because I’m more tan than usual! 

If you prefer a tinted moisturizer to foundation, their Dew Skin SPF tinted moisturizer is also awesome–it gives you the best dewy glow (although, very light coverage). Note: I would recommend the Dew Skin tinted moisturizer for everyone except for those with super oily skin, as I think it will make you too shiny! (OR just make sure you put powder over it!) 

Need help finding a foundation shade? **Find your Beautycounter shade with this chart here! 

Touch Up Concealer I follow with this concealer on my under eyes and to cover any additional redness. I also put it on the bridge of my nose for a bit of highlighting. It like that it’s very lightweight and doesn’t crease like a lot of concealers do. This is NOT enough coverage for spot coverage though–I only use this for under-eyes and highlighting!

Need help finding a concealer shade? **Find your Beautycounter shade with this chart here! 


I love their blush in “Nectar”–it’s a perfect peachy shade and gives you a really pretty subtle glow! I would equate these blush colors and formulas to NARS! If you want something more pink, I love “Melon” which is very pigmented!

Brow gel:

I use this AMAZING brow gel. I like it even more than Glossier’s Boy Brow! (It actually stays put all day!) I think it’s more buildable so you can get more of a sculpted look like you can with a pencil, or you can apply it really lightly. It looks SO natural. I use “Medium brown.” If you’re a pencil girl, you can choose the pencil option as well with the Flawless in Five kit. I think this is probably one of my favorite BC products of all time. 

Other Beautycounter makeup favorites…. 

favorite beautycounter products


Sheer lipstick:

If you’re one of those girls who hate the feeling of having something heavy on your lips, and thus, tend to avoid lipstick as a result. You will LOVE their sheer lipsticks! They come in lots of pretty colors. (Above top photo I’m wearing “coral” which is a great daytime color!) They’re super moisturizing too and won’t flake off if your lips are feeling dry!

Color intense lipstick:

If you want a bold lip, I also love their “Color Intense” lip color! It’s more of a matte formula but it doesn’t dry your lips out like so many other of my favorite matte lipsticks! (Above bottom photo I’m wearing “9 to 5” which is one of my #1 most worn colors! I’ve also been really into their pink shades lately!) I would say this formula looks like a matte lipstick in color, but feels WAY more moisturizing and never flakes if your lips are dry. I also like that it has a light peppermint scent and taste! 

Cream highlighter

Blair got me hooked on this bad boy! If you’re really into NARS “The Multiple” stick–this is a great clean dupe! It’s not quite as “creamy” but I think it goes on more subtly. I have it in the “pearl glow” and the bronze color, but they have it in a blush version too! I love sweeping the pearl on my under eyes over my concealer too for extra brightening power! 

Velvet eyeshadow palette:

In “Classic” colors–I rarely ever find a shadow palette where I like and use every single color, except for this one! Each color is absolutely stunning and perfect for someone who wants their eyes to pop but still look natural. I use these during the day and mix and match them for a more dramatic or smokey effect at night. This palette is the only one I use for eye makeup–I use the darker brown colors as a liner with a liner brush as well! I would most closely equate this to a Charlotte Tilbury palette! (Which is what I used to use religiously as well!) 


Want their Citrus Mimosa Body Lotion for free!? Get it as a free welcome gift when you join Beautycounter Rewards! 

Did you know Beautycounter has an awesome rewards program? It’s called Band of Beauty–it’s $29 per year, gets you free shipping on all orders over $100, plus you’ll earn 10% cashback points toward your next purchase, on EVERY purchase!

Right now, if you spend $50 or more when adding Band of Beauty to your cart, you’ll get my favorite charcoal bar as a free gift! All you have to do to enroll is add “Band of Beauty” to your cart before you check out! I highly recommend everyone who is a fan of the brand sign up for BOB rewards! It’s a no brainer! (Also, if you’re already a Band of Beauty Member, remember, you probably have product credit you can use today!) 

Happy shopping! I hope this was helpful! If you have any beauty related questions, I’m happy to help! Shoot me a note at!