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My Favorite Baby Sunscreen (Pipette Review)

My Favorite Baby Sunscreen (Pipette Review)

This post sponsored by Pipette and Shopstyle

Happy Friday!

I’m so excited to be partnering with Pipette today–if you were following along last time we went to Florida, you know that I love Pipette sunscreen for June. (See it featured in my packing list in my post, “How to plan a vacation with a baby.”) I had tried so many clean baby sunscreens and disliked them all–it’s so hard to find one that rubs in quickly. And doesn’t leave a chalky white cast on baby’s skin! Honestly, it’s awesome for adults too–Neal and I both used it when we ran out of our own sunscreen and were pleasantly surprised with how much we liked it! It’s nice to have one product that works great for your whole family!

Prior to our trip, I had heard good things about the brand but had never tried it before. So I purchased their sunscreen on a whim. I have since re-ordered it, SO excited that I had finally found THE ONE! Then, a couple weeks back, the opportunity came about to partner together, and it was such an easy, “yes!”

They make all kinds of products–both for baby and adults–from lotions to body wash to sun products–but today, I’m specifically reviewing the two I currently use personally and purchase as a customer–their SPF and baby balm! (I am currently testing out some others two and will report back later on those!)

One more exciting thing before we jump in–ALL of Pipette’s bestsellers are 30% off through the end of the month, but with my specific code, you get an extra 5% off! Use code JESSKEYS35 to get a total of 35% off through the end of June!

My Favorite Baby Sunscreen (Pipette Review)

My Favorite Baby Sunscreen (Pipette Review)

Why I love Pipette products:

As you know, I always aim to use cleaner products whenever possible on myself. And this is just as important when it comes to the products I use on June! There is a widespread misconception that all baby products are “gentle” and “safe” for baby’s skin, which isn’t true at all. So many brands are full of irritants at best, and known toxic ingredients at worst! (The US hasn’t passed updated cosmetic safety laws since 1938! To give you a comparison: the US has banned 12 ingredients from use in cosmetics. The EU has banned 1,376.) Pipette was launched in 2019 with the help of pediatricians, scientists and dermatologists to create safe products–for pregnancy and parenthood–at an attainable price. Pipette nixed over 2,000 ingredients they deemed to be questionable in terms of skin irritation and/or cosmetic safety–they are also EWG verified!

The hero ingredient in their products is squalane–an ingredient that is gaining a lot of buzz right now in lots of skincare products because it’s what’s already found naturally in the skin to keep it moisturized and protected. Their products are non-irritating, non-drying, hydrating, and gentle on baby AND adult skin. Not all squalene is sustainably or ethically sourced, but Pipette’s is 100% plant-derived, and never tested on animals.

More detail about by favorite sunscreen PLUS a new-to-me product of theirs I’ve been trying out:

Pipette Mineral Sunscreen review

Pipette Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50: (Less than $10 with code JESSKEYS35)

When choosing an SPF for June, I look for a 100% mineral, non-nano zinc oxide product–the latter being important as non-nano does not absorb into the bloodstream (or damage coral reefs!), while nano-zinc particles are so small, they can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Why a mineral sunscreen vs. a chemical sunscreen? Because mineral sunscreens (zinc and titanium dioxide) are the ONLY type of sunscreen deemed to be safe by the FDA. (All chemical sunscreens are currently under review in terms of cosmetic safety.)

Additionally, many mineral sunscreens are VERY hard to rub in. And/or they leave a chalky white residue all over the skin. June never stops moving, so a sunscreen that took forever to rub in just was not going to be an option for us. 😂 It’s also non-comedogenic, soothing, and moisturizing– it actually improves her skin, unlike other sunscreens that can dry it out or cause irritation!

Pipette Baby Balm Stick review

Pipette Baby Balm Stick: (Price is ~$5 with code JESSKEYS35)

This is a newer-to-me product that I really love. And I’d describe it as a lighter, non-sticky, clean alternative to Aquaphor. I love the stick because it makes for a super quick application–I put it anywhere she has irritation or dryness, and as a preventative as well! It comes in both in a jar as well!

I have one stick that I use for her face as a preventative for dry skin and irritation (great for preventing drool/paci rash) and a separate one to use as a preventative for diaper rash. (Obviously you want two different ones for hygiene purposes!) Like I said, she never stops moving these days, so anything I can get in stick form makes application (especially during diaper changes!) SO much easier! In Santa Barbara, she had some irritation from the grass, and I slathered this stick on her legs after her bath and it really helped calm the redness!

Best Baby sunscreen

I hope this review was helpful and that you’ll love Pipette as much as I do! Remember you can use code JESSKEYS35 to get 35% off Pipette’s bestsellers through the end of June!

Huge thanks to Pipette and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. As with every partnership I take on, everything in this review is 100% authentic. (I purchase this brand with my own money and will continue to do so after this partnership is over!)