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My Favorite $27 Amazon Bathing Suit

Jun 2, 2021

My Favorite $27 Amazon Bathing Suit

My Favorite $27 Amazon Bathing Suit

Happy Wednesday (isn’t it great when it feels like Tuesday but it’s actually Wednesday!?)

I know swimsuit season is upon us, and if you’re like me, you are at the point in life where you want a cute bathing suit, but it needs to be COMFY, flattering, and not too skimpy!

My Favorite $27 Amazon Bathing Suit

In preparation for our Florida trip (see what else I packed here–lot’s of great Amazon dresses too!) a couple months back, I bought this Amazon bathing suit on a whim, and little did I know that it would be a complete hidden gem. You never know with Amazon bathing suits–but this one is really top-notch. (Especially because finding a pair of bathing suit bottoms that isn’t a full-frontal thong or super cheeky wedgie is like finding a needle in a haystack these days. I will be very glad when the Baywatch bathing suit trend is OVER.)

I realized that it probably needs its own blog post, because the world NEEDS to know about it. So here we are.

Important to note:

This isn’t a maternity suit, but it IS maternity friendly! (Just size up!)

Also, before we jump in, can we take a moment to appreciate the above post? I know there’s a high likelihood that your first knee-jerk reaction when you saw this post was likely something along the lines of “UGHHH BATHING SUITS.” This is a kind reminder to STOP THAT!

We’re all coming out of a pandemic. Everyone’s body looks different. (Especially if you’re like me and had a totally different body than you did a year ago and THEN you got pregnant.) Different isn’t bad! It’s just different. Can we please embrace “buy a size up” girl summer? And, “embrace your body as it is because we all just came out of a year and a half of living in survival mode” summer? Let’s not focus on needing to change our bodies “back to normal” and instead focus on how incredibly lucky we are to be able to start buying clothes to wear out out the house again in the first place!

Thank you. Moving on now.

Amazon Bathing Suit
Amazon Bathing Suit review

Why I love this suit (aside from price!):

It’s comfortable:

I think I can confidently say my days of wearing a bathing suit that requires my constant adjusting and monitoring are over. I just want something comfortable that I don’t have to worry about! This suit is definitely that. It’s not too tight, it doesn’t pinch me anywhere–it doesn’t leave indents/marks–it’s just really stretchy and soft and comfy!

You can fold the high-waisted bottoms down:

The product page doesn’t actually mention this feature so I don’t really think it’s designed to do this per say, but I found it’s super easy to roll down to make it a lower-cut pair of bathing suit bottoms, which is great if you have a bump or if you’ve indulged in some poolside chicken tenders and don’t want to be wearing a pair of high-waisted bottoms at that point. I feel like a lot of lower-waisted bottoms cut into me (especially pregnant, after a year of quarantine!!) but this pair doesn’t do that!

Comes in SO many cute colors and patterns:

It’s always a little sad when you find something you absolutely love and find it only comes in one color I was SO happy that there are so many color way options with this bathing suit, I ordered two more as soon as I tried on the first one!

Amazon Prime–comes FAST!

And on that note, if you’re like me and you wait until the last minute to plan anything, sometimes you just need a bathing suit that is going to show up on your doorstep the next day, and this is definitely that. I ordered two more colors and shipped them directly to our AirBnB in Florida and was able to wear them SO MUCH!

affordable swimsuits on amazon

More questions:

How does sizing run?

Depending on how swimsuits usually fit you, I would say TTS to a little bit big, and that’s what other readers said too! I highly recommend measuring yourself with a measuring tape and then comparing it to their size chart! I would typically be a small or medium but sized up to a large because of LR (I was about 20 weeks along on our Florida trip) and if I roll the bottoms down, this suit still fits me no problem at 36 weeks!

Is it adjustable?

The straps on top are adjustable, but it doesn’t have a clasp in the back–it’s more of a wide stretchy bandeau style in the back! (Which I appreciate for comfort–way more comfy than a thin strap and clasp digging in!)

Is it supportive?

It does not have underwire, but I feel like it’s supportive enough for what I’m personally looking for, but everyone is different! I don’t like underwire, but if you find that’s something you prefer–then this probably won’t be supportive enough for you!

Its the top lined/padded?

It has removable pads, which I love!

Are the bottoms cheeky?

The look more cheeky on the product page than they are. I wouldn’t say they’re the FULLEST coverage, but they definitely aren’t what I’d describe as cheeky. They’re very flattering–I would say medium coverage. The perfect amount to not feel like a grandma but not feel like a teenager.

I’m (X months pregnant) will this fit me?

I think if you roll the bottoms down to go under your bump, it will fit you well throughout your pregnancy!

affordable swimsuits on amazon

Hope you love this suit as much as I do!

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