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My Bombas review + 20% off!

This post is sponsored by Bombas and Collective Voice. All opinions are 100% my own!

My Bombas review + 20% off!

Shop the collage: 1. Men’s Merino Wool Blend Hiking Calf Socks 2. Men’s Hybrid Ribbed Calf Socks 3. Women’s Merino Wool Blend Hiking Quarter Socks 4. Women’s Merino Wool Blend Hiking Calf Socks 5. Women’s Merino Wool Blend Knee-High Socks 6. Women’s Quarter Socks 7. Women’s Hybrid Ribbed Quarter Socks

My Bombas review + 20% off!

Do all your emails this week start with, “wow, I blinked and now it’s September?!” because…me too. We just got back from our whirlwind 10 day trip in Yosemite and Shaver Lake (complete with lots of hiking!) and I purchased some Bombas socks for Neal and I before the trip.

I had always heard great things about Bombas (including from one of my favorite influencer follows Lindsay–I love all her reccos!) and I love their mission (for every pair purchased, they donate a pair to someone in need! They’ve donated more than 100 million items to more than 3,500 community organizations to date!) but I had never tried them personally.

Before the trip, right about the time I was thinking, “I need to order us some new hiking socks” I got an email from Bombas asking if I would like to partner together to run a discount code for my readers! I decided it was a great excuse to purchase some to test drive for myself. And if I polled you all and you loved them, and I ended up loving them, it would be a great partnership! (But as you know, if it was a “no” or a “meh” after trying them out, you know you wouldn’t be reading this post right now! I take nothing more seriously than your trust!)

So, per usual, I asked you all on Instagram if you thought Bombas were worth the hype.

Now, let me preface, I always expect to get a lot of mixed feedback whenever I poll everyone on a specific product. Because no one product can please everyone, but I was pretty blown away by the overwhelmingly positive feedback I received about Bombas socks!

Here are some screenshots of your responses (not edited in any way, I just whited out names and photos for privacy!)

What readers have to say about Bombas: Are they worth the hype?

Are Bombas worth the hype
Bombas socks review feedback
Bombas socks feedback
Instagram story replies
Instagram question replies
Instagram responses

Overall–you all love Bombas! The only negative feedback was the occasional note that the no-show ankle socks (their thinnest socks, also some of their most popular) can get holes (which I expect from any thin sock) but also important to note that their customer service is wonderful and will always replace any socks for FREE–they have a quality guarantee.

Also, the price. They are obviously higher than your average pair of socks (both due to the quality and also because for every pair purchased, one is donated!) but hopefully my discount code JESSKEYS for 20% off your first order will help offset some of that cost for you!

After reading your reviews, I was convinced I should hit the order button–so I placed an order for myself. And after getting my initial order, I loved them so much, I went back and placed an order for Neal and added more socks for me 😂 (Also, full disclosure, when I agreed to this partnership they did provide me with some credit to purchase socks. But I did spend $100 of my own money because I wanted to order a lot of pairs to test!)

My Bombas review

Our favorite pairs of Bombas we purchased:

Use code JESSKEYS for 20% off your first order!

Overall, what makes them great? The brand prides itself on spending a LOT of time on R&D to pinpoint the issues people tend to have with socks: no annoying toe seams, extra built-in arch support (I think this is really what leads to the amazing “hug” they give your feet!) and tabs on their ankle socks to prevent blisters. Like I mentioned above, so many of you noted that their customer service is truly unparalleled. Which is always SO appreciated and refreshing in a brand!

Here were our favorite styles from Bombas:

Hiking socks for men and women: (Pictured above!)

We both LOVED these socks and have worn these the most (obviously, since the past two weeks we were on a trip with a lot of hiking!) They’re cushiony, moisture-wicking, but not too thick. (I hate when socks are too thick, especially hiking socks–it makes me feel claustrophobic. 🤣)

When it comes to aesthetics, they are definitely the cutest hiking socks around! (It’s not always easy to look cute when hiking, so I appreciate this element!) I really love how nicely they hug your feet. And I reached for these on chilly mornings even after our hiking was over and loved wearing them with my Birkenstocks. 🤓 I got both the higher and quarter length and liked both. But wore the quarter length more since I had my hiking sneakers vs. boots with me!

Ribbed hybrid socks for men and women:

These are awesome everyday socks and if I were to pick ONE *everyday* sock to purchase from Bombas, these would be it! They are definitely the most versatile of the bunch.

They’re called the “hybrid” because they’re a great thickness–not too thick, not too thin, great all year round and can be worn with everything. They’re thin enough for loafers, substantial enough for sneakers and boots. They are a refined-looking ribbed style that comes in darker colors too. So if you or your guy need new dress socks–these will be great! (I ordered them in the charcoal for Neal to wear with his suits!) They’re not an “athletic” sock per se. But you can easily log tons of miles in them walking around the city. (A great versatile travel sock too! A nice “one type fits all.”)

Classic quarter socks for men and women:

These are thicker than other athletic socks I have, so if you’re looking for some great cushion–these are a good option for workouts, running, lots of walking, easy hikes, etc. I like where they hit on the ankle (that perfect “trendy” height 😂 not too low, not too high!) They look cute for workouts or with athleisure!

Merino Wool blend knee-high socks:

I have yet to *wear* these yet, but I ordered them in anticipation of winter. I discovered that wearing HIGH wool socks is a great way to stay warm (especially if you’re wearing straight leg jeans and booties–which obviously have more airflow than skinny jeans and high boots) and I love the oatmeal color of these because it goes with so many things. (I wear so much cream and camel in the winter and it’s hard to find the perfect color of socks to go with!)

Merino wool socks are winter staples in the Midwest, but I love that these are blended with spandex to really hug your feet and avoid bunching. I love that these are thick but not TOO thick as well.

Bombas socks review

Shop the collage: 1. Women’s Wool Blend Hiking Calf Socks 2. Women’s Wool Blend Knee-High Socks 3. Women’s Merino Wool Blend Hiking Calf Socks 4. Women’s Merino Wool Blend Hiking Quarter Socks 5. Women’s Hybrid Ribbed Calf Socks 6. Women’s Hybrid Ribbed Quarter Socks 7. Women’s Solids Calf Socks 8. Women’s Quarter Socks

Bombas men's socks review

Shop the collage: 1. Men’s Merino Wool Blend Hiking Calf Socks 2. Men’s Merino Wool Blend Hiking Calf Socks 3. Men’s Hybrid Ribbed Calf Socks 4. Men’s Merino Wool Blend Hiking Quarter Socks

Bombas kids socks

Shop the collage: 1. Baby Lightweight Ribbed Sock 2. Toddler Originals Gripper Calf Sock
3. Youth Solids Calf Sock (All seamless toes, so you don’t have to worry if that bothers your little on other socks!)

Overall, if you find yourself I need of new socks, two thumbs up for Bombas! (Don’t forget they make toddler and kid socks as well!) We hope you like them too, and thanks to Bombas for sponsoring this post and for the 20% off discount!