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My Absolute Favorite Playlist

My Absolute Favorite Playlist

Happy Friday!

I hope you have some fun (and relaxing!) plans in store for you this weekend! We are getting the band back together reuniting with Shaheen and Trevor (and Kelly and Mitch!) this weekend and we could not be more excited! I hope today’s post will be timely for your weekend ahead, too!

If I had a dollar for every DM I got that said, “what’s your favorite playlist again that you always talk about!?” I would be rich. I get asked so often, in fact, that I thought the topic deserved its very own place to call home here on the blog.

My Absolute Favorite Playlist

It’s called the Feel Good Dinner playlist on Spotify!

It’s the perfect thing to put on while you’re cooking or throwing a dinner party (thus, the name, of course). But it’s not JUST limited to that–I played it in the hospital after having June, we’ve listened to it on road trips–the list goes on.

I’m one of those people that is kind of hard to please when it comes to NEW music–yet, I am always looking for good new-to-me reccos because I tend to listen to the same thing over and over! For “new to me” music to appeal to me, it has to be very catchy. I love songs with a classic sound with a good hook. If this sounds like you, you will LOVE this playlist. It’s all that and more.

It introduced me to so many new artists, but also has some classics in there too. Every time we put it on with friends or family around, they always ask, “what is this playlist!?” (No matter their age or what kind of music they usually like!)

It’s a good one, I promise. (It has 543,886 likes on Spotify, so apparently I’m not the only one.)

Listen to a preview of it below or listen to the whole thing over here

Give it a listen this weekend and let me know what you think! ♥️ Want more playlist reccos? Check out this Real Women Approved: Reader Favorite Playlists!