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10 Thoughtful (and Quick-Shipping!) Gifts for Mothers Day

May 10, 2017

Mothers Day, like all other holidays, tends to sneak up on us, you know?

It seems like Mothers Day is one of those holidays that everyone celebrates differently. Some do big gifts, some focus on experiences, maybe a day at the spa, or just a nice card!

Personally, my mom is one of the most practical people I’ve ever met. I know she appreciates flowers, but those die after a few days! This year, I got her something a little more practical that will last for years! (No, I didn’t include it in this round-up! I couldn’t spoil her surprise!)

If you’re still looking for something nice for Mother’s Day, here are 10 gifts you can order online today, and still get to mom on time!

This cheery scarf is the perfect extra layer for mom to keep on hand! From the airplane to the beach, it will always come in handy!

This pretty bracelet is actually a smart bracelet that will alert mom when certain people are calling or texting, even when her phone is in her purse. Plus, it tracks her steps, too!

This hat will come in handy for the pool, beach, summer walks, or any vacation. It’s packable, too, so she can always bring it with her!

These pretty dainty necklaces can be worn as a sentimental set, or you can wear one, and give her the other, for a sweet mother-daughter gift.

Madewell makes the BEST purses that don’t break the bank. The leather is high-quality, and this one is roomy enough to hold all of her essentials!

The Kindle Fire is always a crowd-pleaser. It’s more user-friendly and smaller than an iPad, and she can use it to both surf the internet without having to haul out her chunky laptop, and read books, too!

L’Occitane (pronounced lox-ee-tahn) has the most luxurious hand cream! If your mom is anything like mine, her hands are always dry. I love this formula and makes skin so silky.

A great Mothers Day gift is always something mom wouldn’t ever buy herself. So if she’s not the type to splurge on fancy pajamas–these will be right up her alley. Eberjay makes the most comfortable pajamas on Earth! (They also have a shorts version, if your mom is always hot!)

My favorite carry-on suitcase is also mom approved! I swear I get a new email or text every day saying “My mom bought this suitcase and wanted to say thank you!” Seriously, it’s the best. If your mom travels quite a bit and hates lugging a heavy suitcase around–she will LOVE this. It also comes in brown! (And don’t worry, it easily wipes clean!)

Diptyque candles are the most luxurious splurge–which is why they make the best Mom’s day gifts! She’ll love lighting this at the end of a long day–plus, it’ll always remind her of you!

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