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Nursery Progress Update: Design mockups, a MegMade visit, and more!

Nursery Progress Update
Nursery Progress Update

So, I know this is technically a nursery update post, BUT, even if you have no intentions of ever having a child, I think everyone will love getting a sneak peek of what I’m sharing today! (If you love interior design and home decor, that is!)

Excited to be sharing a little update on LR’s room decorating progress! No, I don’t have photos of the ACTUAL nursery yet (nothing has been done, it’s still a room full of crap at this point) but–things are being ordered! Decisions are being made! Huzzah! Thank god for MegMade because if not for them I would’ve put this off until we were down to the wire. (*Neal, the planner, breathes audible sigh of relief*)

If you missed my first Modern Nursery Inspiration post–you can see that here! After our initial design consult, I popped by the showroom two weeks ago to see what the team had cooked up in terms of the nursery design concept, and I also got to pick out her dresser to customize! Come along with me, yes? 😉

Nursery Progress Update: Design mockups, a MegMade visit, and more!

Nursery Progress Update with MegMade

The MegMade showroom: 

My friend Meg and her husband Joe started MegMade as a side hobby by making over old vintage dressers and selling them on Craigslist. Fast forward several years later, they have a full-fledged interior design and furniture business, a talented staff, a line of DIY furniture paint, and are filming a HOME MAKEOVER SHOW. (By the way if you live in Chicago and are planning a full-scale home reno and design project, you should totally apply to be on their show!)

They also have a beautiful showroom in Bucktown, where I went for my design appointment. (But I also recommend stopping in just to peruse what they have!) Below the showroom is their giant warehouse FULL of amazing vintage pieces they have sourced from all over the country. My favorite thing is to just peruse the floor-to-ceiling shelves of furniture to see what gems they have. Then, you get to pick how you’d like to customize it (paint it, stain it, swap the hardware? All up to you!) You will have a one-of-a-kind piece you’ll adore for a lifetime.

MegMade showroom

The amazing Heather and Kaylee, Meg’s design team, helped me bring my vision for LR’s nursery to life and have been so helpful in coordinating all the moving parts! 

The process: 

To recap, for the design, I really wanted a nursery that was an extension of our own home design and personal style. I didn’t want a theme or anything to feel baby-ish. (But no knocks against anyone who fully leans into the baby theme look and feel! It’s darling, it just doesn’t feel “us!”) I wanted it to be modern with a little vintage and a little bohemian. Nothing I wouldn’t want in other areas of the house. Because I loathe making design decisions, and I also struggle with “putting it all together”–I enlisted the help of Meg and her team!

A few weeks back, we had an initial design meeting where I shared all the details of the room and described the vision I had for the design. I also sent them ideas I’d pulled from Pinterest for inspiration. (You can have your consultation over zoom or come into the store!)

A couple weeks later, I went into the store (I was the only customer there and everyone was masked and I felt very safe!) and Heather and Kaylee unveiled the design. We then picked out the dresser (more on that below!) and got that ordered!

They followed up by sending me a spreadsheet with every item listed, along with links for anything that would not be ordered through MegMade so I could easily place those orders! It made it SO EASY.

…and now we wait for everything to arrive!

The Layout: 

Nursery Progress Update - layout

LR’s room is TINY. It’s about 10′ x 10′ and some change. There isn’t room for much (not that babies need much space! 10 x 10 is plenty for her!) In many ways it’s tough because there’s not much storage, but in other ways it’s made things easier because we can’t fit much in there! Here is the layout of the room for reference!

The Design:

Nursery Progress Update mockup

card room green color

This design inspo could NOT have been more spot-on for me! They did such an amazing job bringing my vision together! I’m the kind of person who knows how to describe what I want, but can never quite envision how it works altogether, and I also get really overwhelmed with making design decisions, so this was incredibly helpful!

My favorite part is definitely painting the ceiling and bringing that down about 18″ so there is a top border around the top of the wall. I never would’ve thought of this and think this is the perfect amount of color to not overwhelm the small room, while leaving the walls a clean, serene, blank slate.

(Color is “Card Room Green” by Farrow & Ball–see above–excuse my chipped nails.) I ordered paint samples of this just to make sure it looks how we envisioned in the room, and also a handful of whites that I need to decide between! Will keep you posted!)

My other favorite part is definitely the vintage dresser–I just adore her. She has so much personality and character. Suitable for a little girl’s room but still grown up enough to grow with her through her teenage years. (Or for me to repurpose elsewhere in a future house!)


Crib: IKEA. We decided to go with the IKEA crib–I love the minimalistic look and I have heard nothing but rave reviews about this crib! Plus, it’s so affordable (under $100) that it allowed me to spend a little more elsewhere–like on the chandelier and the chair!

Dresser: MegMade (all her vintage pieces are one of a kind but you can see more selection on her website here!) Will also be putting the changing pad here to make the top her changing table!

Chair: Babyletto Kiwi Glider (a lot of my friends have this and it’s the comfiest chair in the world. HUGE plus is that it fully reclines for those long nights and late feedings and it has a built-in phone charger!)

End table: Hopedale via MegMade. (I haven’t ordered this yet because I’m not sure if we’ll need an option with more storage seeing as her room has zero storage already, but I’ll keep you posted! Hopefully I can make it work because I love this side table!)

Rug: From MegMade (if you call them they can give you more details and order it for you! This one on their website is similar and SUCH a good price!) BUT, I ended up wanting something a little different and actually ended up ordering a vintage kilim from this Etsy shop!

Chandelier: Annie Frost from Megmade 

Ceiling medallion for chandelier: $15 from Amazon! I would’ve had NO idea they sold these for such a great price! We’ll paint this green along with the celing!

Artwork: Monet print via Etsy

Suspension shelves: Crate & Barrel (These will go above the dresser/changing table!)

Acrylic frames: Pottery Barn (Artwork that I’ll put in them TBD!)

Picking out the dresser:

Walking with Heather and Kaylee through the warehouse

Walking with Heather and Kaylee through the warehouse

No MegMade experience is truly complete without picking out and customizing your own MegMade vintage piece. Here’s a photo of the warehouse just so you can get a sneak peek–this photo truly does not do it justice! They have a wide selection of furniture and they also provide upholstering services as well! If you’re looking for a new piece, don’t buy it new–buy it from MegMade, customize it how you want, and you will have something one of a kind that you will treasure forever! (She also ships nationwide!)

All her furniture pieces are priced to include paint customization–here are her paint colors you get to choose from! If you want to add on custom hardware (you can also add a really cool modern metal base to anything!) that’s also an option! We’re going with “spade”–a dark green that ties in really nicely with the ceiling! (See photo of the dresser in the showroom below painted spade for a real-life reference!)

megMade inhouse colors

nursery dresser

(This is what the color of the dresser I chose will look like!) 

That’s all the progress to report so far! I’ll make sure to keep you posted as our items start arriving and we start putting it all together! Please note that as Meg is a wonderful friend we’ve exchanged a trade for design services and a dresser discount, but these are things I would happily pay full price for.

Thank you to the amazing team at MegMade–Kaylee, Heather, and Meg–for helping make my dream nursery a reality!