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Microdermamitt Review: My favorite exfoliating mitt!

Microdermamitt Review

Happy Monday!

It’s my last day in SB, and also my mom’s birthday. Happy birthday Lynn! 🥰 I wrote this post ahead of time so I’m able to disconnect and celebrate with her all day!

A short and sweet post today, reviewing one of my favorite little random finds called the Microdermamitt! I am typically pretty wary of a lot of physical exfoliators because they can be so harsh on your skin and end up irritating it more than helping it–but these mitts are different! I have one for my face and one for body, and they are truly game-changers in the exfoliation category.

Microdermamitt Review

They’re made of 100% natural silk floss, inspired by those used in Turkish Hammams, so they’re gentle but the proprietary weave is what picks up dead skin without any damage. You’ll totally feel a difference after you use it the first time and it leaves your skin so smooth!

Another reason to love them? They’re a small, family-owned business. PLUS, they’re sold on Amazon–so you can support a small biz with the convenience of Prime shipping all at the same time. (By the way, this isn’t sponsored, I just love this product and have used it for years now!)

Body Mitt:

It’s an essential to use right before a spray tan or at-home sunless tanner (especially around elbows, knees and feet!) It’s also really effective for targeting any rough or bumpy skin (keratosis pilaris), helping avoid razor burn, and ingrown hair. Use in the shower (you don’t use any soap, product, etc–just get the mit damp and ensure your skin is damp) and rub all over your body. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with your favorite oil or moisturizer! Use 1-2x per week.

For Face:

Same thing, I typically use this about once per week after I wash my face so my face is clean and free of makeup, wet the mitt and ensure I’m using it on damp skin with no other product. Gently rub in circles, and then rinse completely, pat dry, and follow with your regular skincare routine! (Or sometimes I’ll add a moisturizing mask after–see my favorite skincare products here!) It’s so helpful to avoid dry patches (which happen a lot in the winter especially due to the weather) and ensure my makeup goes on smooth!

Like I said, a short and sweet post, but I think your summer skin will love these little things!

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