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My Mega-List of All-Time Favorite Brands

Apr 3, 2017

After getting quite a few requests (I love that you guys always give me the best feedback on what to write about!) I’m so excited to share my giant, comprehensive list of favorite brands of all time with you!

Sometimes shopping struggles can be real, and I always find that the best recommendations come from my friends and peers, so that’s what I’m hoping this big list can be for you–a go-to for your style and beauty shopping needs from here on out. I’ll also be moving this to my top navigation from here on out so you can always have easy access!

Let’s jump in!

Favorite Retailers

Free Shipping:

Nordstrom is my #1 go-to because they always have adorable items at affordable prices, it’s a one-stop shop for both clothing, accessories, AND beauty–plus, free shipping and their amazing return policy can’t be beat.

Shopbop and Revolve are close seconds because of their free 2-day shipping. If I’m preparing for a trip, these two websites are my go-to’s because I do pretty much all my trip prep at the last minute, so fast, free shipping is key. The coolest part about them is that they stock a lot of smaller brands in addition to the big labels!

Amazon Fashion–no shocker here that I’m addicted to Amazon Prime, but did you know that Amazon Fashion has a ton of great brands? If I see something I like online that is sold on a website that doesn’t offer free shipping, I try to find it on Amazon first. I’d say 7 times out of 10, it’s there, sometimes with a cheaper price, ALWAYS prime shipping!

ASOS–I absolutely LOVE ASOS. I signed up for their premium membership which is only 20-something dollars per year and you get free 2 day shipping! They have the best price points but also sell some other more premium labels, like French Connection, which I really like!

SephoraOne of my favorite beauty go-to’s–they have all my favorite brands under one roof, an awesome rewards program, and a fantastic return policy. I know if I buy something here, try it, and don’t like it, I can return it with no hassle, and that’s a big deal when it comes to beauty products. The knowledgeability of their staff is also unparalleled. If I need beauty advice, this is where I go.


TuckernuckI love Tuckernuck because they stock the best mix of classic staples and have started carrying some really adorable trend items as well. They’re also my favorite place to score Barbour on sale, and have some really awesome gifts, too. I really love their new collection of earrings!

Ann TaylorAnn Taylor has gone through a major brand revamp in the last couple of years, and I really love so many of their pieces! They have a lot of feminine styles that can work for both work and weekend at reasonable prices. (I just wish they had free shipping!)

AnthropologieAdmittedly I don’t buy a lot of clothing from Anthropologie, but they are my #1 place to go for cute gifts! Their home and kitchen goods are adorable, they have great cookbooks and coffee table books, and of course–the most incredible candles!

UltaThere’s an Ulta just down the street from my house and I frequent there often. I love that they have upscale and drugstore brands all under the same roof, and I’ve also gotten my hair trimmed at their salon in a pinch–they did a great job and it was so cheap!

BlueMercuryAnother beauty favorite–BlueMercury stocks a lot of my favorite beauty brands, but where they really shine is in the skincare department. I especially like the M-61 brand that they stock!

Favorite Overall Clothing Brands

(In no particular order)

Everlane: One of my very very very favorite brands. San Francisco-based Everlane makes the most beautiful classic staples (you’re going to hear that phrase a lot on this list…sorry!) that you can wear year-round. My favorites: Their silk button down, oxfords, and loafers. I also have worn their turtleneck non-stop this winter. Plus, their 100% human collection helps raise money for causes like the ACLU and Equality Now.

WayfWhenever I walk into Nordstrom, I gravitate toward the Wayf items instantly without even knowing it! Girly, feminine silhouettes, beautiful flowing fabrics, and affordable price-points. You can also buy them on Shopbop!

ASTRSimilar to Wayf, ASTR is another favorite for feminine tops and dresses that often bridge the gap between classic and boho. You can find them at Nordstrom and Revolve as well.

BarbourI will admit I never wore Barbour before Kelly introduced me to the brand, but I’m SO glad she did. I’ve been lucky enough to work with them quite a few times over the years and own several of their items. They’re always the highest quality, and the brand has so much history and heritage–their eye for detail is always impeccable! Barbour coats will last you a lifetime and will never go out of style. I have the wax and quilted Beadnell as well as the Trevose rain coat! Nordstrom has a great selection of Barbour too!

Topshop: What’s funny is that I would never go into the Topshop store (too overwhelming and trendy for me) but Nordstrom’s selection of Topshop items is awesome. They make a ton of trendy stuff, but also a lot of classics too, at great prices.

Club MonacoI think if I could wear one brand for the rest of my life it would be Club Monaco. When I wear it I feel so sophisticated and timeless. I also think they’ve come out with more affordable items in the past couple of years, so if you’ve written them off in the past, take another look! They also sell Club Monaco on Shopbop–again–fast, free shipping!

JournelleMy go-to for beautiful underthings. Seriously beautiful lingerie, and their namesake label doesn’t break the bank, either.

Lululemon: Before I started wearing Lululemon, I didn’t understand how one could splurge so much on workout clothes. As soon as I slipped on my first pair of “Align” pants–I was hooked. I would rather own 2 pairs of these pants than 15 pairs of other yoga pants–they’re that good. I love them so much I want to keep them forever, so I hand wash them in the sink and hang them to dry in my bathroom. I also wear them as regular leggings even when I’m not going to yoga, and they’re my go-to travel pants, because you literally feel like you’re naked. Okay, they’re the best–you get it, right?

English Factory: I discovered this small label last year while perusing Shopbop. They have the cutest feminine items that always have a unique spin. The best part is that most of their items are well under $100!

Endless Rose: Similar to English Factory, I discovered Endless Rose thanks to Shopbop! They have the cutest on-trend items (so many ruffled and off the shoulder tops!) for mostly under $100!


J.Brand: I’ve been wearing J.Brand since I was in high school! They last forever and are always the most flattering jeans that I own. The “Maria” is my favorite cut and comes in tons of colors!

Levi’s: Another standby–I think every girl needs a classic pair of Levi’s in her closet. (Pictured above are the 721 Jeans in Watermark, they’re hard to find online sometimes but I just saw they’re fully stocked at Anthro!)

Madewell: Madewell is known for their amazing jeans–I’ve owned a few pairs over the years and they’re always super comfortable.

Paige: Another brand that I’ve been wearing since the beginning of time, Paige jeans are always insanely comfortable and come in so many flattering cuts. You can also often find them on sale at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack.

Glasses and Sunglasses:

Warby Parker: I get so many compliments on my Warby Parker glasses whenever I wear them! The style I have now is old and sold out, but my other favorites are the Durand frames, which are similar!

Ray Ban: Between Neal and I, we probably own more than 10 pairs of Ray Bans. They’re as classic as you can get, and will never go out of style. My favorite are the fold-up frames, (classic non-mirrored folding version here) which are perfect for travel!

KREWE DU OPTIC: I recently just got a pair of KREWE glasses over Christmas (you can buy them on Tuckernuck) and they’re my go-to pair! I love the lighter colored tortoise and matte frames and that they’re a small brand from New Orleans.


Steve MaddenAnother brand I’ve been wearing since the beginning of time, I’m pretty sure my first pair of chunky platform sandals in 8th grade were from Steve Madden, as were my first pair of high heels. (They were wooden wedges with white leather straps, if you were wondering. I loved them because they made me feel like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.) I still love and wear the brand just as much! They make quality shoes, comfortable at great prices. My current favorites are their Irenee and Carrson Sandals.

Sam EdelmanA brand I started wearing in college–I’ve loved Sam Edelman shoes ever since. They make great leather items and I especially love their boots. The Petty Chelsea Booties are the best booties for fall, winter, and are really comfy, so they’re perfect for travel. They also make the prettiest classic riding boots!

Everlane: As I mentioned above, Everlane’s shoes are beautiful. Their blush oxfords are my favorite and loafers are especially wonderful. (If in between sizes, go up! They run narrow!)

Stuart Weitzman: Neal got me the Lowland OTK boots this past Christmas, and I can honestly say, after searching for a full two years, I never found a budget-friendly equivalent. These boots are the real deal, and they truly cannot be replicated. I love them to death and wore them just about every day this winter, and they kept me so warm!

Sorel: Speaking of keeping warm in winter, it’s hard to get through winter in Chicago without a pair of Sorel boots. My favorites are the Slimpack riding boots, which look like riding boots and have a waterproof leather upper and a rubber bottom, to keep you warm in snow, rain, and sleet. I also have a warmer pair for blizzardy days.

Hunter BootsThe cutest classic rain boots around. I have one pair that I bought for my Iceland trip and they’re the black matte original tour boots. I never get sick of them and know I’ll have them forever! As much as I hate the rain, being able to slip these on gives me something to look forward to when it’s dreary!

Jack PurcellMy new favorite white sneakers! I love how classic these are and the fact that they go with absolutely everything. They do take some breaking in, but after that, they’re so comfy!

BirdiesI just got my first pair of Birdies slippers and they are SO stinking cute. They look like loafers, but they’re lined with sheepskin and are insanely comfy and cozy. They come in tons of different colors and patterns, too!

Repetto: I got my Repetto flats in Paris and they are the best souvenir. If you’re looking for ballet flats, you can’t do better than these. Repetto actually makes real ballet slippers–so you know they’re the real deal. They feel like you’re barefoot and are so comfortable–they come in just about every color under the sun, and you can buy them online with free shipping on Zappos! (But if you’re in France, you must go into a Repetto store for the full experience!) I think every girl needs a pair of little red flats!

Handbags & Luggage

I will admit I’m really not a huge handbag girl. I own a very small collection of handbags that are pretty and functional and other than that, I’ve never understood the handbag hype. Here are the brands that make the list:

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25: This is the first and only designer handbag I’ve ever bought myself, and I got in on eBay in 8th grade. It’s horribly beat up and is missing both the lock and key, but I wear it every day and still love it just as much. If you buy one designer handbag in your life, I would strongly advocate that it be this one. It fits SO MUCH STUFF, and is still small enough to take out with you at night. If you’d like to purchase used or second-hand, I’d highly recommend browsing the Real Real!

Lo and Sons: I absolutely LOVE this brand. If any bag brand is going to make me fangirl, it’s this one. They make beautiful, miniamlistic bags that get an A+ in both the form and function categories. I have both the Pearl (which has tons of compartments and even a little clasp that holds your keys so you never lose them in your purse!) and the Claremont (the most beautiful camera bag that looks like a vintage Coach purse).

Vera Bradley: VB makes the list not because they’re one of my favorite ever companies to work with, but because they really make amazing quality all-purpose items. From their bright quilted bags you’ve been using since your first middle-school sleepover, to their newest leather collections. Their quilted Amy backpack is a favorite for travel, and they make the best travel makeup bags and accessories!

Delsey: You guys know how much I’m obsessed with my Delsey Chatalet Carry-On. They seriously make the best luggage–it’s not just beautiful, it’s insanely functional (we’re talking built-in luggage locks, wheel-locks so your bag doesn’t go rolling down the terminal, tons of compartments, and fits more stuff than Mary Poppin’s tote) and best of all–super lightweight so it’s pretty hard to over-pack! They stock the Chatalet on both Zappos and Amazon but they sell out and re-stock often! You can read the full review of it in this post!

Madewell: My Madewell Transport Tote is my go-to work bag. It’s classic, beautiful, and is the perfect size. It fits all my essentials (laptop, notebook, snacks, and when I need to–my camera and makeup bag!) but isn’t TOO big. They sell it at a variety of different places–Nordstrom and Shopbop, if you want free shipping, and if you want it Monogrammed, you can order it direct through Madewell.


NARS: I don’t think I’ve ever met a NARS product I didn’t like. Favorites: Lip crayon in “Cruella,” The multiple highlighter stick, bronzer, and blush in”orgasm.”

MACThe best lipsticks ever! “Lady Danger” is my go-to shade, I also love the classic “MAC Red,” and nude “Cream Cup.” Their lip primer makes any lipstick last extra long, too!

BaremineralsI use their complexion rescue like a tinted moisturizer, and I think their mineral foundation provides the best coverage!

BurberryI had never tried their products before my trip to London for their beauty event, but oh man am I so hooked. Every product of theirs that I’ve tried is really wonderful. I have too many favorites to mention, but their Fresh Glow foundation, lip contour pens, lip velvet lipstick are my top picks. Best of all–their Sheer luminous concealer is by far the best thing I’ve ever used to combat under eye circles!

Estee LauderI love so many Estee Lauder products, but especially love their Advanced Night Repair serum. It’s a game-changer!

Clinique: Any and all Clinique. Gimme all of it! I really like their sonic face brush and love their Even Better line–their dark spot corrector works really well on acne scarring and their moisturizing lipsticks feel so wonderful on, plus, the iconic silver tube reminds me of my childhood–my mom always wore Clinique lipstick!

Essie: Their new at-home no-chip gel polish is seriously awesome. I’m the kind of girl that can’t go one day without chipping her nails, and this two-part polish has lasted up a week before without chipping! Make sure you get the top-coat!

EcoToolsThe brand of all my makeup brushes. They’re so affordable with amazing quality, so soft, are pretty to look at AND good for the environment! I did a review of them over here.

Dior mascaraBest EVER mascara. Silver tube. I tried the black tube, not nearly as great. I doubt will ever buy another mascara again!

GrandeLashBig lashes game changer! You put this stuff on once a day and it makes your lashes grow like magic!

Benefit: I’ve been using Benefit forever! I love their pore minimizing primer, Hoola blush, and lip + cheek tint!

GlossierI’ve been obsessed with everything I’ve ever tried from Glossier. Their Moon Mask is especially a lifesaver for dry skin!

T3The best hot tools! I have their blow drier, straightener (wrote about them here), and curlers.

MoroccanoilAnother long-time staple in my hair drawer, I use this before I blow dry or air dry my hair and it leaves it silky, hydrated, and reduces frizz.

BeachwaverMy favorite curling iron I’ve ever used to date. Sadly it blew up in London and I need another one ASAP because my drugstore version is NOT cutting it!


MegmadeTwo of my favorite items in our home–our glossy black bamboo headboard and our coffee table (see them here and here)–came from MegMade! She finds the coolest vintage pieces and allows you to customize them however you want! She also happens to be one of the coolest girls around. Her studio is local in Chicago, but they ship nationwide!

Lulu & GeorgiaMy favorite ever rug is from L&G–they have the coolest unique and quality home decor, it’s definitely worth the splurge!

EtsyIf you want something one-of-a-kind, go to etsy! I rounded up my favorite rug retailers on etsy right over here.

Urban OutfittersIt’s easy to forget about Urban Outfitters when it comes to Home Decor, but they have some seriously amazing finds at great prices. Their rugs, bedding, and storage solutions are pretty hard to beat!

Wayfair: Hands down the best affordable home retailer with free shipping! We got both of our beds, our dining chairs, outdoor rug, and about 100 other things from Wayfair. Shipping is insanely fast, too!

IKEA: I go here for baskets, plants, plant pots, and storage needs. You can’t find them cheaper anywhere else!

Home Depot: When I don’t want to drive all the way to IKEA, I come here for house plants!

Hardware Hut: Where we got our gold hardware for our cabinets–they’re a family-owned company and have good prices! You can see pictures of them here!

Bellacor: Go here for light fixtures! They have so many at a huge range of price points. We got our awesome modern brass living room fixture here! (See it featured in this post.)

CB2: I recently just discovered the beauty of CB2. I really had no idea that Crate & Barrel’s little sister store was so affordable. They have so much cute modern stuff that won’t blow your whole budget. I just got these copper hooks for our walls and I’m currently trying to figure out where I can hang their beautiful marble wall shelves.

Crane & CanopyOur master bedroom quilt is Crane & Canopy and we really love it! They make high quality, classic bedding without a ridiculous price tag!

Brooklyn BeddingI am OBSESSED with our Brooklyn Bedding mattress, which is one of those trendy “mattresses in a box” you hear about–it completely lives up to the hype. We had no clue what we were missing before we got one, and a set of their sheets. We have the mattress in the medium firmness, and their bamboo sheets are the softest things we’ve ever felt. The best part about the company is that they’re affordable, too! You can try any of their products for 120 nights and return for a full refund if you aren’t happy. (I know I sound like a commercial, but I’m really just that obsessed. This is in no way sponsored! You can see our unboxing video of it that I shared here.

Check back every so often, because I’ll be updating this list as more favorites come along! 

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