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Jun 1, 2017

Floral Ruffle Tank: Leith (on major sale–only $35! Would look so cute with these ripped white jeans that are under $60!) // Matching Floral Ruffle Shorts: Leith ($55!) // Shoes: Steve Madden (Only $79 and come in several colors! You last saw them styled here.) They also come in a cork version that is on sale for $55! Earrings: c/o Tuckernuck (this exact color is sold out, but they come in navy, white and gold! I also love these very similar coral earrings!) // Necklace: Helen Ficalora (similar here in gold + rose gold for only $58) // Leopard Calfhair Clutch: B.P. (Only $45 and it looks JUST like the Claire V one!) //Makeup: Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid base + Fresh Glow Foundation + Fresh Glow Under eye concealer + Earthy Blush, Charlotte Tilbury Mascara, Burberry Bright Plum Lipstick // Bracelet: c/o Kendra Scott  // Nail polish: Essie Gel Polish in “Rock the Runway” 

Happy JUNE!

I feel like half of my blog posts begin with some type of exclamation about how quickly time is flying. Sorry. But seriously, it’s really incredible. My friend Liz posted on Instagram stories that she often gets teary eyed when looking at photos of her family because she still feels like a teenager, yet time seems to be slipping through her fingers at record speed.

I never really understood the expression, “the days are long, but the years are short” more so than I do right now. Getting engaged seems like both years ago and also just hours ago. Do you ever feel that way too? Admittedly I’ve been putting off wrapping up the final “little” details of our wedding because it still seems so far away, but majorly it’s creeping up on me, so I’m hoping to cross off a lot of those things this week so I can breathe a little easier.

Anyway, I’ve got a busy day ahead!

First up, I’m heading to the Hilton downtown to meet with their team on a cool initiative they’re working on, and helping them to brainstorm ideas and different ways to bring a few new projects of theirs to life! I feel like I’m back in my advertising days again. (But only the good parts, haha!)

Second–after that, I’m heading to Blair’s to work on some blog stuff and also to work on a huge launch that’s coming up for Blogging For Keeps next week! (Fingers crossed, if all goes according to plan!) By the way, if you’re a blogger, make sure to join our awesome Facebook group!

Blair just moved from Streeterville to Lakeview–I cannot WAIT to see her new place. She’s got a knack for interior design that I don’t think I will ever posses (I credit my horrible sense of spacing to my poor math skills) so I’m dying to see what she’s done with the new space.

Third–I’m going to dinner with my old roomies/besties to celebrate my friend Melissa’s engagement! (She’s the one who I just told you about last week who got engaged in Austria. She’s back in the country and we cannot WAIT to see her in person and scream like little girls!) We’re going to our favorite go-to spot, Gemini Bistro. (We used to live across the street!) Celebratory steak frites are in order.

Anywho–Kelly and I shot this outfit when she came over last Thursday afternoon! The top is on major sale (so I wanted to get this blog post up ASAP before it sold out!) and is only $35! What I love most about the top and the bottom is that they look so cute mixed with other things, and even cuter together!

It almost looks like a romper, right? Except the two pieces make it so much easier when, um, you have to pee? Haha! (Too much honesty?)

Fun side fact: When I first started blogging I went on WGN Chicago and shared 4 outfits to wear to different Chicago summer festivals–I suggested a romper for one of them and one viewer was so angry she decided to come to my blog and leave a mean comment about how I was stupid for suggesting something so ridiculous as to wear a romper to a street festival due to how difficult they made using the bathroom. Now I’m a bit oversensitive on assessing the easy of the “pull down” situation whenever wearing rompers. Long story short, I hope she’s reading this. THIS SOLVES ALL THE ROMPER PROBLEMS, GIRLFRIEND.

Anddd moving on…

I absolutely love the ruffle detail on the shorts and they’re also a steal (though not on sale) for $55. I know I’m bordering on Elle Woods ridiculousness here with all the pink, but, I mean…I couldn’t not wear my favorite pink sandals. (They come in tons of other colors and the low heel makes them so versatile comfy too!) The cork version is on sale and super cute, too!

Speaking of steals, I’ve loved the Claire V leopard clutch from afar for so long and considered taking the $200+ plunge–BUT–then I found this identical twin for a mere $45. Kelly and I passed it at Nordstrom and both did a double take and started screaming “BAHHHH OMG JUST LIKE THE CLAIRE V ONE!!!!” (Obviously, I had to buy it.)

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

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