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Some new Madewell spring/summer favorites

Happy Friday!

Whew this was a whirlwind of a week over here. How was yours!?

For us, not only was it a wild “catch up” week (as all post-vacation workweeks are) but we kicked off the week taking June to get her passport on Monday (which took up half the day, so I feel like I really had another short week since Monday was pretty shot). It was filled with many delays (hooray Post Office) and SO MANY TEARS when it came time to take her photo. It was sad and hilarious all at the same time. I hope they don’t reject her photo–fingers crossed! 😬

Anyway–I’ve got another try on for you today of some Madewell items that I’ve been loving lately! A few of them are also on sale!

Madewell try on

I will admit, while I am a huge Madewell fan, I feel like Madewell’s selection has been all over the place lately–very hit or miss. (I even placed an order before we left for Florida and it was full of mostly returns!) But then their latest round of releases came out and BAM! So many HITS! Every single thing I ordered this latest round was 🙌🏼 So many great staples for summer.

Let’s go to the try-on 😉

Madewell 25% off sale 2023
Madewell 25% off sale try on

Perfect vintage wide leg crops:

These wide leg crops are actually from last year and I still love and adore them. I wear them every season (yes, even in winter! I’m a big advocate of white in winter!) and my love for them was what lead me to purchase the straight-leg version this year. I’ve included the side by side here so you can see the difference–they’re actually quite similar, it just depends on the length of pant you’d like and how wide you’d like the leg!

Sizing for wide leg: I would say if you want them relaxed, go with your normal size. (I have 26) If you want them snug, go down a size.

Perfect vintage straight leg white jeans: $99 on sale!

You can see these aren’t cropped like the wide leg pair (they’re full length) and the leg is slimmer, since it’s a straight vs. a wide leg! Both styles are great, it just depends on what you prefer and sometimes I’m in the mood for one vs. the other!

Both pairs are made of the super soft stretch denim that feels more like cloth than a rigid denim–which is the kind of material I prefer in a jean during the summer/hot weather. They won’t feel too oppressive or thick in hotter temps!

Another great feature of both of them: They can be polished/dressed up. They aren’t distressed, no rips or tears, making them great for the office, a work dinner, a shower, etc. By no means does this mean they aren’t cool enough to wear out and about, on a date, on a trip, etc. They’re a very functional style that you’ll reach for a LOT.

Sizing for straight legs: The straight legs run much bigger than the wide legs. Go down one size if you want a relaxed fit (like I did, I have 25’s) go down two sizes if you want a more snug fit.

Cushioned boardwalk t-strap sandals
Madewell Cushioned sandals

Cushioned boardwalk t-strap sandals: $41.65 (extra 30% off with code ELEVATE!)

This is a new style to Madewell I hadn’t seen before. I feel like people often sleep on Madewell’s sandals, but it’s one of my go-to’s for versatile summer sandals that are super comfy! Their leather is very soft and I love the cushion their sandals have. I love the sleek t-strap design of these: they’ll go with everything from dresses to shorts to jeans–wherever! They also come in a darker cognac color.

Sizing: TTS

Charley double strap sandals:

I got these last summer and I was so happy to see they still carry them! If you want the support of something like a Birkenstock but a slimmer, more minimalist look–these are your sandals! They’re so comfortable!

Sizing: TTS

Open stitch cardigan and sweater tank
Open stitch sweater tank
Madewell 25% off sale try on

Open stitch sweater tank: $29 on sale and Open stitch cardigan: $48 on sale!

Sizing for tank: I ordered XS so it would be slightly fitted (a size down from my regular size) but if you’re bustier you probably want to stick to your regular size!

Sizing for cardigan: I ordered small (my regular size) as I wanted it to be a bit boxy

This little set is SO cute. Neal walked in and was like WHAT IS THAT!!!?? (In a good way 😂) When you buy both together it’s like it accomplishes the seemingly impossible feat of being both sexy beach girl AND coastal grandmother!? Is there anything more appealing to an almost 35 year old? I don’t think so!

I will get a lot of wear out of both of these–together and separately–all summer! I wear a sticky bra or petals underneath with no show-through problems. I also think the cardigan would be so cute as a swim cover up with a pair of jean shorts!

Pull-on-striped poplin shorts
poplin striped button-down

Pull-on-striped poplin shorts: and Matching poplin striped button-down:

If you’re looking for a SUPER whispy light, feels like you’ve owned it for 10 years (in the best way) button down for summer–THIS. IS. IT. I’d put this in the “casual button down” category. It almost feels like a “washed poplin”–not like a “crisp poplin” if that makes sense? The AYR shirt, to compare, is more of a crisp poplin. The fit of it is very oversized. It’s a perfect cover up but so cute with jeans, jean shorts, bike shorts, whatever. (Making it a perfect summer staple, especially for travel) and it makes the most adorable set with the matching shorts!

The shorts are so great though and I can’t wait to wear the two as a little summer set! Again, the poplin is a super super light weight, so it’s going to be great for those hot and humid days. They almost feel like pajamas! Worn together they’ll be a great work from home outfit too (button-down is perfect for zoom meetings–business on the top, party on the bottom. 😉)

This set also comes in blue stripe and I am incredibly tempted to order that too…

Sizing: I sized down to XS because Madewell shorts typically run very big. I stayed TTS and ordered a small in the button-down–it’s very oversized, so if you don’t want it oversized, go down a size.

Black Pull-on linen shorts
Tan Pull-on linen shorts
Madewell 25% off sale try on
Madewell 25% off sale try on

Pull-on linen shorts in black and tan:

Couldn’t decide on the best color for these so I ordered both to see in person, and both are great! These shorts differ than the lightspun ones below because they’re a true linen/cotton blend short, so they can be dressed up easier, but still are casual enough to wear with sneakers! I would totally wear these for a dinner or date, or casually exploring and sightseeing on a trip! Depending on your office environment, I even think you could get away with wearing these to work because they look very put together/polished and they aren’t too tight! They’re elastic in the back, but not the front.

Sizing: I sized down to XS as Madewell usually runs big in shorts

Brightside tank: $25 on sale

If you’ve been looking for a cute formfitting tank to wear with high waisted jeans, pants and shorts, this is an excellent option! It’s stretchy, it’s not too low cut to wear under a blazer for the office, the straps are wide enough to cover bra straps, and it’s a perfect tank to wear all on its own for a casual summer day or to be dressed up for a night out! Comes in TONS of colors. Also comes in a non-cropped version!

Sizing: I went down to XS so it would be formfitting.

Striped lightspun wide leg crops | Madewell 25% off sale try on

Striped lightspun wide leg crops:

You know how much I love Madewell’s lightspun collection and these did NOT disappoint. I almost didn’t order them because they looked so wide and almost cartoony on the website but I’m so glad I did because they are *chefs kiss* in person. The ideal beachy summer pant. Wear them on vacation, wear them to the park for a picnic, wear them to work from home around the house–they’re comfortable and the quintessential summer pant. Another lightspun slam dunk!

(Also apologies, the sandals I’m wearing it with here are old Madewell–I totally thought they still carried them but they don’t!)

Gingham lightspun button-front dress
Madewell Gingham button-front dress | Madewell 25% off sale try on
Madewell court sneakers

Gingham lightspun button-front dress:

This is the second item that Neal exclaimed over when he saw me try it on 😂 He was like “YOU HAVE TO KEEP THAT!!” It’s the same style as the pink version I loved from last year’s sale, but in gingham! It’s the same amazingly soft gauzy lightspun material as usual, and I love the summery pattern. It’s just screaming to be worn at a picnic. You can even unbutton it and wear it as a cover-up! I love the flirty tiered silhouette too!

Sizing: I own the old version of this dress in a small, so I ordered the XS this time to compare. I honestly like both, it just depends on how you want the dress to fit. If you want it to fit like you see here, size down. If you want it to be a bit more relaxed/flowy, stay with your regular size.

Madewell court sneakers:

I feel like I haven’t set up about these sneakers this week so I’ll keep it brief. They’re one of my favorite pairs of white sneakers, they go with everything, and at $73 right now, they’re an absolute steal. A versatile sneaker you’ll own until you run them into the ground, truly. (Plus, they’re easy to keep clean because of the durable, easy to wipe off leather!)

Sizing: TTS.

Lightspun gauze shorts | Madewell 25% off sale try on

Lightspun gauze shorts:

Last but not least, I ordered these shorts before Florida and wore them many times–they’re such great cover up shorts! (Worn here with a summersalt swimsuit.) They’re a faded black (not a true black), and a great longer length which is nice for extra coverage. Also great for trips this summer and you’ll wear them everywhere from the pool to sightseeing around the city! (I brought a pair like this to Italy with me and wore them nonstop!)

Sizing: Run big, size down. These are XS.

Two more honorable mentions:

(I don’t have photos of these right this second but wanted to mention anyway because they’re great if you’ve been looking for a new tote!)

The Piazza Oversized Tote:

I LOVE this tote. It holds so much stuff. It’s totally unstructured (which also is great for storage as it takes up no room!) but it does have a removable bottom, which is great as sometimes I want that flat bottom and others I don’t. The leather is super soft and comfy on your shoulders and it holds a LOT of stuff. The top is a magnetic close. It’s totally big enough to be an overnight bag, too! The shape of it is more long than tall, which is the opposite of the transport tote below.

The Zip-Top Transport Tote:

If you’re looking for a structured, zip-top tote, this really is such a fantastic bag. I’ve owned it for years. I also have the non-zip top version but I much prefer this one. It also holds a ton of stuff for the size. I have it in all-black which is super chic and I think it makes the ideal bag for work/office.

Hope this helps you make an informed decision on any items you’ve had your eyes on, or turned you onto some new wardrobe staples you’ll love to wear in the coming months!