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Madewell Babydoll Dress

Feb 23, 2021

Madewell Babydoll Dress

What is this? An OUTFIT POST!? 

Wow. It’s been a REALLY long time since I did one of these. (Pandemic + pregnancy + never-ending depressing Chicago winter has really done a number on my motivation in that department–but now that we’re in Florida, that’s all changed! It feels so good. ????) 

This little babydoll dress is one of my favorite new purchases I made for this trip, and I thought it deserved its own post, because I don’t think it could’ve been a bigger hit! So, here we are! We decided to pull out the camera like the good ole days and shoot some outfit photos in the backyard last night. (Sadly no Iguanas or peacocks were available for photos. ????) 

Also, more good news– this dress is still on sale! 20% for Madewell Insiders, 25% off for Madewell “stars”–just make sure you’re signed up for their email list and the discount should show up at checkout! 

Now, let’s go through the reasons why I love it so much… 

Why I adore this Madewell babydoll dress: 

The material is cool and breezy! 

Essential to get you through hot temperatures! However, it’s not TOO “summery” looking that you can’t start wearing soon in the spring with some more transitional layers, like with a classic trench coat or jean jacket

The style is girly and fun and not designed to be remotely flattering, which is essential in this pandemic world. ????

Even before LR, my body had changed a lot over the past year just due to the massive lifestyle change that comes along with being locked inside your house under a ton of stress and unable to work out like you normally do for an entire year. (Yet we’re all still like, “why are all my clothes too tight? Shame on me!” Which is RIDICULOUS.) 

That being said, I have ALWAYS been a fierce advocate for buying clothes that fit you where you are at and not thinking twice about it. And loose, flowy dresses are where it’s going to be at this summer. They aren’t supposed to be flattering, and you don’t need any certain body type to pull them off (I hate when people say that because it’s nonsense!) They’re just fun, they’re comfortable, and they personally bring me lots of joy. 

It still makes you feel beautiful and a little sexy 

While the midi length mumus AKA house dresses that I often live in during the warmer months are the most amazing inventions, ever, they do NOT make you feel super pretty. ???? This accomplishes the same *opposite of body-con* feat but actually makes you FEEL great in it too thanks to the flattering square neckline and the shorter length that shows off some leg! 

You can dress it up or down 

Wear it to a patio date with some cute heels or wear it with your favorite sneakers or flat sandals. Or even ballet flats! Whatever the occasion, this dress is darling and likely suitable for it. 

Sizing tips: It’s getting harder for me to provide accurate sizing for obvious reasons, but I will try. ????

I think it’s very generous in size due to the cut! I was considering either the 4 or the 6 (my ribcage has expanded so much with LR that a lot of my dresses are tight on me in the ribcage! And also to accommodate the bump as it gets bigger!) but I went with a 4 because I had a feeling this dress would be roomy! It still has plenty of room in the ribcage and in the bust (I need all the space I can get there these days ????).

For reference, my pre-pregnancy pandemic size would’ve been a 4. In my pre-pandemic size, I would’ve been a 0 or 2.

Thank you for coming to my elaborate sizing tips Ted Talk.

Moral of the story–I would not size up. I would go with your normal size or the smaller size if you are usually a range. 

A note on my sneakers: 

I purchased these adorable Freda Salvador d’Orsay sneakers a couple weeks back and had them sent straight to our AirBnB, and they arrived yesterday!

I never buy expensive shoes, but I have been lusting after them for over a year! And I felt I had earned them after making it through a year of a pandemic and four months of pregnancy DURING said pandemic. ???? I also am such a sucker for this small women-owned brand that I am more inclined to spend money on their shoes than anywhere else. 

However, I wholeheartedly understand that $295 is a LOT and luckily a wonderful reader sent me these Lucky Brand dupes that are a similar look under $100! 

[one-half-first]Madewell Babydoll Dress[/one-half-first][one-half]

Freda Salvador d'Orsay sneakers


Madewell Babydoll Dress

breezy puff sleeve dress

Freda Salvador d'Orsay white sneakers


[one-half-first]Freda Salvador d'Orsay shoes[/one-half-first][one-half]


More Madewell picks on sale!

Click here to see my Madewell try-on from yesterday with a few great items I have with me in Florida! 



My pre pregnancy go-to’s, these vintage straight-legs in fitzgerald wash (they look lighter in the photo than IRL!) also I just got these maternity straight leg jeans and I really like them so far (it’s so hard to find straight leg maternity jeans with the side panels instead of the front panel! FYI I went up one size from pre-pregnancy size) They also have some SUPER cutejean shorts (linked my two favorites above that look like AGolde dupes for less!) 

Comfy pants and shorts:

I just got these summery pants (I sized up two sizes so they would fit me for longer and also so they were super comfy postpartum!) and I love them! They feel like PJ’s but can look much more dressed up because of the button, zipper, and they have pockets! (They’ll be great for going back to the office too!)

Also I haven’t tried these pull-on shorts but I have an old Madewell pair that are similar that I love, so if you’re in the market for comfy cute shorts, these might be good to try! 

Great staple tops:

I love Madewell’s popover short sleeves like this one and this one–they’re yearround staples! I also love this new button-front linen top. (Not bump-friendly but I can live vicariously through you, right?) 

This slip skirt: 

I got in this slip midi skirt in the dark forest color and I adore it! Dress it up with a slinky camisole and pretty heels, or dress it down with sneakers, a graphic tee and denim jacket! (Speaking of which, this denim jacket is the perfect classic version and on sale!) 

The summer blazer:

I LOVE a white blazer and think it’s the best summer wardrobe staple–this one is stunning (comes in other colors too if white isn’t your thing!) 

Happy sweater: 

You know me and my happy sweaters! I love this springy sweater (it’s a great weight and so soft!) with tangerines on it. I mean, how can you not be happy wearing a sweater with tangerines? (Okay, I mean, it won’t fix your problems, but it’s a definite mood booster!) 

FYI, according to the website, the Madewell sale ends tonight! (Don’t quote me on it because they keep extending it, just doing my best to relay the message, haha!) Shop the whole sitewide sale here!

That’s all for today! I hope you have the best Tuesday! 

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