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Madewell 25% off sale try on

May 27, 2022

Hi friends,

I’m not going to lie, it feels odd to post trivial content right now. I planned to post this and my other sale roundup post (that I’ll be publishing next) earlier in the week. Obviously, I held off publishing. Yesterday, I polled you all on Instagram and asked if you still wanted to see it, and over 70% of you said yes, that it would provide a bit of a reprieve–so here we are. I think we all need some lighthearted content in the mix right now because everything is so damn heavy.

If it’s too much–please skip this. Shut your computer. Delete the Instagram app off your phone for the weekend. Call your senators (how to do so here) and then get offline. I’m sending you hugs in whatever you need to do.

If you’re still here for some retail therapy and you’re interested in picking up some pieces from the Madewell sale, look no further! Didn’t know Madewell was running a 25% off everything site wide sale? Now you do! See what I tried on and loved below! I also tried to include some stupid rambling commentary to make you laugh. It gets more outrageous as you go. (I hope it works! 😂) If you want to turn it into a drinking game, you can drink for every time I say “winner,” “slam dunk” and “dress it up for date night!” 😜 I NEED NEW MATERIAL, CLEARLY.

If you want a more in-depth look at these items, head on over to my stories today. I’ll also save a highlight so you can reference it later. The sale runs through the weekend and ends on Monday.

Madewell 25% off sale try on

Featured items:

Embroided sunside top
Embroided sunside top - Madewell 25% off sale try on

Embroided sunside top: 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND

First up! This cute little top–I call these kinds of tops apron tops because they remind me of the aprons my Granny used to wear! I love that it has a very vintage feel–the little scallop and embroidery detail is so sweet, and the straps are thick enough to wear a regular bra with! 🙌🏼 Which is ALWAYS a nice plus! If you’re looking for a cute top you can wear in the hottest of hot weather–this is it! This would look really cute with a pair of white jeans dressed up for a date as well! (Wearing it with my Abercrombie cutoffs here!)

Sizing: Ordered my regular size, but it’s roomy, so if you’re between two sizes I’d go with the smaller

Whisper cotton tee - Madewell 25% off sale try on

Whisper cotton tee: 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND

Madewell makes really awesome tees–their whisper cotton is so soft and lightweight, making them perfect for summer! I love the colors in this one especially. Lavender. Eep. I can’t stop buying it. 😆 How cute is the stripe with the green though!? I also love that it’s super easy to tie.

Sizing: TTS. Wearing small. Still plenty of room to knot.

Gauzy light spun embroidered top
Gauzy light spun embroidered top - Madewell 25% off sale try on

Gauzy light spun embroidered top: 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND

I have been eyeing this top for months and I’m so glad I finally snagged it! It’s as cute as it looks online, and it’s so versatile! If you’ve been following me since 2020, you know I have this gauzy Lou & Grey shirt I called the “Prince Eric” shirt because it looked like Prince Eric’s shirt from the Little Mermaid. Anyway. There’s a point to this story. This FEELS just like the Prince Eric shirt–but it’s crewneck and elevated. But just as comfortable and breezy! I love it. Truly. It’s a slam dunk–you can dress it up, dress it down, you could even wear it to work. It’s just a really great basic that doesn’t look at all like a basic.

Sizing: TTS. Wearing small.

Madewell Ribbed button-front sweater tank
Ribbed sweater tank - Madewell 25% off sale try on

Ribbed button-front sweater tank: 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND

Hey, speaking of great basics. This is another slam dunk! I got this in black because I wanted to be able to dress it up for date night as well with a pair of jeans and heels, and it’s PERFECT for that. I love the square neckline too! Another huge plus–because of the way it’s cut up high in the back, you can wear a regular bra and the straps don’t show at all.

Sizing: I sized down to XS because I wanted it slim-fitting! I’m glad I went with XS

Rainbow check peplum tank
Madewell Rainbow check peplum tank
Addie Sandals - Madewell 25% off sale try on

Rainbow check peplum tank: 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND

This tank is just plain fun. I love the colors. I love the playful peplum style. It’s so lightweight and perfect for a summer day. I’m really beating a dead horse here but it would also be really cute dressed up with a pair of jeans and heels and some fun statement earrings!

Sizing: Got small but I think I could’ve gone with an XS, so I’d so go with the smaller size if you’re on the fence.

Addie Sandals: 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND

I am always asked for cute, supportive sandals that are good for walking a TON of miles in. (Especially for Europe trips!) and they are so SO hard to find. But this pair of sandals is the pair to end all pairs. FINALLY. They are SO cute and actually supportive! And so cushiony! And the leather is so soft! I don’t even think I’ll have to break these in. I’m really truly so impressed. Really important to note the sizing though–because they run long!

Sizing: Run BIG. I went down 1/2 size. Got 7.5 and I am always a size 8. Also important to note I don’t have wide feet– I think these would be too narrow for wide feet!

Linen-cotton square-neck gingham top
Linen-cotton square-neck gingham top

Linen-cotton square-neck gingham top: 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND

As soon as I saw this top on the site I fell in love and it immediately made me say, “I’m totally bringing that to Europe this summer!” (Both Ireland, where it’s mild, and Portugal, where it’s hot! It’s super versatile and will be great for both!) I really love the more unique cut of this top, it has stretchy smocking on the shoulders (so you can wear it more off the shoulder if you like) and it’s cropped at a nice length to where you can easily front tuck it or leave it out. Wear it with sneakers, sandals, wedges–you can dress it up for work, a shower, a date–anything really!

Sizing: ordered my regular size small but probably could’ve gone down to XS.

Green gingham pull-on shorts - Madewell 25% off sale try on

Green gingham pull-on shorts: 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND

Alright, I had very high hopes for these shorts because I LOVE a matching set, as you probably know by now. I do like them, but sadly they were too big. Have to return. Joey would wear these for Thanksgiving. That’s how much room. 😭 If you size down, I definitely think they are worth trying though! They’re very comfortable and I really like the length on them. (Not too short for this granny!)

Sizing: These are HUGE. Size down! I ordered the smalls and they were the biggest smalls I’ve ever tried on. And I like my shorts roomy to begin with.

Off white denim short-alls
Madewell denim short overalls
How to style white short overalls

Off white denim short-alls: 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND

Ding ding ding ding these are another winner!! 10/10. They are so cute. And they’re comfy. And they fit great–not too short, not too tight in the butt yet not baggy. I love the off-white color, which they call “ecru” and sounds fancier than “off-white.” They give me vintage vibes in the best way, but are still polished enough for this almost 34 year old. Not like, old smelly vintage vibes–like, memories of eating a popsicle with your toes in the lake kind of vintage. (By the way, did you know I worked at a vintage clothing store in college? It was old and smelly but wonderful and the owner always had NPR playing in the background which I think is partly why I still love listening to NPR.)

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find they look DARLING with the Keira block heels too. (Reviewed below!) At first overalls and heels sounded like a bad fashion decision (lady of the night vibes?) but I love the way these heels look with them. They’re chunky and low enough that it really works! Indeed a very cute look for drinks. Or a date. How many times can I say “dress it up for a date!”?

I also think I’ll be taking these with me to Europe, again, because #versatility. Which I would not recommend if you are accident prone but usually (knock on wood) I’m pretty good with white.

How is my rambling commentary going are you laughing yet?

Sizing: TTS. Wearing small

Slip-on Kiera block heels - Madewell 25% off sale try on

Slip-on Kiera block heels: 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND

Okay. Wow. These heels. Let me back up and remind you that in this pandemic world, the concept of heels is laughable. Good luck ever getting me in real heels again. If I can’t walk a mile in them without my feet hurting, it isn’t happening. These are FANTASTIC. Okay I haven’t walked a mile in them yet, but I’m for sure keeping them and I’m very confident I won’t have any problems.

One of our favorite things to do on a date night in the summer is to walk everywhere, and often a restaurant will be a mile or so away. I love a slight heel because I want to feel dressy and heels make me feel pretty–but they also can’t make me cry. All of this to say–the leather on these heels is so soft, they fit like a glove and don’t slip off when I walk, the heel is low and chunky making them both easy to walk in AND very comfortable.

If you’ve been looking for a pair of more casual comfy “heels” (that aren’t very high) that go with EVERYTHING. These are your shoes. Your search is over. Boom. The end. They have 102 five star reviews on the site. And it’s because they’re that wonderful.

Sizing: TTS. I wear an 8 and the 8 fits great!

Charlie double-strap slides: 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND


Because–I present to you–the third freaking slam dunk in the Madewell shoe category. It’s like I think it can’t get better, and it does!?!

These shoes have been a bestseller of mine lately because so many of YOU rave about them so I’ve been posting them quite a bit as they’ve been on sale for a while. I hadn’t yet tried them out myself until now, because I didn’t think I needed *another* pair of slides. But then curiosity got the best of me. Let me tell you. These are sandals I didn’t know I needed.

If you want a supportive birkenstock-esque sandal, but don’t want a Birkenstock look, these are for you. Also, they are SO light. I thought they’d be heavy like traditional birks. Wrong! They honestly feel just as light as the foam birks. Virtually weightless. But they look so much more polished than Birkenstocks and aren’t as bulky-looking either. I love my birks, obviously, but these are definitely a few steps up in the style category.

Sizing: TTS. I wear an 8 and the 8 fits great!

Charlie double-strap slides - Madewell 25% off sale try on
Printed midi sundress - Madewell 25% off sale try on
Madewell Printed midi sundress

Printed midi sundress: 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND

Last but certainly not least–a sweet midi sundress with a cute floral print. The color is beautiful–kind of a reddish burnt orange. The “Ecru” people are calling it “Afterglow Red” in “Wild Calendula Block Print.” I can’t make this shit up.

Anyway–I love a few features about this dress, in addition to the darling print and pretty color: first, I love a square neckline. Second, the ruffle detail on the sleeves is very pretty. Third, I think the cutout in the back makes it cool AND stylish. You CAN wear a regular bra if you want, but it probably will show once you start moving around. I will opt for a sticky bra. This would be another Europe trip contender as it looks cute with sneakers for exploring during the day but looks very cute at night for dinner. (I would wear it with the Addie sandals!) I’m 5’6 for height reference and this also comes in petite! I also apologize for the horrific quality of my backside mirror photos. 😂 I can’t end with that one so I’ll end with a funny photo of June instead. 😜

Sizing: Took a small but probably should’ve gone XS. I’d say this runs a little big, so go with your smaller size.

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Baby June smiling hard

And to wrap things up, here’s a recent photo of June smiling so hard I don’t think she can even see?!!?

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend and get a chance to disconnect and spend time with the people you love. Hugs from me, Neal, and June. xoxo

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