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In-flight essentials

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Can you believe it?!

Our Parisian getaway is finally almost here and I’m trying really hard to contain myself. (It’s so hard to get any work done when you leave for Paris in a matter of hours, right?)

Running last-minute errands and starting the packing process (yes, I’m a last-minute packer) got me mentally going over my in-flight checklist for the long haul flight across the Atlantic.

I feel like you can tell a lot about a person by the things he or she brings on a flight–are they low-key? High maintenance? Are they a planner or do they fly by the seat of their pants?

I tend to skew on the “low-key planner” end of the spectrum–although, I always leave plenty of “pants flying” room, I know my limits and how to avoid pushing them. Here are a few of my must-haves for those seemingly never-ending flights!

First thing’s first–the snacks. 

Snacks with a good source of protein are an absolute must.

I love potato chips. I love them so much–probably more than you. Seriously.

The sad truth though, is that snacks like chips do you absolutely no good when you’re starving on an airplane.

Focus on small, portable (and non-perishable or crushable) snacks that will fill you up fast–trail mix, almonds, or beef jerky are always popular go-to’s in my airplane arsenal. (Because you do NOT want to see me when I’m hungry. It goes downhill REAL fast. Ask Neal.)

Large, perhaps unforeseen bonus: all of these snacky items happen to pair very well with red wine–which is obviously flowing amply when I’m on a long vacation-bound flight.

In-flight beauty must-haves: 

I keep my makeup very minimal (aka none) whenever I go on long trips. The air gets so stale and grimy–and skin has the tendency to get dry in the air. I like to have face wipes on hand to give my skin a cleansing swipe about midway through the flight, and follow up with an oil-free moisturizer (I’ve been using this one, which is a soothing gel-cream, and I really like it!) I also tend to avoid eye makeup whenever I fly more than a few hours at a time–eyeliner and mascara always seems to melt off into raccoon eyes by the end! I do like to make sure I have my eyelash curler within reach though, as it’s the easiest way to look refreshed after a long flight, even if you’ve barely slept. (You’d be shocked at what a difference it makes!)

Instead of bringing a toothbrush and toothpaste to the airplane bathroom, I prefer to use wisps–they’re the best invention ever, and you don’t have to visit the yucky bathroom more than absolutely necessary!

When it comes time to get off the plane, I typically have major under-eye baggage–so I love applying this serum which firms those dark circles astonishingly quick! Plus, it’s budget-friendly, and the roller application makes it a snap to apply without a mirror.

Avoiding boredom & dehydration: 

I always like to download a new movie I haven’t seen to my phone or my iPad. (And by “I” I mean Neal. He’s in charge of in-flight movies.)

I’m not a huge TV or movie-watcher in normal life, but when you have nothing else to do–the time really flies quickly, especially when it’s one you haven’t seen before!

Then of course–stocking up on magazines is always a good idea. If I get new ones in the mail a week or two before I leave, I always stash them away so I have something to look forward to on the flight!

Drinking plenty of fluids is always a must-do–stocking up on a bottle of two of gatorade will help majorly with dehydration and that “flight hangover” feeling you always get from a long journey. When all else fails? A sleep-aid is always good to have in  your back pocket. (On my flight to Iceland, Jess brought extra ZZquil and I was very thankful!) After all, sleep is the best cure for boredom, right!?

The big question–what to wear on a long haul flight? 

When it comes to a long haul flight, I find that people believe vehemently in either changing their clothing before going to sleep for the night, or they are 100% against it.

I tend to fall in the latter camp. (Why on earth would I want to struggle with changing into sweatpants in a disgusting airplane bathroom where my feet inevitably are going to touch the ground? I’m the furthest thing from a germaphobe, but–let’s call it what it is. Gross.)

Instead, I dress comfortably from the beginning. Black leggings (not too tight!), a classic v-neck or ultra-lightweight longsleeve tee, and black and white Nikes (also love them in grey!) or white Keds are aways my go-to.

One thing clothing item I always have on a long haul flight is a light scarf or pashmina. Regardless of how smoking hot the temperature is outside, planes always have a knack for chilling me to the core. This also doubles as a pillow when you bunch it up into a ball, and can be pulled over your head as a makeshift eye-mask. (Plus, did you know it’s my ultimate European travel must-have? Don’t go anywhere without one!) A poncho or cape, if you’re traveling in the winter, is also an amazing ideal–it’s like you’re wearing a blanket!

An extra pair of thick socks stashed in your carry-on bag is also a smart idea–especially if your feet tend to get cold like mine. (I think I might have a circulation problem? Neal calls them old lady feet. Sometimes they even turn blue!) Bonus points if they’re compression socks–which will help prevent your feet from swelling!

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