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London Bridge

Mar 15, 2017

Dress: ASTR at Nordstrom–hurry! It’s almost sold out! (It’s also available in a romper here, and an off-the-shoulder top, too!) This dress is also very similar, but off the shoulder, and I also just bought this midi dress in a very similar print/color that is SO pretty! // Hat: Old, but similar here // OTK Boots: Stuart Weitzman (budget-friendly favorite here and are 30% off! They’re stretchy in the back, so they fit even small calves, too!)

Happy Wednesday!

It might be winter here but it’s SPRING in London!! (We’ll pretend we’re there today, okay?)

How is your week going so far? Aside from #Chiberia making a spring visit, this week so far has been pretty slow in the nicest way possible.

I feel like I’ve been all over the place and a regular hot mess these days, so it’s been really lovely to be able to stay in leggings and a sweatshirt and not really leave the house much in the past few days. (Which, you know, works out pretty well when there’s a blizzard outside!)

All this time spent at home has me mentally ticking off my spring checklist:

  • Replace all house plants which died a slow and horrible death from dehydration (AKA me forgetting to water them) over the winter months
  • Look into “real looking” fake house plants. (Does anyone have any reccos?)
  • Do your taxes, Jessica. (UGH.)
  • CLEAN OUT THE CLOSET. Omg, you guys. We share one teeny-tiny master bedroom closet. (I’d say the only downfall to our house is the fact that there is quite literally zero storage.) I don’t know how it got so messy because I swear I own no clothing, but somehow it keeps piling up. I’ve been wringing my hands over it over the past couple of weeks because it’s gotten so messy and I need to clean it out, but we keep having spells of 70 degree weather followed by blizzards–so I’m hesitant to really do the whole winter/spring switcheroo just yet. I was thinking of hiring someone on task rabbit to help me do this. Does anyone have any professional organizer reccos?

  • Organize the kitchen cabinets. Something that has never been done. When we moved in it was more of the “shove anything anywhere it will fit” dance and we haven’t revisited it since. Now that we’re actually getting registry gifts that need somewhere to be stored, well, this needs to be re-thought. This is one of those times I really wish my mom and I lived in the same state so she could come help me set up a functioning kitchen like a real adult.
  • De-clutter the bar cart. We’ve had quite a few casual gatherings over the winter months and *someone who lives in my house* seems to have expanded his whiskey collection exponentially. We either need a bigger bar cart or we need somewhere to stash the overflow…
  • Hang art. This is so hard. I can never make decisions on art, but before I know it we will have lived here a year with no art on the walls. And why is framing so expensive!?
  • Annnnddd the list goes on.

In other news, have you been noticing that the color Periwinkle is everywhere!? I have!

To be honest, I used to hate the color. (My sister’s bridesmaids dresses were periwinkle. I think it scarred me because she got married when I was like 12 and I was so small they had to custom make a bridesmaid dress for me in a matching color because the smallest regular size couldn’t be tailored enough to fit my shrimpy frame 😛 #LateBloomer.)

Anyway, I’ve been seeing a lot of it lately, so I tried on this dress (I was attracted by the floral print and the bow necktie, obviously) and low and behold–I loved it! THEN I bought this dress (which you’ll see soon). Clearly I’m on a tear.

This dress, not to mention, is on major sale (so snap it up QUICK before it’s gone!) and it also comes in a romper and an over the shoulder top! It looks super cute with OTK boots for now, and will look adorable with lace-up sandals later! (How cute are these blush ankle-wrap sandals!?)

Photos by Chio Photography

Periwinkle favorites and what to wear with them:

I love the romper version of this dress! Very similar, but less anxiety on a windy day ;-P

I just bought this dress last week and it is SO beautiful on. So versatile for spring and summer!

The off the shoulder version of today’s dress! So pretty with white jeans or even tucked into a cute denim mini!

The romper version of the midi dress above (that I bought last week). This would work great for a pool cover-up on vacation, too!

Just spotted these and think I mightttt need to have them. They’re so pretty, and the heel is the perfect height! They also come in grey. Either would look so cute with any of these periwinkle favorites!

If you haven’t gotten a pair of OTK boots yet this season, you should definitely snag these on sale while you can! I got these before my Lowland boots and they are so beautiful, durable, and get this–they come waterproofed! Plus, they stretch in the back to fit both narrow and wide calves!

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