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Local Gems: Date Night at Adamus

May 8, 2015

One of the best parts about living in Chicago is the fact that there are always new restaurants to discover. Neal and I will frequently stumble upon a new place we’ve never even heard of, and look at each other in awe, like, “how does nobody know about this place?!

Adamus, is definitely one of them.

To me, an incredible date spot needs to meet the following four requirements: a unique atmosphere, ridiculous cocktails (I don’t mean a good Moscow Mule, I mean, I want to point to something crazy on the menu containing boozy ingredients I’ve never heard of that magically come together to taste unreal), food you can’t get anywhere else, and above all, amazing service.

Is that a lengthy list? Probably. I guess you could call us picky, but if we’re going to spend money, it needs to be a night to remember, am I right?

Well, this place was all of the above. It’s located in the Silversmith Hotel, right in Jeweler’s Row. (Likely why we hadn’t heard of it, typically one would rule out The Loop for a date, being primarily comprised of office buildings.) But you guys, listen to me, you have to go. This place is all about the details, from the sparkly decor, to the cocktails, to the food.

Here’s what to order: 

For cocktails, start out with their barrel-aged Manhattan–yes, I said barrel-aged. Meaning, the cocktail was mixed, and then aged in a one-use rye barrel for 90 days.  I will never look at a Manhattan the same again. If you like something a little lighter and sweeter, try The Working Title, which is made with fresh kiwi and cucumber, St. Germain, house-infused vodka, and egg white. I could have had about 10 of them. (Thankfully I didn’t though!)

For starters, go with the pulled fresh curd mozzarella salad, the broiled oysters, and the curry clam chowder. Total transparency–I actually hate seafood but Neal can’t get enough of it, and loved the unique spin on typical raw oysters and classic clam chowder. The fresh mozzarella salad rivaled some of the best that I’d had in Italy.

For entrees, I went with–are you sitting down? This is super weird and totally not like me: beet tortellini. SO not something I would usually go for (I don’t typically do vegetarian options) but I think the best way to describe it was…like crack? I’m still dreaming about it. If you like beet salad, you can’t not order this, you’ll die. Opposite me, Neal ordered the telicherry crusted duck, which came atop faro, english peas, onions mushrooms and mascarpone cheese. Duck is typically too oily for my taste (I guess I’ve been scarred by a few Chinese restaurants) and even I could appreciate how good it was.

Throughout the whole night, the service was wonderful. From the bartenders, our server, all the way up to their talented chef, I wanted everyone to sit down and have a drink with us. (Really, we asked, but they said no.)

So grab your boyfriend, husband, partner, best friend, co-worker, client–whatever–and head over to Adamus this week for a date or even post-work drinks. (I’ll be the girl in the stripes, downing barrel-aged whiskey cocktails at the bar.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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