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Life Lately: Zain Khan Holland

Happy Thursday, frands!

It’s been awhile since we did a “life lately” post, so I thought it was time to share some fun photos of what’s been happening around here over the past few weeks!

Well, you probably know this already because I’ve been babbling about it quite a bit, BUT, if you missed it–ZAIN KHAN HOLLAND arrived! He came a wee bit early (his due date was only a few days ago!) but Shaheen and Trevor are doing amazing. I’ve gotten to see him a few times now but this was the very first time I met him! He is seriously such a mix of the two of them–I’ve never seen a newborn that looked more like his parents twins!

My newest pair of summer sandals: Everlane’s Bridge sandals! They come in tons of colors and are so chic and minimalistic looking, I love them! I also accidentally wore them when I got caught in a rain storm last week and they got completely DRENCHED and still look great! (Soo..a plus for durability!) 

How cute is Neal in this photo taken at my friend Leigh’s wedding? Admittedly I was a litttttlleee nervous about the jacket because I had seen photos of it and thought it was going to be too “Wolf of Wall Street” meets “Preppy Frat Star” but I actually love it and thought he looked so handsome. You can also snag my dress here.

A couple weeks ago I spent two days at Hilton Chicago as a “millennial consultant” of sorts. It was one of the coolest projects I’ve ever worked on! Coming from 4 years working in the advertising world, I’m not used to seeing gigantic corporations proactively seeking out advice of their target audience, and it was really refreshing. I got to shadow different team members, see what they’re working on behind the scenes, and give them feedback on it! I couldn’t believe I’d never been in the hotel before–it’s absolutely stunning inside and is such a historic building! They have a whole reception room that is furnished with the decor from a sunken navel ship (seriously, it’s like being in the Titanic) and there have been so many famous movies filmed there! I was so impressed with everything–if you’re looking for a great Chicago hotel–I’d definitely look into staying there!

One of my latest summer frocks–this adorable button-front slip dress! I styled it over in this post if you want more details! 

I have been wanting these sandals for YEARS you guys, and I scored them on sale! Right now they’re 35% off which means you can save over $130!! 

Admittedly, one of my worst photos ever. BUT. I couldn’t NOT share it with you, because these are THE BEST TACOS I’VE HAD IN CHICAGO. Yepppp, bold statement, especially for me, right? We finally made it to L’Patron in Logan which I’ve been hearing a lot about and it did not disappoint. Highly recommend the Al Pastor and the Steak tacos, with a side of rice and beans! Their homemade hot sauce is INSANITY it is so good, so make sure not to skimp on that part!

Catching a sunset at the lake in Beverly Shores! If you look really REALLY closely, you can see the Chicago skyline in the background 😉 (It’s really tiny!!) 

Lunch at Kitty O’Sheas! This is one of our favorite Irish bars in Chicago. I got to taste test their new menu while I was at Hilton for our project, which is Irish Bistro style and it is SOO good, you guys. If you haven’t been in awhile, you need to stop by! Pictured: Fresh asparagus salad with purple potatoes, corned beef hash balls, and this amazing ricotta spread with a dropper of balsamic glaze!

Lot’s of front porch sipping in PJ’s happening lately. This is my favorite way to unwind from the day. My PJ’s are sold out, but they’re from Forever21, who has a ton of cute and super cheap PJ’s!

Wedding ring shopping! YAYYY! We picked out our wedding rings last week at C.D. Peacock and it was such a fun experience! More on that later, but I can’t wait to show you what we chose 🙂

What have you been up to lately?