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Life Lately

Aug 16, 2018

Time for another Life Lately post! Here’s what we’ve been up to lately over the past few weeks!

Playing Dress Up at Sarah Seven:

Playing Dress Up at Sarah Seven

One of my favorite projects I’ve done in a long time–I got to team up with Sarah Seven and try on some of their prettiest bridal gowns! I wrote a whole post on my experience here, but I cannot recommend them enough for engaged brides searching for their dress! They are definitely ideal for the “non-bride” who wants something simple and elegant and not over the top. Every dress I tried, I loved more than the next!

Slow Sundays:

Slow Sundays

Sunday essentials: Everlane dress, and tote, Allbirds sneakers, Vineyard Vines hat 

The last “slow Sunday” we’ll probably have in a long time due to our crazy schedules over the next month ? Our absolute favorite thing to do on the weekends is get up early, workout, make breakfast, and then go for a walk to the butcher shop and market to pick up ingredients to make dinner together on Sunday night. It’s the best!

Lake house Bachelorettes:

Lake house Bachelorettes

Bathing suit is Kikirio Swim–they make the CUTEST SUITS! 

Lake house Bachelorettes

Two of my very best friends (and old roommates of four years before moving in with Neal) had their bachelorette parties the past couple of weeks. Both were at lake houses and words cannot describe the amount of fun that was had. We laughed so hard my abs were sore on Sunday. It’s so funny that all of us got married/engaged all within the same year. (If you would’ve asked us at 23, we would’ve said “WE’RE NEVER GETTING MARRIEDDDD!”)

Visiting Lexington and Getting Back in the Saddle:

Visiting Lexington and Getting Back in the Saddle

Not the highest quality photos here ? sorry. Neal took a trip to Cincinatti and Lexington for work a couple of weeks ago and I tagged along as my best friend Tasha lives there. We met growing up because of horseback riding–we rode with the same trainers, Bill and Nancy, who were based in Lexington, and spent all summer every summer living with them–they were basically our second parents–to ride and show. (Horses were my whole life until I went off to college).

Times have changed–I don’t know if you guys remember this, but I took a bit of a hiatus for several days on the blog a couple years back–when Bill passed away, which I never really discussed publicly. He was basically like my second father and it was a really sad time for everyone.

Anyway, I came with Neal to Cincinnati so Tasha and I could drive to Lexington to spend some time with Nancy, and we stopped by our friend (and former assistant trainer to Nancy and Bill when I was growing up) Stephanie’s barn, Windswept Farm. She basically threw us up in the saddle about the second we got there and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I had no intention of riding (I hadn’t ridden in about a decade–if longer) and had no proper clothes with me but she didn’t take no for an answer, so I rode in Tasha’s yoga pants and Stephanie’s work boots ?

See the horse in the photo? Her name is Darcy, and she was actually one of my first horses! She was born and bred on our farm back in Oregon! She belongs to Stephanie now obviously, but if you live in the area and go to her barn to take a lesson, you might end up on Darcy! She’s a big goofball and hasn’t changed a bit (although she has gotten much lazier in her old age). It was so fun to get to ride her again!

Before dinner in Covington:

Before dinner in Covington

My whole outfit is linked in this post with lot’s of details! 

After a night in Lexington we drove back to Cincinnati (we stayed in Covington, which is technically Kentucky–an adorable area just across the river!) We grabbed dinner at Commonweath Bistro and it was amazing! Highly recommend if you’re in the area!

New Love for Collagen Peach Matcha:

New Love for Collagen Peach Matcha

I recently tried VitalProteins Peach Matcha powder and it is AWESOME! I’ve been putting it in green smoothies and making my own matcha lattes with coconut milk! It’s a good source of protein (9 grams, more than a serving of peanut butter!) and collagen supplements benefit your hair, nails, skin, and really helps your joints! I’ll be doing a post all on the benefits of collagen soon and sharing my Iced Peach Matcha recipe–stay tuned!

Downtown Drinks:

Downtown Drinks

Dress is old, but my sandals are amazing and come in lot’s of colors! TTS!

I had to shoot a project for Stella Artois downtown right before we left for our friend Kate’s bachelorette party last Thursday, so Kai (she’s my friend that owns the best Chicago catering company, Littlevent! She has a great food blog too you definitely must read!) graciously agreed to be my photographer and we had a drink at The Godfrey before Melissa picked us up to drive to Michigan for the weekend! It reminded me that I really don’t get downtown enough to enjoy the beautiful skyline!

Impromptu Larkin Sightings:

[one-half-first]Impromptu Larkin Sightings[/one-half-first][one-half]

Impromptu Larkin Sightings


(Dress is old! Sorry!) 

Okay these are literally the blurriest worst photos ever but I love them. Recently Mitch and Emma happened to go on a long walk and ended up in Wicker Park, so we met them at Big Star on the way to dinner just to say hi. We’ve all been so busy this summer we’ve barely seen each other and I swear Emma is now basically a teenager ? She’s SO smart! That’s one good thing about fall is that we’re all looking forward to slowing down and being able to hang out a lot more often!

Hope you enjoyed today’s update! What have YOU been up to lately? 

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