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Life Lately

Happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend? I hope the moms out there got a chance to relax and had a wonderful Mothers Day! Our weekend was PACKED and we are still recovering but it was so much fun. Easing into the week slowly–it’s such a gorgeous day out, we went for a long morning walk to start the day!

This past weekend we had not one, but two family parties in addition to Mothers Day festivities–one was a wig party for Neal’s Uncle’s 60th birthday (HBD Uncle Phil!) and one was a Derby themed couples shower for his cousin John and his beautiful fiancée Marissa! (Which wasn’t really very shower-like at all, as we were there until 2am. 😂)

Anyway, we haven’t done a Life Lately post in…probably years?! But really I just wanted an excuse to share the hilarious photos from the weekend, so here we are, some photos of what’s been going on lately.

Life Lately 5.9

Wig party with baby | Life Lately 5.9
Wig party
Baby in cabbage patch wig

Uncle Phil’s Wig Party:

As mentioned above, we celebrated Neal’s uncle on Friday night with a surprise wig party which was SO much fun. June was the life of the party and didn’t even want to leave when we dragged her out at 10pm. 😆 She stole the show in her cabbage patch wig. I decided to go blonde for the night because when else would I get such an opportunity. Neal chose a Justin Bieber wig but as June’s teachers at daycare pointed out, looked more like Joe Exotic.

Derby theme mother and daughter
Derby theme mother and daughter costume

Wearing Maisonette matching dresses: shop mine here, shop June’s here! They have so many cute matching sets (for the boys too!) My dress runs big, I wish I would’ve sized down to XS! My fascinator is from Amazon and hers is from Etsy. Wearing these shoes from Amazon which I love because they’re comfortable and go with everything!

fascinator theme shower
Baby in fascinator | Life Lately 5.9

Saturday afternoon was a Loftus family Derby party for his cousin’s wedding shower!

The best part about Loftus family showers is that they’re really just fun parties you bring a present to and another excuse to get the whole family together for a great time. We all watched the Derby on a projector, my father-in-law organized a raffle pool for winner picks and I won $60!!! And by “I” I mean Neal because I had to borrow his $5 to enter so the jury is still out on who gets the money. 😜 I really thought we were in a shoe in for the “best dressed” award because–duh–infant in a fascinator, but Nani showed us up in the authentic jockey silks she bought on eBay. 😂

We were there FAR too late (don’t worry, we brought the pack n play and put June down there and did a late night transfer to go home–she wasn’t up until 2am! Although she did wake up excited to party again when it was time to leave. 😆 Thankfully she went back down when we got home with no issues!)

Needless to say, we were all pretty cashed for Mother’s Day, but it was worth it!

Caulipower chicken tenders

Shaheen has been posting about these healthier “Caulipower” chicken tenders that she makes in her air fryer and I snagged a bag and was so excited to try them!

And I can confirm they are DELICIOUS. (I sprinkled mine with some cayenne pepper to make them spicy.) I made my own DIY snack wrap for lunch and drizzled it with Tessamae’s ranch.

Tour Les Jours Taro milk tea | Life Lately 5.9
Antique Taco's Agua Fresca

It’s summer beverage neighborhood walk season. FINALLY.

Two favorite iced drinks that I love snagging on neighborhood walks: Tour Les Jours Taro milk tea and Antique Taco’s Agua Fresca! Both so delicious and refreshing!

Little Victories beer | Life Lately 5.9

Speaking of cold beverages, Little Victories has the coldest beer in town.

They always serve them in frosty mugs and it’s one of our favorite spots to bring June for happy hour as it’s typically always quiet between 4-6. They also open up their big garage door windows when it’s nice out!

Baby June standing | Life Lately 5.9

Someone is standing. 🤯

This happened last night. Just pushed herself up on my knees and let go, standing there with no hands like she’d done it a thousand times! She clapped for herself before she fell over. 😆

breakfast in bed for mothers day | Life Lately 5.9

Neal made me breakfast in bed for mothers day! ♥️

He surprised me with this beautiful splurgey Serena & Lily tray for Mother’s Day last year (even though June wasn’t technically born yet, he is always spoiling me)–I’m obsessed and always excited for an excuse to use it. (It’s also nice for working from bed if you’re wanting a lazy WFH day! It’s super sturdy and doesn’t tip!) All in all, it was a wonderful whirlwind weekend!

That’s all for now! Hope you have a great rest of your day!