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Neal’s Game Day Style

Sep 28, 2016


Hey guys,

It’s Neal here with today’s post. 

Jess usually likes to keep me behind the lens or only in pictures, so tell her to give me a few more guest writing opportunities if you can tolerate my writing. I’m here today to talk about the really masculine topic of “Fall style.” Specifically, football style, which is something I can really get behind.

Early fall has long been my favorite time of year (and it has NOTHING to do with Pumpkin Spice ANYTHING.) The craziness of summer is finally over, and my focus can get back to what is most important: family, friends and football (obviously).

My dad has been a Bears season ticket holder for 21 years, and despite some up and down play on the field, some of my best memories are going to the stadium with him.  Jess and I went on our first real date on a mid-September afternoon, and I still remember how perfect that day was.  It had almost everything to do with her, but changing leaves and fall air really helped put that day up there with some of the best days of my life. 

Ok. This is a post about football fashion, so I’ll stop getting so sentimental, but in case you can’t tell, I think this is the best time of year.

Jess and I like to spend our fall weekends wearing better clothes (layers, sweaters > t-shirt and shorts), drinking better (darker beer & cider > light beer & cocktails) and eating better (Jess is a great cook year round, I just get excited for soup, chili, and tailgate food). As I sit here and write this I am already looking forward to the next time we get to find a cozy Wicker Park bar or have friends over for another NFL Sunday.

As nice as my previous paragraph sounds to me, there is something that I have not yet mentioned:

I’m a die-hard Bears fan, and somehow, some way, Jess wound up a Packers fan. 

The whole “house divided” thing is real – and it has not been kind to me thanks to the poor play of the Bears these last few seasons.  I have not held much of the bragging rights since we started dating, but when Levi’s approached us about doing a joint feature, my thought was “hey orange and blue is a better look than green and yellow – I’m in!” 

If you can’t beat them, try to out-dress them.   

If you have been reading Jess’ blog these last few months, you know that we have grown up quite a bit lately.  (Getting married, buying a house, yada yada.) I can say the same thing about my style – it has evolved a lot as I’ve hit my upper 20’s, and that includes my gameday wardrobe.

I’ve always worn Levi’s jeans (as you can see in the photos), but the Bears denim trucker jacket ($108 – levi.com) and flannel ($78 – levi.com) qualify as some of my “new-and-improved” wardrobe items. 

I enjoy being well dressed for any occasion, so when the Bears are playing, I prefer to look good supporting them versus the whole “Super Fan” look.  (DAAA BEARS.)

The flannel is awesome – soft and warm but not too warm, so you can layer it.  It fits true to size, isn’t boxy or baggy, but also not skin tight.  The detail of the logo is also really nice quality (unlike that garbage you find online or outside the stadium) because while it’s clearly a Bears shirt, it’s also stylish enough for any other occasion that a great flannel calls for. 

The jacket is one of the most unique pieces in my wardrobe.  Just like the flannel, it’s well made, has great detailing, and has a great fit.  It’s perfect to throw on if I’m meeting my buddies at the bar to watch a game, and warm enough for a tailgate or early fall games at Soldier Field with my dad.

If you’re like me and think you can’t pull off the “denim on denim” look, I say go for it.  I liked mixing 2 different shades of denim, and it frees you up to get colorful with your flannels. (Jess’ note: spoken like a true #InstagramHusband).

If you are looking to upgrade your guy’s gameday wardrobe, a classic American brand like Levi’s is the place to make that happen. 

levis-nfl-bears-11levis-nfl-bears-5levis-nfl-bears-8levis-nfl-bears-4 levis-nfl-bears-6 levis-nfl-bears-2levis-nfl-bears-10levis-nfl-bears-3

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful fall!  Go Bears!!

Big thanks to Levi’s for sponsoring this post and for the sweet game day gear. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support this blog, and I hope you know how much I appreciate your support of Jess!  Your readership and interaction keep us going!

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