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Let’s go to Portugal! Announcing: Atlas Adventures Lisbon

Atlas Adventures Lisbon

Remember last year’s Paris group trip where Whitney, Rebecca and I took a group of 20 readers to Paris? Well this fall, Whitney and I are teaming up again to bring a group to…LISBON! Save the dates for October 9th-14th, 2022!

If you missed it, Whitney is my friend and travel blogger who is also a travel planner and travel agent–she plans for one on one clients, but also organizes group trips for women–called Atlas Adventures! She and her best friend Victoria, who is a travel photographer, run these group trips together and often team up with a fellow influencer friend with a particular love for that specific city to co-host the trips! (I.E…me!) They are two of my very favorite people, two of the most fun girls I know (not to mention, two of the most well-traveled–these two have been EVERYWHERE!) I could not be more excited to be planning another trip together. Will you join us!?

Announcing: Atlas Adventures Lisbon

Why Lisbon?

Portugal is one of Europe’s biggest gems. Often overlooked for more well-known travel destinations like France, Italy, and Spain, Portugal has just as much to offer, is less crowded, and more affordable! Lisbon is the perfect city for a girls trip–it has so much to offer in the way of culture, food and wine, sights, shopping, and more! I’ve only been once, but I’ve been dying to get back. After so much success with our first Atlas Adventures Paris trip, I pitched Whitney on the idea of Lisbon and, being a fellow Ennegram 7–she needed no convincing and said, “LET’S DO IT” no questions asked! 😜

This trip is for you if…

You self-identify as female, you’ve been wanting to make new like-minded friends and experience new places and cultures. You may want to travel, but not have anyone to travel with. And/or, the idea of planning a big trip to Europe stresses you out!

You want all the heavy lifting done for you. So all you can do is show up and enjoy yourself while being immersed in a local experience! You are kind and respectful, open-minded, you enjoy meeting new people, have a go-with-the-flow attitude and are excited by new experiences and adventures. You don’t have a specific agenda. And you aren’t the kind of person who needs to pack as much as possible into your agenda every day to feel like you got the most out of your trip.

Head over to this page to read testimonials from other Atlas Adventures travelers!

This trip is NOT for you if…

Everyone has a different travel style and philosophy! And you may find group travel isn’t for you if:

  • You prefer to have complete control over your experiences or plans.
  • You are good with the friendships you have. And you’re not looking to form any new ones with new people.
  • You have a hard time when things don’t go as planned. And find yourself getting annoyed when this happens.
  • You have trouble pivoting and rolling with the punches.
  • You are not overly concerned with being respectful as a foreigner in a different country.
Atlas Adventures Lisbon

Atlas Adventures Lisbon trip details:

How much is planned? How much free time do you have?

We aim for one planned group activity per day. Some days, that’s the better part of a day, others, we may just have one activity planned that is a couple hours, so you’ll have the rest of the time to explore on your own! During free time, we will also have plenty of suggestions at the ready to help you figure out how to make the best use of your time! There will never be a situation where you are stranded alone with nothing to do unless you WANT to explore on your own.

Gals on the trip typically break into groups based on interest–say, if some want to check out a museum, others want to go shopping, etc. Others may want to use some of their free time to explore solo! Your free time is yours to do as you wish and we can be as involved in planning how to use it as you’d like!

Atlas Adventures Lisbon group travel
Your trip hosts: Whitney (right), Victoria (middle), and of course: me!

Trip highlights at a glance:

Full itinerary will be announced in the coming weeks, but here’s a taste of what to expect:

First, we’ll all be able to get to know each other BEFORE we leave with our own Facebook group, WhatsApp chat thread, and getting together virtually for a Portuguese wine tasting session! You will not arrive in Lisbon not knowing anyone!

The first day of the trip, everyone will arrive on the morning or afternoon of October 9th, and check into our hotel: Bairro Alto hotel. It’s an amazing 5-star hotel and was included on Conde Nast Traveler’s Gold list for 2022. (Remember how I mentioned everything is cheaper in Portugal?! We get a luxury experience here for the price of a four star hotel anywhere else!) The group will meet up for a welcome dinner at a traditional Portuguese restaurant.

During the trip, we’ll have a walking tour of the city with a local expert on our first full day to get everyone well acquainted with all that Lisbon has to offer, a full day-trip to a winery complete with a leisurely lunch, enjoy sunset cocktails together (with a view!), learn about Portuguese culture and experience Portuguese food and wine, and enjoy a final group dinner before everyone heads back home.

Cost is $3,990 and will be due in increments.

For more details of what is/isn’t included and more FAQ’s, see this page! Remember, we’ll be launching more info in the coming weeks so you’ll have even more details then, we just wanted to announce this ASAP so those who were interested could see if the dates/cost were feasible and so you could plan ahead! (You can see our Paris trip itinerary for a more detailed example of what an Atlas Adventures itinerary looks like in the meantime!)

Women Lisbon group travel

Is there an age limit? Can I bring a friend? Do you have to be an influencer? Do you have payment plans? More questions answered!

While the majority of attendees so far have been in their thirties, it’s really a range from mid twenties through fifties! Many of the attendees are single, many are in relationships! Some book with a friend or sister, but the majority of attendees don’t know anyone prior to going on their first Atlas Adventures trip! (Although, many re-book on other Atlas Adventures with the friends they made on their first trip!) Also, I get this question a lot–but no, these are NOT influencer trips!

The one thing that all attendees have in common are the qualities I outlined above–they are kind, positive, upbeat, excited to make new friends and be immersed in new cultural experience! (Anecdotally, in my experience, all attendees are very fun, too. 😉) There is a payment schedule as well to break up the payments, and you can see more details on cost and payment schedule on this page.

Are you in!? (Or on the fence?) Hop on the launch list here!

By signing up for the email list, you’ll be the first to know when we have more details to share about the trip, and when we open the doors to allow you to secure your spot in a couple of weeks! Trips in the past have booked up very quickly, so make sure you’re on the email list if you’re interested in potentially learning more about this or future trips!

We hope to see you in Lisbon!

xoxo Jess, Whit, and V!