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Autumn Casual + My Favorite Leather Jacket

Nov 11, 2016

Leather Jacket Outfits–Chicago Fashion Blogger, The Golden Girl

Dress: Lush “Leah” Shift Dress from Nordstrom (comes in three different fall/winter floral prints, olive, and black, too! It’s seriously the comfiest dress ever and has the cutest keyhole back!) I also love this one ($48 and comes in 5 colors!), and this one, which are similar // Boots: c/o Sole Society (also available at Nordstrom, so check both sites if your size is sold out on one of them!) // Leather Jacket: Bought in Italy when I studied abroad, but nearly identical here (only $250!), very similar here (also on crazy sale for $250!!), I also love this buttery drapy (drapey?) version here and I really want a classic black leather jacket like this one to round out my collection! // Scarf: Vintage–I love this one, this one (leopard! Eee!), and this one though! (All from Ann Taylor, they have adorable scarves right now!) // Bracelet: c/o Kendra Scott // Midi rings: c/o Kendra Scott 


You guys.

I have a story for you.

(Don’t worry, it’s not about the election. We won’t get into that here. This blog is a happy place.)

Actually it’s not so much a story as an explanation as to why this post is going to be quite short.

You see, I am essentially a walking tornado. Whenever Neal travels for work, I manage to turn our entire house into what looks like natural disaster wreckage. I’m working on it, really. (You can actually read my tips from a work-in-progress-recovering mess-maker here, but that’s another story.)

I’ve developed sort of a routine in that I accidentally mess the house up until it’s almost unrecognizable, and then run around in a complete panic, cleaning furiously for approximately 2 hours before he gets home, because I don’t want him to divorce me before we even get married.

It’s really NOT a sustainable solution, but one can only do so much, you know?

Anyway, amidst my latest, “oh god, I need to fix my house and act like an adult now” episode, I had showered and chosen the most wrinkled shirt in my closet to put on my body, for reasons I’m unsure of. Seeing as I am incapable of ironing (Kelly tries to teach me, it doesn’t work) I whipped out my steamer, which is actually the devil and spews out more hot scalding water than it produces steam–to fix my shirt.

I ended up steaming/hot-water-scalding the living hell out of my left ring and pinky fingers–luckily this was at the end of my cleaning spree, so all Neal noticed when he walked in the door was the fact that his hot mess fiancé was glued to the sink, running her fingers under cold water. (Shhh. He doesn’t know how bad the house was before. That’s a secret you’ll take to the grave, right?)

Anyway, it’s pretty hard to type with a severely blistered pinky finger. So there you go. There’s my round about story.

Long story short, this dress is budget-friendly AND adorable (did you see the back!?) and even better? It’s more comfortable than your Thanksgiving sweatpants. There are also a lot of affordable leather jackets out there right now (linked above!) just like the one I’m wearing here. (My leather jacket is my favorite wardrobe item of all time–do you have one yet?)

Over and out. I hope you have an amazing weekend. Watch out for rogue clothing steamers is all I’m sayin’.



Leather Jacket Outfits, Chicago Style Blogger Jess Keys

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Photos by Iron & Honey 

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