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Our Last “First” Anniversary

Oct 17, 2016


Around this time four years ago, I received an early Saturday AM call from a boy I’d had a crush on for years. After turning him down several times for a date, I finally gave in and agreed to meet him for brunch. That brunch date turned into 48 hours of being inseparable and that’s how it’s been ever since.

Funny though, we don’t actually have an “anniversary” date per say. There was never a defined line of when we actually became a couple. (Probably because our history goes back so much further than that.)

Typically, we just pick a day in October to celebrate our “anniversary” (even though we actually went on that first date in September–I don’t know, it made sense to us at the time) and last week when I tagged along to Grand Rapids for his work trip, Neal surprised me with an upgraded hotel room, a nice bottle of wine, and the cutest note. We had so much fun that night and went out to dinner, and laughed about how we were really excited to have a “real” anniversary date to celebrate from here on out. I couldn’t help but get a little emotional that this was our last “first” anniversary.

In honor of this fact, I thought I’d share some of our favorite oldie but goodie photos. (The above is my favorite, taken a few months later at our St Patrick’s Day party. Check out that lavender wall from my old apartment. YIKES!)

382566_10151778066096477_1496261617_n 484065_10102385381992229_1302574853_n 526528_10102473133662179_57360667_n 12705766_10106734234746449_247220478857105177_n 1384112_10151979748806477_1574063883_n 10959474_4015080172494_7031620189855846857_n

Of course, I couldn’t not include this one snapped just moments after we got engaged. My squinty eyes and all ;-P 13243732_4695677026990_5260683532444018423_o

Did you feel the same way on your last “first” anniversary? How did you celebrate? 

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