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Jumpsuit layering

Every time I go to write a Wednesday post, I think of my favorite Geico commercial. (Hump dayyyyy!)

When Neal and I first started dating, he told me he’d never met anyone who laughed so hard at commercials. One of my many strange quirks, I suppose. I am SUCH a keeper!

Anyway, I was saving this shoot for a day in the dead of winter when we totally forgot what other seasons looked like and needed a reminder that it won’t always be -20 degrees outside.

Actually, I lied.

I completely forgot about it and remembered when I was in the shower 2 months later. And heyyy here we are!

Three things: 1. Doesn’t it look warm? 2. This kind of makes me miss my long hair again. And 3. Did you know that your summer jumpsuit is an awesome layering item?

I love when I discover new ways to wear my existing clothes! I picked up this gem of a jumpsuit at the end of the summer at one of my favorite boutiques, Handle With Care. It didn’t get much wear before the seasons started to change, so I was determined to find a way to make it for fall…er…now, winter.

Do you have a black jumpsuit you’d try this with? If not, you can get the same look with a lightweight, flowy tank and a pair of pants in the same color! Of course, with your favorite turtleneck layered underneath (I know, you see this one a lot. I promise I don’t sleep in it.)

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Photos by Kelly Larkin