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The Comfiest Lounge Bra/Crop EVER

The Comfiest Bra/Crop tops from Amazon

Amazon Bra Top (see sizing below) // Aerie Leggings (run TTS) 

Happy Wednesday! 

How is your week going!? We are dog sitting for my best friend’s dog, Rozzi for the next week and she got here yesterday–she is a labradoodle and basically a walking muppet and she has provided us lots of entertainment over the past 24 hours. ????So that’s been the highlight of our week so far! 

Today a quick post reviewing THE Amazon bra/crop top I keep talking about over on Instagram, because I get so many questions on it, lot’s of “can you post those bras again!?” dm’s and I figured, you know what–this is another stand-alone item that deserves its own post! They were my #1 bestseller last month for a great reason–they are SO unbelievably comfortable, and functional too! (Thanks to Shaheen for introducing me to them!) 

The Comfiest Bra/Crop tops EVER

The details about these bras: 

I have four colors now, I bought the pack of three, as well as the black color, and honestly I think I might get a couple more so I have one for every day of the week. ????

What do you wear them for? 

They are truly a bra/crop top combination so can be worn as both. They are unlined, ribbed, and incredibly stretchy. And they provide light support–so I wear them as a workout crop for my low-impact at-home workouts, and then I can throw a tee or sweatshirt over. (I don’t sweat during my MWH workouts so I can easily do that. ????I don’t push myself hard enough to sweat at home!) 

They are so comfortable that I sleep in them. Now that you mention it, usually the life cycle of one of these bras is that I will sleep in one, then wear it the next day (to work out, throw on a top over) then shower at night, put on a new one, sleep in it, and the cycle continues. I didn’t used to sleep in bras until I got pregnant and then that really became a necessity. ????

Do they have cups? Do they have a clasp? 

No clasp, and no cups–they are pull-on and again, totally unlined, however, you can easily put cups/pads in them if you want. They will stay put! I don’t usually but I actually put them on for this photo because, well, it was cold in my living room and there is only so much I want showing on the internet if you catch my drift. ????But also–I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone so I don’t really care if they’re unlined. Also, sometimes unlined bras can be too sheer/see-through, but these aren’t at all! (At least in the colors I have!) 

Are they supportive enough for a HIIT workout? 

No–these are good for low-impact workouts like pilates, yoga, weight training, etc. For running, HIIT classes, you would want something with more support unless you don’t need support in general! 

What’s the sizing like? 

I have mediums and they are supportive enough for me and what I use them for, without being too tight that they’re uncomfortable for long periods of time. If I wanted them exclusively for lounge and didn’t want much support, I might go up to a large. The site recommends going up a size if you don’t want any compression.

If I were going with my regular pre-pandemic and pre-pregnancy size I would’ve gone with a small. (What I would usually order in that type of size for that kind of bra.) They are SUPER stretchy too! 

Can this replace my normal, everyday bra? 

You obviously can’t wear this under EVERYTHING but for right now being at home all day every day, I wear this a ton. The other ones I constantly are my True & Co bras–which are great because they’re so comfortable but have normal bra straps and function more like regular “everyday” bras. (Worth noting–I do not wear underwire in the home. ????) 

Which color should I buy? 

I would recommend getting the 2 pack for $19 or the 3 pack for $24! (Or both! ????Again, you will probably want one for every day of the week!) I really love the pack that comes with the pink, red, and dark green–all those colors are so cute! But it’s up to you–personal choice on color! I don’t think you can go wrong! 

I hope you love these as much as I do!