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Is Nuuly clothing rental worth it? My review + first impressions!

Mar 30, 2022

Nuuly Clothing Rental Review

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Hiii! It’s me! I’m back!

I’m sure you gathered by my lack of post yesterday that I did in fact catch the stomach bug that was going around my house. But luckily I did not get it as bad as Neal and June did, and it only lasted for about a day. (PHEW). It is going AROUND. I got so many dm’s saying you all got wiped out by the same bug within the past few weeks! Stay vigilant out there, friends.

Anyway. Today I’m sharing my review of Nuuly!

Before our trip to Napa, I decided to test out Nuuly–a new-to-me clothing rental company! My friend Maggie was telling me about it when I saw her a couple months back, and it sounded like the perfect thing to do for Napa as I wanted some new, fun items to wear in preparation for warmer weather!

When I posted about it on stories, many of you were curious and wanted a review, so here we are! While I’m still what I’d define as a “new” customer, I will share my first impressions with you! (Note: this isn’t sponsored or anything!)

By the way, this link is my “refer a friend” link and should give both of us $10 toward our next Nuuly order!

Nuuly Review

Is Nuuly worth it? My Nuuly Review:

What is Nuuly?

Nuuly is a subscription clothing rental service. They have everything from casual wear to formal wear, and even maternity clothing! They have fast shipping and free returns. And a great damage policy. (They don’t charge you in the event you spill red wine on your rented white blouse.)

Why I loved it/How it’s different than Rent the Runway?

I know Rent the Runway is the queen of clothing rental, and while I do really love renting dresses for formal events like weddings, I have found their website to be really overwhelming lately and it seems like I have to sift FOREVER to find something I like these days. (That’s just me though!)

Nuuly’s selection is different, I think their clothes are more interesting and their selection is more curated and there was a lot less “weeding” to find things I thought were fun and unique. Overall I just really love their website experience and that it’s really easy to find something that I like! It made my packing for Napa much easier and I was more excited about the things in my suitcase because they were “new” to me!

Can you easily cancel or pause?

The great thing is that you can pause it or cancel in two seconds! I have put my subscription on pause until May when I have another trip coming up that I know I’ll want some new items for!

My first impressions:

Overall, I loved the consumer experience on their website. It was easy to find really fun tops that I was looking for–I loved the brands (many of which I hadn’t heard of but were really cute!) and I loved that my order arrived really quickly–within a few days or placing the order!

In terms of the clothing, I thought the items I received were in great or good condition with some exceptions. (I’ll share more below). I will absolutely place another Nuuly order in the future! Like I mentioned, I have paused my subscription only because it’s still too cold to wear anything fun in Chicago and I don’t have any trips coming up until May–but I am planning to hit unpause then and order some things for Santa Barbara! I think I will continue to use Nuuly for instances where I want some fun new items to wear for specific occasions!

How much does it cost?

You get to choose 6 items for $88 per month. You can keep the items as long as you like, and you can also purchase any of them for a discount. (Since they’re worn, you won’t have to pay retail value.)

Who is Nuuly great for?

I think it’s ideal for any trip you have coming up, especially one where you may need a few dresses or just different wardrobe staples than you already own–you will love this! They have everything from casual wear to formal wear, outwear and more! No more trying to scramble to buy things for bachelorette parties, weddings, trips or vacations. If you’re someone who always wants to have cute new things to wear but hates searching/shopping–give this a try.

They also have a maternity section as well as lots of items that would be great for maternity/postpartum. (Think: lot’s of cute flowy dresses!) So if you’re in that phase of life, this would be good to look into!

I also think it’s great for those who are on a specific budget or they want to cut back on their clothing spending BUT they want to be able to wear a lot of new-to-them clothes! This is a SLAM dunk for that! If I had a $100/month clothing budget, I would one HUNDRED percent be a monthly Nuuly subscriber!

Additionally, I also think it’s really great to use Nuuly for the “fun” and not necessarily “versatile” pieces in your wardrobe that may not usually warrant the retail-price investment. For example, maybe you want a fun green jacquard blazer to wear on your fun trip to LA, but you aren’t going to pay $171 to buy it. Or maybe you LOVE Farm Rio, and you want to wear as many fun pieces from them as you can but duh–you only have a certain amount of budget–this will get you so much further!

Here’s what I rented in my first Nuuly:

Nuuly Clothing Rental Review

Smocked floral blouse:

I loved this blouse–I wore it to dinner with jeans and these heels our first night in Napa. It looked so cute with a suede Moto jacket!

Nuuly Clothing Rental subscription

I liked this top, it was a bit worn, but you couldn’t tell up close. It was super cute, I brought it but didn’t end up actually wearing it as I opted for other things in Napa!

Nuuly Clothing Rental service

Loved this comfy, breezy top! I changed into this when I got off the plane and wore it to lunch when we got into Napa! It was perfect with jeans and sneakers!

Nuuly Review

I loved this top SO much I purchased it to keep! I have already worn it multiple times both in Napa and Florida. It’s a great date-night top with some cute heels and also looked adorable with jean shorts.

clothing rental subscription

Wrinkled but you’ve seen me wear this graphic tee at on over on Instagram. I will admit it usually really irks me when people wear band tees with bands they don’t actually listen to and I’m breaking my own rule because I loved this shirt so much that I bought it to keep. Can’t say I listen to a lot of Ramones but I’m obsessed with the colors and the shirt is SO SOFT. (This was actually my 7th item–I paid a bit extra to add on one additional item to my Nuuly–I liked that they allow you to do that!)

What I didn’t like: 

Nuuly Bad Reviewworn out top

This embroidered shirt was SO PRETTY, but it was SO WORN. It looked like a dish rag. And it had discoloration on the under arms. (EW!) I did not wear this. In fact I should probably write customer service and ask for some reimbursement. (I did write a poor review of this one on the website.)

Napa outfit ideas

This dress was cute, but it was too tight in the shoulders and arms! Which, I will admit, I read the reviews and knew that might happen, but I figured a size up would’ve been too much material. I was still cute and I probably still would’ve worn it if I had been in Napa for a longer trip, but seeing as I was only there for three nights it didn’t make the cut!

Is Nuuly worth it? My parting thoughts:

Like I said, I will absolutely rent from Nuuly again and overall deem this a positive experience. Of course, everyone is different with their clothing budgets and what certain expenses are “worth it” to them! But seeing as I will deem it worthwhile to spend $88 or more on one piece of clothing, I think it’s MORE than worth it to spend $88 on SIX items of clothing for a specific occasion or instance. (Even though I didn’t end up wearing two of them–while it was annoying that one shirt was in poor condition, I’m willing to let it slide as I loved pretty much everything else!) Being able to feel like you got a whole new wardrobe for $88 is a pretty damn great deal!

I hope this was helpful and that this helps give you a fun, interesting option if you’re looking for more variety in your wardrobe!

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