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Introducing a new series: What I Wore to Work (I want to feature YOU! Calling all submissions!)

Apr 17, 2019

Jess Keys

So, I’ve been wanting to launch this series for about a year now–but I knew (still know) that it’s going to take a LOT more coordination than your average blog post, something I keep wringing my hands over seeing as I never seem to have any time.

There are so many directions I want to take this blog this year, all which require a lot more time–I’m working on figuring out priorities and what I need to say no to in order to make this vision come to life, but I guess you could say, this is my first step. ?



What I Wore to Work! 

A brand new blog series featuring YOU, my incredible readers! 

I want to profile YOU GUYS. Real women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, personal styles and professions.

This was born out of a couple driving factors: 

1. I want more of you on the blog–I want us all to get more inspiration from one another vs you just getting it from me. 

2. I’m only one size, and I can only give so much office style advice being someone who works from home (something you guys are always wanting more advice on!)–I want everyone to be able to come here and see someone who looks like them, with a lifestyle similar to theirs! 

My vision for this series is that it’s one part work wardrobe inspiration and one part career inspiration. Like a career profile meets outfit post.

I would LOVE for you to apply and be featured! ??(Will you apply? Please say you will!) 


To Apply: 

If you think you’d be a great fit for this series, please fill out this form, and then email [email protected] with subject line “What I Wore to Work” (MUST INCLUDE THE CORRECT SUBJECT LINE in order to stand out from the 1000 emails I get per day! Not kidding. ?) Include a couple photos of yourself that show off your personal style (or just link to your instagram!), and let me know you’ve filled out the application! 

**OR–if you know someone who would be perfect for this and they’re to stubborn to apply, you can totally do the above on their behalf. ?

I will be considering applications on a rolling basis, but please know I don’t have the bandwidth to reply to everyone–however, that doesn’t mean I’m not incredibly thankful for your submission! I will be in touch with the applications I think are a fit to move forward with at this time. 

Who are you looking for? 

There is no “ideal” person I’m looking to feature–no “right” or “wrong” career for this application–all are welcome!!

I’m aiming to highlight a diverse pool of women–women with very different careers (from the corporate world to entrepreneurs, work from home moms, those in non-traditional jobs, those who are constantly traveling–etc!) women of all different ages, women with different body types, women of color, from all walks of life–I am not looking to profile the same group of girls you ALWAYS see in career profiles on many other websites–AKA other versions of myself, haha!

100% transparency, my first priority is highlighting women who aren’t small white girls working in ad or PR agencies. (I can say this because THAT IS ME. I love you, and if you fall into this category, this does not mean that you aren’t worthy, talented, and amazing–you should be SO PROUD of what you do, but this blog doesn’t need a career profile that is another version of me, and the internet as a whole does not need a lot more features on small stylish white girls working at ad agencies. (Please don’t take offense–I think we can all maturely call a spade a spade.)

**Not to say that there aren’t exceptions to that rule or that you would never be considered if you fall into this category–so please still apply if you think you’d be a great fit! 

Also–if you happen to have a blog, that’s fine, but that’s not what we’re focusing on here–your blog will not be a main part of the feature. I’m not looking to profile full time bloggers, nor is this going to be a means to promote your own company, service, etc. 

Next steps if selected: 

If you apply, please know that if your application is selected, you must be able to provide the following within a reasonable timeframe. (PLEASE do not apply if you are not able to provide these!) 

  • 5 photos of what you wore to work. (Ideally it would be a Monday-Friday in one week situation, but obviously that’s not always possible, so 5 shots of what you would wear in a typical week would be key!) Photos do not have to be professionally photographed (although, those would be ideal), but they must be good quality and good lighting. Just grab your coworker who has a great eye for iPhone photography and you should be fine.  
  • Include 3-4 additional photos of you in your workplace. (I.E. Standing in front of your work sign, conducting a meeting, sitting at your desk, etc–something to give us some context as to what your day is like!) 
  • Answer a set of questions I’ll provide you around where you shop for work clothes, how you strike a balance between stylish and work-appropriate, how you got to where you are in your career, and advice for those wanting to break into your field. 

That’s it! (On my agenda today: incessantly refreshing the application form to read your submissions!) ? So, if this is at all of interest to you, please apply–I would love to be able to share your story! 

LOVE YOU GUYS! I am continuously inspired by all of you every day, and I know this is going to amplify that times 100. 



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