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Interior inspiration: Bistro Chairs

Sep 25, 2015

Bistro chairs–sidewalk cafe in paris

Two months after moving into our little west-side apartment, it feels like we’re in a pretty good place as far as furniture goes. Aside from the walls being bare and needing to purchase a desk, there really isn’t much else we still need–other than dining chairs. 

Because of space, we’re only purchasing two. We have this little mini farmhouse table from IKEA, that functions as a makeshift desk during the day, and a dining table at night. When we have guests over, we move the bench from our bedroom to sit two on the other side. 

Therefore, we really do only need two dining chairs. For some reason, this decision has been the most paralyzing of them all. Why? I’m not sure–maybe because there are so many great options out there. 

I think (I think) I have it narrowed down to one category: bistro chairs. I’ve decided I want bistro-style chairs: but do I go French bistro or Thonet style? I’m not sure. 

Dining room inspo: Thonet Bentwood Style Chairs

First we have the quintessential French bistro chairs. Fresh off the streets of Paris, I love their romantic, casual vibe. For whatever reason, I feel like these will bring a more “collected” feel to my space–which is otherwise decorated pretty modern-eclectic-industrial. I’m pretty drawn to the white and grey variety, but I also love them in brown, and maybe even red and white. 

On the other hand, we have the Thonet-style chairs, which I absolutely adore. There’s just something so simplistic and beautiful about them. Then there’s the question of color–I’m gravitating toward white, but then think maybe the contrast of the black could be more interesting and less matchy. 

Bistro Chairs–Swoon!French Bistro ChairsFrench cafe style bentwood chairs

The top contenders: 

Which style do you prefer? Help me decide! 

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