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Insta inspiration: 10 great accounts to follow

Apr 3, 2015

If you’re like me, you can never follow too many amazing Instagram accounts–am I right? I happen to have met (either in person, or just through the “internet”–which sounds weirder than it is) some pretty amazing people in the past year or so, and many of them happen to be some of my favorite ever accounts to follow.

I purposely wrote out this list as fast as I possibly could, because I really wanted it to be the first 10 people (er…a french bulldog can count as a person, right?) that came to me. Here it goes! Give them all a follow, and it will make your Friday commute home a little more entertaining 😉

1. @JennaKutcher

Jenna is a photographer from Wisconsin (visit her site here) who also happens to be a ridiculously talented watercolor artist. (Watercolor calligrapher? Is that a thing?) I not only love the gorgeous photos that she shares, but I think my favorite part are the witty and inspiring quotes that she creates with her own beautiful handwriting.

(This one in particular basically describes my life in a nutshell.)

2. @FrenchieButt

Did you REALLY think I wasn’t going to sneak at least ONE french bulldog in this roundup? Although I follow at least 10 dogs on Instagram, FrenchieButt was the only one who made the list because I’m a sucker for an all-white Instagram feed. And well, his peachy-cream fur mixed with crisp white sheets? He kills me. Not to mention, I mean, just look at that face.

3. @JosefHarris

You know that really awesome kid you were friends with in college that you lost touch with, only to be absolutely thrilled when you found each other on social media? That’s my friend Joe. We lived on the same floor freshman year, and always stole each others snacks. Fast forward almost 10 years later, I’m drooling over his artsy Instagram feed, which mostly consists of awesome behind the scenes tidbits of the Minneapolis food and creative scene.

4. @LizgardnerMPLS

Being the huge creep that I am (you know you’re just as creepy though, don’t lie) my next pick happens to be Joe’s girlfriend, Liz–Design Director of Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine. Who, yes, of course, I was introduced to through Joe’s awesome Instagram feed. Expect some really awesome sneak peaks of what she’s currently creating, insider access to some of the coolest places in Minneapolis, and plenty of really adorable photos of their dog.

5. @Jillian.Harris

You know Jillian Harris from the Bachelor, but she’s actually one of the most adorable people I’ve ever seen. Are you annoyed that I put a pseudo-celebrity on this list? Don’t be. You’ll love following Jillian and her happy feed, which never fails to bring a smile to my face! You’ll get a little bit of everything–fashion, travel, food, DIY, and then some. I also am a big fan of her blog.

6. @JuleyTL

I feel so lucky to call Juley my friend! She is one talented little lady, and her Instagram account definitely reflects it. Expect lot’s of style, some drool-worthy food ‘grams, and plenty of peaks into New Orlean’s bustling food and social scene. Her site, Upperlyne.com, is a must-read!

7. @BloHaute

I can’t get enough of Blohaute’s amazing hair-stagrams! Amanda is a braid wizard, and posts plenty of how-to’s and tutorials. (It’s the first place I head in the morning if I don’t feel like washing my hair, and need a little inspiration!) Blohaute is also an on-demand hair styling service in Chicago. It just recently launched, and I can say from experience, I absolutely LOVE it.

8. @WaitingOnMartha

Although I’d been a longtime Waiting On Martha fan, I met Mandy at Chicago’s Brand Market Workshop last fall, and can vouch that she’s equally as inspiring in person as she is through social media! She’s got one of the most artfully styled, stunning Instagram feeds around. If you’re ever looking for creative recipes, cocktails, or wardrobe inspiration, Mandy is your gal!

9. @InHonorOfDesign

Equally lovely in real life as she is online, is Anna, Founder of one of my longtime favorite sites, In Honor of Design, as well as The Brand Market Workshop. Her Instagram gives you that warm, sunshiny, early-Sunday-morning kind of feeling. She’s got some of the cutest kiddos around (and one more on the way!) I think I love keeping up with her so much because I kind of want to be her when I grow up. (Okay. I’m already a grown-up. But I mean, in like, 10 more years. Seeing as I can’t even manage to take care of a house plant in my current life stage.)

10. @Wandeleur

Last, but certainly not least, is Wandeleur. For those of you local to Chicago, you’ll probably remember this awesome site launching a couple months back, created by two of my good friends, Blair and Emily. This site is all about inspiring creativity, so clearly, putting them on the list was a no-brainer!

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