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Blue Lagoon

Mar 28, 2016

Blue Lagoon Guide Iceland

The past few days have certainly been a whirlwind! As you probably know by now–I was in Iceland on a trip with IcelandAir last week! I’ll be sharing the details of my whole trip throughout some future posts, but a few quick details you might want to know if you plan to visit:

First off, if you fly IcelandAir to any European destination, you can do what’s called a “stopover” in Reykjavik for up to 7 days, with no additional airline cost. (Honestly, even if you just did a quick layover to go to Blue Lagoon–it would be totally worth it!) It’s also wonderful enough to just make Iceland your whole destination–flights are really affordable (I saw flights at $600 round trip yesterday!) and the flight time from O’Hare to Reykjavik is just 6 hours. 

Like I said, we’ll get into the full Iceland guide later, but today, we’re dedicating this post to one of my favorite spots–Iceland’s Blue Lagoon! 

I actually purchased this adorable Nanette Lepore one-piece for the occasion. I’ve been wanting a one-piece forever, but they either never fit me correctly, were too frumpy, or too scandalous. This one is just right. I was actually looking for a black one, but stumbled upon this one and went the opposite direction–it’s colorful, and actually looked way cooler in photos than a black one-piece would’ve, don’t you think? 

While it’s really hard to nail down my favorite part of Iceland, this was definitely at the top of my list. The Blue Lagoon is an all-natural, geothermal pool. (Well, pools, actually–the place is pretty expansive!) The water is filled with minerals that are said to be very beneficial for your skin–with healing and anti-aging powers. (Did you know that those who suffer from psoriasis are actually prescribed to go here by a doctor?) The lagoon water is full of silica, which is what gives it that gorgeous glowing blue-green color, created when the sunlight reflects on the water. 

While I guess you could classify it as a “public pool” it really feels much more like a spa. Upon check-in, you’re given a pair of flip flops and a big, plush terrycloth robe. You’re also given a high-tech bracelet that you use to buy drinks at the swim up bar. (You just swipe the bracelet, and cash out when you leave!)

It’s basically like a swimming experience and spa treatment all in one–you visit the “mask bar” to get your face masks. The first is an all-natural clay mask derived from the lagoon itself. Leave this on for 15 minutes, rinse, and follow with a second algae mask (also derived from the Blue Lagoon) which is ultra moisturizing and anti-aging.

Drinking beer while wearing a clay mask in a warm pool in Iceland? Yeah, pretty much the top of my bucket list in life. Read on for my tips on what you must know when visiting the lagoon! 


A couple key points you MUST know when visiting Blue Lagoon:

Visiting Iceland's Blue Lagoon


1. You must make a reservation, which you can do online. Seeing as Iceland is one of the hottest new spots to visit, Blue Lagoon is pretty much impossible to get into if you don’t plan ahead. Make your reservations as far in advance as you can in order to have the most flexibility in your schedule.

2. Do not get your hair wet. While the mineral water is excellent for skin, it makes hair extremely dry and brittle for weeks. They recommend that you wet your hair first, apply conditioner, and then wear it up. I didn’t really feel like getting mine wet though, so I just applied conditioner to the bottom part of my hair below my bun, and I was fine!

3. Remove jewelry. Make sure all of your jewelry is removed before entering the lagoon, as the minerals can cause discoloration in certain metals. Plus, the water is completely opaque–if something slips off in the water, there is no way you’re finding it again! 

4. Bring sunglasses. Iceland weather can change by the minute, and the lagoon can get VERY sunny. Make sure you bring sunglasses (just be sure not to drop them, per the point above–you likely won’t find them again!) I brought these black aviators for the occasion. 

5. Go right when you arrive, or just before you leave.

Blue Lagoon happens to be just minutes from the airport, so it will definitely be the most convenient to go right when you land, or before you leave. Originally I thought this sounded a little strange, but they have showers in the locker room, so you’ll be able to freshen up before your flight! The airport itself is actually about an hour away from Reykjavik (and everything else) so this really is the best option in order to make the best use of your time.

6. Stay for lunch, or for the night!

Blue Lagoon has a top-notch restaurant and I’d definitely recommend getting a bite here after your swim. You can grab lunch, or dinner here, or if you’re looking for something more casual, there is also a cafe on site. The best part? You can eat in your robe, just as you would at any other spa. They also have a luxury hotel, if you’d like to look into staying the night–rooms come with their own private bathing lagoon! 


Blue Lagoon Iceland Iceland Blue Lagoon Guide Iceland's Blue Lagoon Nanette Lepore Greek Tiles Goddess One Piece 3 Blue Lagoon Iceland 2 Nanette-Lepore-Greek-Tiles-Goddess-One-PieceVisit Blue Lagoon IcelandHave you been to Blue Lagoon? What other questions do you have about Iceland? 

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