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How to Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants (And Stay Warm!)

Mar 6, 2019

Everlane Wide Leg Crops: $68 

Pants: c/o Everlane–I ordered a 0 which is what I normally wear in Everlane, but they do stretch a bit. I think a size down would’ve been too small though, so I’d still recommend going with your normal size–or if you’re always in between sizes, then you can go with the smaller one. They also have the wide leg crop utility pant, which is very similar but with different pockets! Madewell also makes the Emmett crop pants, which are super popular and very similar and come in like 100 colors.

 Ruffle neck sweater: Halogen ruffle sweater–wearing XS. I think this is one of those sweaters that can either be tighter or slouchier and look cute though, so I feel like the small could’ve also been just as cute! Comes in grey and green as well! I also think these pants would be SO cute with this pretty blue bow-back sweater! I have also been wearing these pants a lot with a black turtleneck and I love the black and white look! Booties: Old, but similar here! Coat: BB Dakota on sale at Revolve

Happy Wednesday guys! 

How is your week going? Did you love the first edition of GG reader dogs yesterday as much as I did?!!? ?I hope so!

This week so far has been a very busy but productive one! I went to Blair’s house on Monday to work together, I finally caught up with my friend Kira over lunch yesterday (we realized it had been like a year since we’ve seen each other, haha!) and saw my besties for a hot minute to try on bridesmaid dresses for my friend Kai’s wedding–had a few coffee meetings…what else? I think that’s it, and it’s only Wednesday! ?

I’m excited to share today’s post with you, because you guys have been asking for ideas on how to style wide leg crops! I will definitely plan to do more of a try-on session so you can see how to style them even more ways, but today, you get to see two–plus, how you can really dress them up or dress them down! These are definitely two styles that you can wear right now while it’s still cold! 

Everlane Wide Leg Crops: $68 

First–let’s talk about this specific pair of crops–they’re from Everlane (duh, my fave) and I think they are seriously some of the most flattering pants out there. They also come in short–hurray! I get a lot of questions from my petite ladies asking if they will work for them–they absolutely will ??Because they’re high-waisted, they make your legs look longer, and the wide legs balance you out really nicely and make them a flattering cut on pretty much everyone! 

Pocket watch-out: At first, I was so upset when I tried these on because I could see the pocket line along the front of the pants–BUT, then when I put my hands in my pockets and kind of bunched the pockets up a little bit to where they weren’t laying quite so perfectly flat–I realized you couldn’t see them anymore, so that’s a little watch-out. I was very relieved because I was in love with the pants other than this. They aren’t see through at all either, which I know you’re probably wondering–which is obviously a must! 


These are a stretchy cotton blend–they aren’t denim. They will stretch a bit, per the sizing notes above, but I still went with my normal size. (Wearing 0) 

Other similar pairs:

Madewell’s Emmett crops are also very similar and they come in more colors if you want to check those out as well! I don’t have any personally though! 


I think these pants win a TON OF POINTS for versatility. If you work in a business casual environment, these 100% could be worn to work (especially if you got them in a dark color). They are dressier than jeans if you want them to be, but they can also be just as casual when you pair them with a casual shoe. (See below!) 


They are very soft and very comfortable! 10/10 here! 

What to pair them with now–some ideas: 

Feminine sweater: 

I am in love with the feminine details of this sweater I’m wearing here (plus it’s so soft!)–and of course, the pretty springy color. As you know from this post, colorful sweaters are my ultimate “Spring in Chicago” weapon because they’re springy and warm at the same time. (If pink isn’t your thing, this sweater comes in grey and green as well.) I also think this bow-back sweater in the pretty blue color would be a perfect pair with these pants as well, plus, it’s really lightweight, so it’ll be perfect to wear through May!

Silk button down:

Actually, I wore these with my white silk button down from Everlane to dinner at the conference I was at a few weeks back. I LOVE white on white together, it looked so chic and I paired the outfit with my cap toe heels (go 1/2 size down) and the faux fur coat you see here! (I wish I’d taken a photo, haha, sorry!). It would also look cute with the French Blue color button down. I have that one too! ❤️

T-shirt and jean jacket:

Like I mentioned, you can dress these down as much as you can a pair of jeans. Wear them with your favorite tee-a striped tee like this one (short sleeve) or this one (long sleeve) would be especially cute! Throw on a jean jacket (I have this one)–and if you need another layer on top–I love Everlane’s cocoon coat for layering because it’s a little boxier/roomier! 

Camisole and moto jacket: 

You knowwww my love of the versatile camisole (I love my Everlane one which is silk, but Nordstrom has a ton at different prices as well!)–so it shouldn’t be any surprise that the cami is a perfect pair for the wide leg crop! Throw your favorite moto or leather jacket on top! (I’m especially in LOVE with this dusty pink one–I own this jacket in multiple colors and it’s unreal for the price!) 

Faux fur coat:

This fabulous coat gets its own call out because it’s on sale and it’s probably one of my favorite purchases I’ve made this winter. Plus, it’s shockingly warmer than I thought it would be! It makes everything you wear with it SO fabulous–I wear it with everything from jeans and t-shirts to dresses, skirts, and this, obviously, haha! 

Shoe options: 

I wanted to wear booties with this outfit (mine are old, but similar here!) to show you guys that it’s 100% possible to wear ankle boots with crops. I would recommend going with a bootie that hits a little bit higher up on your ankle, so there is more of a seamless line between where your pants end and your booties begin. (This is just more flattering–as booties that cut right at the ankle would look a little bit odd and make your legs look shorter.) I know you’re probably wondering, “but don’t your ankles get cold?” and I have a couple answers for that: 

  1. If I’m not walking a long way, then it doesn’t matter.

    Because I’m only outside for a few seconds getting in and out of my Uber. I don’t mind sucking it up for a one second walk–it’s worth it to not wear jeans and OTK boots for the 87,69th time this winter. I’M OVER IT. 

  2. If you are very concerned about exposed ankles (or you’re walking somewhere) you can totally wear high socks.

    A little bit might peek out, but that’s okay–as long as they match what you’re wearing! (If I wanted to wear socks I probably would’ve gone with something more neutral/less colorful on top, FYI–like a grey sweater with charcoal socks, etc.) 

  3. Wear sock booties.

    I just got these sock booties (just in time for Spring, I know ?) and I am IN LOVE. They come up really high, so your ankles aren’t exposed! Plus, they’re comfortable to walk in because the heel is low. They come in black and also burgundy–the burgundy would’ve looked SO cute with this outfit! For the black, again, I would’ve probably gone with a more neutral color OR a colorful sweater that also has black in it–like the one I wore here

Other favorite shoe pairings: 

  1. Sneakers

    These pants look SO CUTE with sneakers. Look at how different my outfit looks just swapping the booties for sneakers below! Here I’m wearing my new Tretorns–which I am IN LOVE with. ??So comfy, classic, and run true to size. 

  2. Block heels

    I love these with a cute block heel. My two favorites are these Sam Edelman cap-toes (I wear them ALL the time–go 1/2 size down. They make every outfit so chic) and Everlane’s Day Heels (which I also wear all the time–they are SO comfortable you could walk forever in them!) Both are polished enough for work but cute enough to wear with everything else too! They are as comfortable as flats but way cuter. 

[one-half-first]white pants and gray booties[/one-half-first][one-half]


 Ruffle neck sweater: Halogen ruffle sweater–wearing XS


white pants and white sneakers

Jess Keys is sharing HOW TO WEAR WIDE LEG PANTS

[one-half-first]White Wide Leg Pants & Blush Coat[/one-half-first][one-half]

How to Wear Wide Leg Pants


What do you think–will you give wide leg crops a try!? 

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