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Three Different Ways to Wear a Scarf + Favorite Must-Have Scarves!

Oct 18, 2019

how to wear a scarf three different: the golden girl blog

Is there ANY better feeling than snuggling into your favorite sweater and wrapping a cozy scarf around your neck when the weather gets chilly? (Okay maybe on par with getting into clean sheets after a really long day…or coming home and pulling clean flannel PJ’s out of your pajama drawer…)

So, this post was originally published last year, but I’m starting to get a LOT of “how do you style your scarves?” requests, so I thought it was time for a refresh! Huzzah! 

Today, we’re going over the three most classic ways to tie your scarf! These are not the weirdly twisty, intricate methods that you’ll see on Pinterest (I don’t care to master those. Who has the time?) so in this post, I’m just covering the ways I like to wear scarves in, you know, REAL LIFE. 

Knowing how to wear your basics several different ways can make the biggest difference in feeling confident about your closet for not just every day, but for travel, too! (Scarves, for example, can be a great way to spice up, say, a carry-on capsule wardrobe!) 

So, read on for three classic ways to wear your scarf. Plus, make sure to read through to the end where I’m rounding up my favorite classic (and affordable) scarves of the moment!

How to wear a scarf:

There are just about as many ways to wear a scarf as there ARE scarves in the world. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming–but really, all you need to know are these three methods, which work with any average winter scarf–whether that’s a long, skinny scarf, or a chunky blanket scarf! (If you’re looking for ways to style a square neck scarf–that method is right over here!) 

Three different ways to tie a scarf:

The Classic Wrap

how to tie a scarf in two steps: the classic wrap scarf.

First up, the most obvious: the classic wrap. This is just about the easiest way to wear any scarf and it works with pretty much any scarf regardless of the shape! All you have to do is drape it over your neck, and wrap one end around your neck once. Re-adjust so it’s centered and both “tails” (what else do you call them? Ends?) are hanging symmetrically!

How to Tie a Scarf: The Classic Loop + Knot

how to tie a scarf in three steps: the loop and knot scarf style

The “loop & knot” method, as I call it, is probably my go-to for the coldest days of winter! In my experience, this is the warmest way to tie your scarf, because it’s so tight and snug to your skin that doesn’t let any cold air in! (I do this and then tuck the ends into my zipped up coat and it makes the BIGGEST difference on those bone-chilling windy days when you don’t want to go outside but are forced to! (OHHH Chicago.)

Step #1: To begin, fold your scarf in half, so that the folded portion is at one end and two loose ends are together at the other end. (Just see the picture above for reference!) At first I was like, “I don’t need step-by-step photos for this post” and then I wrote descriptions like this one and was like hmmm. Yes, step-by-step photos are, in fact, necessary.)

Step #2: Then, thread ONE of the loose ends through the loop. You now have one “threaded” tail and one “free” tail.

Step #3: (See top photo) Then, tie both “tails” together, creating a “tie the knot” look. Depending on the material of the scarf, this might be sufficient to keep it in place. Or, you may need to tie it once more to keep in in place (a double knot, if you will). 

I like to readjust mine so the “tails” are centered and even as usually one side is slightly longer. But you can also keep it to the side if you prefer it that way as well!

How to Tie a Scarf: The Shoulder Drape

how to tie a scarf in two steps: the effortless shoulder drape scarf

This is one of my favorites because it makes me feel fancy, super chic, Upper East Side, Gossip Girl esque.  I especially love this look with a long, high-quality scarf — it makes an extra statement! 

Anyway, I kind of feel like it’s a joke to include the “classic shoulder drape” in this post because wrapping a scarf around your neck it’s so easy, BUT, I feel like this is the one that I forget about the most, and then I see someone with a beautifully draped scarf over their shoulder and I think “OMG I want to be this girl she is so oozing chicness” and remember “I really need to be doing the whole rich lady, scarf around your neck drape more.” So, hopefully this serves as a reminder for you, too.! ?

Other Cute Scarves to Buy This Season:

Shop my picks below if you’re in the market for a new scarf!

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