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4 Work Appropriate Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas

Work Appropriate Jumpsuit

The Jumpsuit: Everlane’s Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit (Read my whole review and see three ways to style it for summer in this post!) 

WHEW, it’s been a whirlwind couple of days! I’m back from a quick 24-hour trip in Dallas–thus the delay in getting today’s post up. (The wifi wasn’t working on the plane. ????) But it was worth waiting, I promise. So let’s talk about JUMPSUITS! 

It’s no secret that there is a MAJOR lacking on the internet for WORK outfit inspiration, and workwear is one of my most requested topics here on the blog. That being said, I haven’t worked an office job in several years, so I try to toe the line with items that can be worn both outside the office AND inside the office––today, I’m diving further into one of those key versatile wardrobe staples––the jumpsuit! 

Now, of course, this will vary drastically based on what kind of jumpsuit you own. A black or navy jumpsuit you’d wear to your Vegas bachelorette party probbbabblyyy isn’t going to be suitable for the office no matter how large of a cardigan you drape over it. ???? HOWEVER–a versatile one like this Everlane one? You bet! You can make any of these looks work perfectly with many kinds of jumpsuits––(just make sure you’re going for a solid vs. a print jumpsuit, as prints can tend to skew too casual for a business casual environment!)

Let’s talk about the one I’m wearing here in particular––Everlane’s Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit!

I’ve owned this jumpsuit coming up on a year now, and I can vouch that it is truly a fantastic piece, especially for travel, because you can dress it up for a date, pair it with sneakers for a day of sightseeing, and, as you’ll see today, even dress it up for a meeting! There are casual jumpsuits and there are formal jumpsuits, and this one is split right down the middle––the best of both worlds! It’s also wrinkle-resistant, so you won’t be a crumpled mess for your 3 pm meeting after sitting at your desk all day! (Read my whole review and see three ways to style a jumpsuit for summer in this post!) 

As for care, it’s very low maintenance–just wash on cold, and hand dry!

It comes in several solid colors, and many of them are part of Everlane’s Choose What You Pay sale, so you can snag them at a discount! Huzzah!

I’ve always been a big advocate of dressing nicely for work, no matter how casual the dress code is. As they say, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” and I firmly believe that’s true! I think this jumpsuit is the perfect workwear item because it says “I’m professional” but also lets your style and personality shine through! If you didn’t think you could wear a jumpsuit with a blazer to your 9-5 before, I think this post will make you think again!

Work Appropriate Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas

#1: With a collared blouse underneath: 

Work Appropriate Jumpsuit

Everlane Jumpsuit, Everlane Washable Silk Tie-Cuff Shirt (I also love their original silk blouse!), Sam Edelman Cap Toe Pumps (similar at Nordstrom!) 

I love a good black-and-white jumpsuit combination, and this is no exception! I always love a good layering UNDER trick. (We always think of adding layers OVER something, but rarely UNDER something) A chic collared blouse underneath this makes this sleeveless, wide-leg jumpsuit a more versatile long-sleeve option for more conservative office environments. The cap toes add the perfect amount of polish!

Work Appropriate Jumpsuit

#2: With a cardigan and edgy booties: 

Work Appropriate Jumpsuit

Everlane Jumpsuit, Everlane Cashmere Cardigan, Everlane Boss Booties (This similar pair by Blondo is waterproof!!)

For more casual work dress codes, you can definitely play around with personality. Here I’ve styled it with my favorite snakeskin booties––they’re so comfy, even if you’re on your feet all day! This is a great example of what I would’ve worn on a given day at my old ad agency job. It’s fashionable with a little bit of edge, but still professional enough for any client meeting with a classic cardigan thrown over the top.

#3: With a textured blazer: 

Work Appropriate Jumpsuit

Everlane Jumpsuit, Shop One Third Blazer (my friend Anna’s company! Runs a little small, size up!) Sam Edelman Cap Toe Pumps (similar at Nordstrom!) 

For more formal events or office settings, all you have to do is add a blazer or jacket over the top, and pair with your favorite polished pumps! I especially love a good textured, tweedy blazer, and this one from Shop One Third (my friend Anna’s company!) goes so well with a jumpsuit! It’s fashion-forward (I especially LOVE the gold buttons) but is still professional.

Everlane’s Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit

#4: With a long cardigan and booties: 

Everlane’s Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit

Everlane Jumpsuit, Everlane Boss Booties (This similar pair by Blondo is waterproof!!), Halogen Cardigan – currently 50% off! (This Leith one is also super similar and on sale for $40! And I also love this similar option!) 

Same exact outfit formula as above, but just a different cardigan! Crazy what a difference playing with lengths and layers can make, right? I would say this is the most casual of the bunch, and would also look cute with loafers, even sneakers! Or, if you wanted to polish it up, add your favorite heels! If you wanted to go with a pair of flats here, I would opt for ones with pointed toes, as they’re a bit more chic and flattering.

Was this helpful? I hope so! Happy jumpsuiting!