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How to tie a bandana like a French girl


One of the most common questions I get asked over on Instagram is how to tie a bandana! This is, in fact, quite timely, seeing as I’m in Paris, rocking the bandana on the regular as we speak. I love the little “extra” something that bandanas add to outfits. They’re a great way to add a bit of roughness to a sweet or preppy outfit, and an easy way to jazz up your basics!

So, if you’ve loved this tres-chic trend you’ve been seeing all over Pinterest lately–good news! I’m going to show you how to do it. (Even better news–you seriously cannot mess it up.) This method also applies to tying smaller, square scarves as well!

Without further adieu, my friends–here’s how to tie a bandana like a French girl:

Step one: Fold bandana in half, like triangle-style. 


If you’re first wondering–wait! I don’t actually have a bandana–Urban Outfitters actually has a ton of them for cheap! Then there’s this one is less than five bucks! And this one is kind-of a cool hybrid silk scarf/bandana. (Best of both worlds!)

Got it? Great! Proceed with your triangle-ing and continue on to the next step.

Step two: Begin to roll the bandana length-wise, starting with the long slide, rolling toward the corner. 



(Still with me? I know, this is riveting stuff.)

You should end up with a little bandana roll-up loopy-situation. If it doesn’t lay totally flat or look perfect, that’s totally okay too. It’s supposed to look a little “undone,” you know?

Step three: Tie around your neck in a loose knot.How-to-tie-a-bandana-step-4

how-to-tie-a-bandana-easyYep, that’s all. Just wrap it around your neck, and tie it in the front! No fancy Boyscout knots required. You know how you tie your shoe laces? Yeah, it’s actually less complicated than that.

When you’re done, I suggest shifting the knot to the side to avoid looking like Micky Mouse or a flight attendant.

So–that’s it! Now when someone asks you how to tie a bandana–you know the answer!

(You are so Parisian-chic!)

Easier than you thought, wasn’t it? 

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