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How to Take Meaningful Action Leading Up to Election Day (Women for Biden call recap!)

Oct 7, 2020

Women for Biden call recap

Hi friends! 

Whewwww what a week and it’s only Wednesday!

We had our second reader call with the Women for Biden team last night, and I wanted to publish a blog post with a recap for anyone who missed it (or just wants the cliff notes version!) I can confidently say that I have never been MORE filled with hope than I have after these calls.

Women for Biden Call Recap

The fact that over SIX HUNDRED of you have rolled up your sleeves and agreed to jump in to do what you can to secure a better future for everyone in this country makes me tear up just thinking about it! THANK YOU! (Also, stay tuned, because we will definitely do another call and keep doing them as long as people want to attend!) 

Our country’s greatest progress has happened when women get involved — we make change happen. ???? There is SO much power in our involvement, so let’s use our power together! 

This truly is the election of our lifetime- especially for women.

Just a few of the MANY important issues on the line right now: economic security (especially as so many women have had to leave the workforce due to COVID-19), health care inequities (expanding access to affordable health care), our reproductive rights, maternity leave (and other important workplace benefits and protections), dismantling systemic racism that affects women of color, and ending violence against women (Biden authored the Violence Against Women Act in 1994). That’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Whether you’ve never voted before or you’re a savvy campaign volunteer, we all start somewhere when it comes to our political journey. You don’t have to know everything to get involved, you just have to get started! (That’s what this post is for!)

With less than a month until the election, it’s crunch time!

I know a lot of us want to do everything in our power to take action before Nov. 3. On our calls, the Women for Biden team shared amazing ways to get involved, no matter how much time you have to spare, so I thought I’d compile a roundup for easy reference. (Also, if you’re interested in joining us in the Women for Biden pre-VP debate party and phone bank tonight, you can do so right here! Training will be provided at the start of the call for anyone new!)

Let’s make our voices heard this November! ????

Takeaways from our Call with the Women for Biden Team

Voting 101

It matters
  • 2020 is the first time Millennials and Gen Z will be the largest group of voters. This is huge! 
  • Yet, despite this, young Biden supporters are 3X more likely to say they’re not registered to vote. 
  • No matter what state you live in, your vote is incredibly powerful (and getting everyone you know to vote is imperative!) 
  • In 2016, 102 million eligible voters didn’t vote. Hilary lost some states by fewer than 10,000 votes! Do you know what that means? THIS COMMUNITY is the equivalent of MULTIPLE states! I think that’s proof that every single vote matters, don’t you? 
Make a plan to vote
  • Whether you’re voting in-person, via mail, early, or on election day, you can make your plan at iwillvote.com. You can also see my big blog post about making a voting plan right here! No matter what, make sure you are voting EARLY, if at all possible! 
  • Making a plan increases voter turnout by almost 10%. Make sure your friends and family have one too!
  • Register to vote or double-check your registration! Especially if you’ve moved or changed your last name recently. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard this year of something happening to people’s registrations. Double, triple check!
  • If you have ANY questions about voting in your state–you can call 866 OUR VOTE and get your questions answered! This is a hotline run by attorneys and they are a wealth of information! 
  • IMPORTANT: If you got a mail-in ballot, but want to change and vote in person (which I HIGHLY recommend doing if you are able–as this is the #1 way to ensure your vote is counted) you need to call to find out what the policy is in your state. Some states require you to do this, others don’t. In Illinois, you need to bring your BLANK, unopened mail-in ballot with you to surrender your ballot before voting in person. Google your election hotline or call 866 OUR VOTE and they will help get you an answer! 

How can you get involved and do your part to turn out the vote? 

Relational organizing
What it is: 
  • Talking to your friends and family, reaching out to your personal network, and using social media platforms to encourage your circles to vote and/or volunteer. This is so easy and doesn’t take much time at all! Reach out to all your friends, family, coworkers, EVERYONE and remind them to double-check their registration. Share the hotline info 866-OUR-VOTE and tell them to call that with any questions they might have! Ask if they’d like to (safely) vote early, in-person together! 
Why it matters: 
  • It breaks through the noise and is more impactful. Especially if you share personal anecdotes or reasons why you’re supporting the Biden. (You can learn more about Biden’s agenda for women here!)
  • Relational organizing multiplier effect: contact from a friend increases turnout likelihood by 3-5%- this is huge when added up! (Remember, many states are won by a FRACTION of a percent–so increasing turnout by 3-5% is massive.) 
How to do it:
  • Outreach materials help you text and email to spread the word, especially to friends in key states.
  • Host an event: happy hour, book club, workout class, or debate watch party (find resources for how to do that here!)
  • Join a couch party– hang with Women for Biden while texting and organizing your networks!
  • Download the Vote Joe app– it’s an organizing tool that allows you to reach out to your friends in support of Joe Biden and democrats down the ballot. It’ll let you know which friends and family members could use an extra touch to help make sure they vote in 2020! (If you thought Facebook stalking was fun, just wait until you download this! ????) 

Phone banking

What it is:

  • The most effective method of turning out the vote outside of being influenced by a friend or family member!
  • Calling voters in swing states through the campaign’s call system. 
  • Identifying Biden supporters- not persuading Trump supporters.
  • Turning out the vote- making sure Biden voters are registered and have their voting plan set. 
It’s not as scary as it sounds:
  • You’ll have a script and you can practice!
  • The script is very easy and is an “if they say this, then say that” scenario. It has buttons you can click to tell you what to say really quickly. It’s way easier than you think! 
  • There’s a whole training to teach you everything you need to know.
  • You don’t need to persuade anyone- you simply provide information. The goal is to get Biden supporters to the polls, not persuade Trump supporters to change their minds. 
  • You don’t use your own number. You’ll log in through an auto-dialer, which automatically connects you to people who pick up (i.e. you don’t waste time waiting for people to answer). You don’t leave voicemails. 
  • You don’t need to be an expert on the election or Joe Biden! 
  • Once you’re trained, you can call whenever you want on your own time! You can make a few calls on a break, on a Saturday afternoon, after work, whenever! 
Why it matters: 
  • It can increase voter turnout by 3-4%!! (This is a huge margin, considering Hilary lost many states by a fraction of a percent in 2016.) 
  • Voting is even MORE complicated now, so you can remove the barriers to voting by being a resource to point them in the right direction to get their questions answered, and remind them why it’s so important to vote! 
How to do it: 
  • Attend a phone banking training. (I recommend attending one of the Women for Biden trainings, they always have their most recent events posted in their Instagram bio! There are also the Young Women for Biden trainings! If those times don’t work for you, there are TONS of other phone banks you can join here!) 
  • Make calls- on your own, join a weekly phone bank, or organize a call time with your friends. Once you’re trained, you can make calls whenever you want! 

Text banking

You can check out my post on my first text banking experience here!

What it is: 
  • Texting voters and volunteers to turn out the vote for Joe and Kamala.
  • You may be texting to recruit more volunteers for the Biden campaign, texting to ensure people are registered, to make sure they have a voting plan, etc! It will vary based on the day and the needs of the campaign. 
  • Use the campaign system to text through your computer (no one sees your phone number!).
  • Everything is scripted and an “if they say this, you send that” scenario. All you have to do is double-click and the pre-written responses are sent for you. 
How to do it: 
  • Sign up for a training session. 
  • After your training session, you can text on your own time or with friends! (You’ll be added to a Slack channel where you can just click a link and request texts as soon as the lists are posted for the day!) 
  • Very easy to do while watching TV, on a work break, etc! 

I hope this guide was helpful!

(If so, please share it with everyone you know!) These are all simple and incredibly impactful ways we can make a difference–let’s do this together! ????????

PS, will I see you at the Women for Biden pre-VP debate party and phone bank tonight?!

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