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How to Style a Moto Jacket 5 Ways

Oct 24, 2019

How to Style a Moto Jacket

WOAH you guys, how is it already Thursday!?

I know I mentioned this earlier this week, but today begins what is going to be kind of a marathon. ?Here’s the short version: 

First, HUGE exciting news for me––I’m partnering with Capital One this week (Neal and I have been huge lovers of their Venture card for a long time now! It has the most amazing perks, especially if you love to travel!) I’m helping to promote their new partnership with the James Beard Foundation and their new Taste America events! (They’re coming to 19 more cities this year and next!)  So we have a cocktail reception for that tonight, and a Gala dinner on Friday– I’m SO excited! (And so nice they’re letting me bring Neal too!) 

Then, we’re having some friends over on Saturday night (just wait until you see our costumes! They are very…us? ?) and then Sunday is my bestie Melissa’s baby shower. 

WHEW MAN. I’m already tired. ?ALL GOOD THINGS, but busy busy! 

Anyway, today I’m so excited to be doing a moto jacket styling session with two blogger friends, Maddy and Christin! I’ve been following Maddy for a while now (thanks to our mutual friend Natalie–you should absolutely follow her too if you aren’t already!) I’m a big fan of Maddy’s content––so when she asked if I wanted to team up for a little styling session with herself and her friend Christin I said “OF COURSE!” I actually hadn’t been introduced to Christin’s account before, but she has SO many helpful styling tips and I know you guys will really like following her too! 

I love doing these styling sessions with other blogger friends because I think it’s so incredibly helpful for you guys to see so many ways to wear a certain item, especially on people with different styles and body types! 

Additionally, it’s a really great way for us as bloggers to gain new readership! (Which is obviously kind of imperative for our career growth!) But most of all, it’s just plain FUN to collaborate with other really cool women who are all doing different but inspiring things with their content! 

So anyway, I hope you love today’s styling session! Make sure to tune into IG stories later today for our live styling videos going up later! Once you watch mine, definitely give Maddy and Christin a follow to see how they style their moto jackets! 

But first–why a Moto Jacket? 

A moto jacket is definitely one item I would consider to be a year-round, “evergreen” wardrobe staple. It can be worn with just about everything–I use one to take a tee and jeans from “boring and basic” to “effortlessly stylish.” I’ll throw one over a cocktail dress to give it more depth and edge. It’s even great to wear to the office to take your outfit from “boring work outfit” to “stylish workwear.” The combinations are endless! 

Moto jacket recommendations: 

Today, I’ll be stying my most-worn suede moto jacket (it’s old but I will link similar below!) I love jackets with beige/tan/brown tones because they’re so versatile and goes with everything–but don’t get caught up on the color–a classic brown or black leather jacket would go well with all of these looks–as would a colored suede jacket, too! It’s all about your own style preference! 

BlankNYC makes quite a few jackets that are very similar to mine and they are my favorite brand when it comes to moto jackets. They’re really well-made and will last you forever, and typically run under $200, making for a great investment piece that won’t totally blow your budget. 

Shop my favorite similar Moto jackets: 

How to style a moto jacket 5 ways: 

Dressy casual moto jacket outfit: 

casual - How to Style a Moto Jacket

Shirt: Sezane–also love this one and this one! Size up! Runs very small b/c it’s European sizes. I’m wearing a US 4 but probably could’ve done the US 6 because the sleeves are a little snug–and I’m usually a size 2 in tops!) Jeans: c/o Everlane–run TTS! (Wearing size 25) Shoes: Sam Edelman Jacket: Similar here and here 

You know I always harp on the Juxtaposition rule–and this is a really good example of taking several different styles and throwing them all together for a look that is well balanced and interesting. The shoes and top are feminine, the jeans and jacket add a little bit of tomboy edge–it works perfectly! 

A lot of you have been asking me to review Everlane’s 90’s Cheeky Jean in comparison with my beloved Cheeky Straight jean–and this is the 90’s Cheeky! I LOVE it! The main difference is that the fit is looser in the thigh and the leg is tapered, vs with the Cheeky straight, the fit is tighter and the leg is straight. (These are the regular length, and I’m 5’6 for reference.) 

I also think this top needs its own call-out–it is STUNNING. I absolutely love Sezane and this Is my first button down I’ve purchased from them–I love the buttons and the girly ruffle details on the collar and sleeves! (Sizing tip: Size up at least 1 to 2 sizes! It’s a French brand, so it runs small!) They have SO many beautiful designs–shop all their tops here

Elevated jeans + tee look: 

How to Style a Moto Jacket with a tee

Tee: c/o Everlane (runs big–I’m wearing XS and it’s still very roomy. Meant to be oversized!) Jeans: c/o Everlane–run TTS! (Wearing size 25) Shoes: Tretorn (30% off right now at Bloomingdales! SO comfy–run TTS!), Jacket: Similar here and here 

This is a great example of how a moto jacket can totally dress up a casual/basic jeans + tee outfit! When you want to me comfortable, but stylish, this is a great outfit formula that will never fail you! Also–THIS TEE is amazing. It’s Everlane’s air tee and it’s SO incredibly soft–it’s oversized, so it’s perfect for knotting in the front! You’ll wear it nonstop–and I love the new “oatmeal” color that is a nice mix-up from a white tee for Fall! 

Moto jacket date night outfit formula: 

How to Style a Moto Jacket for date nights

Jeans: Levi’s Wedgie Straight jeans (size up–wearing size 26 and I’m almost always a 25. I cut off the hem b/c I wanted them raw hem!) Camisole: Old but I love Sezane’s lace camisole and I love BP’s lace cami for $39–I have the leopard version but it comes in black too! Jacket: Similar here and here  Shoes: Sam Edelman (mine are 8 million years old but this is the latest iteration of them! They will last you forever and are so comfortable! They’re my go-to wedding shoes in the winter and I wear them just as much with jeans!) 

This is pretty much my #1 most-worn date night uniform! It’s perfect for all seasons and pretty much all occasions, too! You wouldn’t look out of place wearing this to a fancy restaurant OR your favorite neighborhood bar. It’s also the PERFECT first date outfit–not too dressy, not too casual, sexy but still modest! It will never steer you wrong! 

Dressier moto jacket with a midi skirt: 

Moto Jacket with midi skirt

Jacket: Similar here and here Shoes: Sam Edelman (mine are 8 million years old but this is the latest iteration of them! They will last you forever and are so comfortable! They’re my go-to wedding shoes in the winter and I wear them just as much with jeans!) Skirt: Topshop (runs small, go up a size! Wearing 4!) 

If you’re looking for a slightly dressier look–swap the jeans for a midi skirt, and you’ve got the perfect dressy look! I also love using a moto jacket as more of an accessory–draping it over my shoulders vs fully putting it on. It looks much more effortless this way, and this is my preferred way to wear it to dinner. Instead of carrying it around to have an extra layer in case I get cold, I use it to add a stylish twist to my outfit! 

Chic and sophisticated moto jacket look: 

sophisticated style for Moto Jacket

Top: Everlane washable silk blouse (c/o–run TTS–wearing size 2) I also love their classic silk button downPants: Everlane straight leg crops in “Sandstone” (c/o–run TTS–wearing 25) See more ways to style these pants here! Jacket: Similar here and here Loafers: Everlane Modern Loafer–run narrow, go up 1/2 size! Headband: Urban Outfitters 

Last but not least–this might be my favorite outfit of the bunch! You know I’m a sucker for an all-neutral outfit, and this is no exception! This is a great example of an outfit I might wear to brand meetings–and would also be great if you work in a more casual, but professional office environment!

Back to the Juxaposition rule again–lots of different styles coming together here! The loafers and pants are minimalistic/modern. The blouse is classic, the jacket adds a pop of edge, and the headband adds a trendy twist. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s style lesson! Make sure to watch IG stories later today for my full video try-on/style story series! Then, head over to follow my friends Maddy and Christin to see how they’re styling their favorite moto jackets on their IG stories today! 

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