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3 layering tips to dress springy (but warm!)

How to Layer for Spring

It’s the END OF MARCH. We’ve made it to “official” spring–but here in the midwest. (Although the day we got back from Florida it was snowing 😵‍💫).

Luckily it has since warmed up–so I really can’t complain! I would say it feels “less wintery” but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s “spring weather” outside. Right now, I absolutely cannot bring myself to pull on a puffer coat–it’s painful. I only want to dress in beautiful spring hues–I want light coats–I don’t want to LOOK at anything plaid for at least a year–give me the florals, the pastels, the whites and neutrals!

So…how does one not freeze to death while dressing for spring?

I’ll show you. 😉 Follow me!

How to Layer for Spring

How to Layer for Spring
striped long sleeve top with white jeans

Tip #1: Layer a jacket under a coat:

Maha leather jacket:

My much beloved leather jacket. (Reviewed here!) It’s no stranger around here as I wear it all the time. You’ve likely heard me rave about it before. Luckily, it’s back in stock (after a long wait!) but lots of sizes are already sold out, so if you see yours, grab it (only if you’ve actually been needing a leather jacket of course.) You can use code JESSKEYS15 to save 15%. I also love Quince’s leather jacket!

I love a leather jacket as an under layer because it’s quite warm already, plus it’s naturally protectant against the wind! It’s also a nice “mid layer” that you can keep on inside to keep you toasty if it’s chilly wherever you’re going. Plus, a leather jacket is kind of one part functional layer, one part accessory. It makes every outfit look cooler!

Sizing: I size up to a medium (I have broad shoulders and I also prefer a slightly looser fit!) For a more fitted look, stay with your regular size.

Mango oversized coat:

I will admit, at first, I almost returned this coat because I thought it was too big AND I didn’t think it was thick enough for shoulder seasons in Chicago, but then I realized, it’s actually the perfect overcoat for layering in instances just like this! Oversized is definitely “the look” right now, but aside from being “on trend” it’s really very practical. I don’t have any other coats I can easily layer leather jackets, blazers, jean jackets, and more underneath. It’s perfect for that!

Also, the blue color of the coat is so lovely–it’s a color, but it’s a neutral at the same time. It makes every outfit I wear it with feel instantly spring-like. I also love that it’s not so colorful that it won’t work for fall (and winter, whenever I go somewhere where it isn’t sub zero in January.)

Sizing: Runs very big but meant to be oversized. I probably could’ve gone with the XS.

How to Layer for Spring
brown leather jacket spring outfit
brown leather jacket spring outfit

#2: Embrace ALL the white jeans (and matching white socks?)

White jeans:

Here I’m wearing the Madewell perfect vintage straight leg jean, which I bought because I got the perfect vintage WIDE leg jean last year and have loved that pair. (BOTH pairs are 25% off right now by the way!)

I would say both are great for when you want to look a bit nicer/polished (especially for the office because they have no rips/tears! But they’re cute/on-trend enough for casual-wear too!) The cut is a bit looser in the thigh (but formfitting in the butt, so they aren’t too-tight but still flattering). I’d say these are a white white but not SO white that they’re blue, if you know what I mean. Also–not remotely see through. (I’m wearing black underwear in this photo and you’d never know–the ultimate test.)

Sizing: The straight leg pair I’m wearing here run big, and also stretch–go at least one size down. If I wanted them tighter I could’ve probably done 2 sizes down even! I’m usually a 26 and these are a 25. I found the wide leg pair to fit more TTS, but if you want them tight, you’ll probably want to size down in those as well, although they definitely don’t run as big as the straight leg pair.

Striped Sezane Mariniere:

I love this top so much–it’s such a great wardrobe staple. And would especially be great for work because it’s more structured than your typical tee, making it easier to dress up. I also love the button detail at the shoulder. I first owned it in navy stripe but shrunk it in the dryer accidentally. So then I ordered this one a size up–in medium–and it’s perfect. I love the camel stripe because it’s a little different and still goes with everything! It will never go out of style and you’ll wear it season after season.

white jeans and white sneakers

#3. Choose warm/weather-appropriate accessories (in springy colors):

Leather court sneakers:

These are one of my favorite pairs of white sneakers for good reason: They’re SUPER comfortable (have a small break-in window, but not much!), they’re minimalistic, they go with everything, and best of all–it’s a quality, tough leather that easily wipes clean and can endure some wear and tear. I wear these sneakers year-round and they are great for spring because they can endure a puddle or two, no problem. I’m wearing them with these socks (I’m so glad socks are “in” because I am less tolerant of cold ankles the older I get).

Sizing: TTS.

A springy oversized scarf:

I am absolutely head over heels for this oversized scarf from Sezane. I feel like with scarves, you either get a pretty dainty neck scarf, or a super thick heavy blanket scarf–it’s hard to find an in-between, but that’s exactly what this is! It’s springy and colorful, but neutral enough to go with everything, and perfect to wear around your neck, or can even be used as a pretty wrap for chilly evenings later in the summer, or even for an outdoor wedding! It comes in several other beautiful colors too!

A neutral baseball cap:

This baseball cap has been one of my go-to’s since I got it last year. Again, I feel like I’m a broken record here but…it goes with everything. 😂 It’s a great Amazon find (they have lots of colors!)

How to Layer for Spring
how to layer spring fashion

Hope these tips help you feel confident putting that puffer away for GOOD until next year 😉