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How to Help in the Georgia Runoff Election!

Nov 11, 2020


How to Help in the Georgia Runoff Election!

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Happy Wednesday!

I feel as though this week is flying and crawling simultaneously?

How are you? 

If we’re being honest, I’m still recovering from last week. I’m still exhausted and emotionally drained and trying to take it easy as much as possible.

I guess I imagined this period of time post-election, in a perfect scenario, would be happy and breezy. And that it would also feel like the 100-pound weight around my neck would be instantly lifted. But alas, we can’t hang up our mobilizing hats just yet––because we’ve got to focus our efforts on THE PEACH STATE!

Yes, the wonderful southern state that went blue for Joe and Kamala for the first time in 28 YEARS. Thanks to VOTERS turning out in record numbers, and especially thanks to Stacey Abrams and her team–including Helen Butler, Nse Ufot, Deborah Scott, Tamieka Atkins and countless others. (Yes yes, there will be a recount. But Biden is ahead by 14,000+ votes–recounts typically result in a shift of results in the hundreds. Not thousands, and definitely not by 14,000.) 

How to Help in the Georgia Runoff Election!

What’s at stake for the Georgia Senate runoff election? 

The short answer? A lot.

As you likely know by now, the Senate races for Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Osoff lead to a runoff election happening on January 5th. If Democrats win both of these races, they flip the senate. And if they don’t, Republicans will hold the majority of the Senate. And Mitch McConnel remains the Senate Majority leader. 

The race I’d like to draw your attention to in particular is Warnock’s race vs. Republican Kelly Loeffler. Loeffler is a wealthy donor, has little political experience and was appointed to take over when former senator Johnny Isakon’s seat when he stepped down for health reasons. 

She is a staunch Trump loyalist who opposes Black Lives Matter. Calls herself “more conservative than Attila the Hun,” has described herself as “pro-wall” and has a record of siding with the president in 100% of her senate votes.

Warnock, in contrast, is a Black Democrat who supports expanded healthcare access, racial equality, and voting rights. 

As you can see–there is a lot to be worried about

I’m drawing on the energy we had leading up to election day–the THOUSANDS of you that signed up to volunteer for the Biden campaign (HUGE thanks to Women for Biden!)–getting involved together to text bank, phone bank, write letters, and more––with all hands on deck––it was truly one of the highlights of the year and that is also the energy we need to bring to Georgia! 

Many of you have dmed me asking the best way to get involved. So I’m pulling together a quick post today with some resources on how to do that, whether you live in Georgia or you’re out of state! Huge thanks to FairFight (Stacey Abrams’ organization!) for putting most of these resources together. I can’t take credit, I’m just sharing them! 


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Here’s what you need to know about the two Senate runoffs in Georgia on January 5th and how you can get involved. votesaveamerica.com/georgia

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For more on what’s at stake in Georgia, Vote Save America put together a great graphic–click through to read! 


Making a voting plan! 

Now: Request your mail-in ballot here and go to PeachVote.com for help coming up with your voting plan! 

Dec 7: Voter registration deadline. (Make sure to reach out to any young Georgians you know who turned or will turn 18 between election day and January 5th–they are eligible to vote in this election!) 

Dec 14: Start of early voting! 

Now-Jan 5: Return your ballot or vote early! 

Jan 5: Election Day!

Questions on voting in Georgia? Call their voter hotline at 888-730-5816!

Canvass Volunteer Sign Up: 

There is an immediate need for local volunteers to observe conduct canvasses/certifications in Georgia. Everyone, especially lawyers, are encouraged to sign up. Must be in Georgia. You can also volunteer with the Democratic Party of Georgia’s ballot cure and runoff opportunities here.

How to Help in the Georgia Runoff Election!

Image via The Cut, who also has a great overview article of what’s at stake for the runoff election


For Everyone Everywhere:

Volunteer with Fair Fight Action for the Runoff election: always check https://www.mobilize.us/fairfightaction/ for upcoming opportunities! This weekend they have a text banking and phone banking marathon you can sign up for right here

Volunteer Directly with the Ossoff and Warnock Campaigns:

Write postcards to Georgians! Apply via GoogleDoc here

The Women for Biden team has created a spinoff called @GaWomenForRossoffWarnock and it looks like they’ll be organizing phone/text banking events similar to what they did for the Biden campaign! Sign up to get alerts for volunteer opportunities here!


Contribute directly to Fair Fight PAC: to ensure Georgians have the resources they need in the January 5 Senate Runoff elections

Contribute to Fair Fight, and the Ossoff and Warnock Senate campaigns in one contribution. 

Donate directly to the Jon Ossoff Senate Campaign

Donate directly to the Raphael Warnock Senate Campaign

And donate to the New Georgia Project which is the organization leading Georgia voter registration efforts. 


Sign up for email and/or text alerts at FairFight.org! Share them with your friends and family to get them involved! 

Follow FairFight on Instagram and share their posts whenever you can! 

Bookmark FairFight’s Mobilize page for the latest volunteer opportunities–ask your friends to volunteer with you!

Stay tuned for more opportunities on how we can get involved together, make sure to follow along on my Instagram stories as that’s where I will usually post them! Let’s bring this home! ????????

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