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How to dress up a jumpsuit for a wedding

Black jumpsuit for weddings

Very old photo above so can’t link anything current–lots of other options below!

Wedding season is officially upon us! If you’re looking for some fun new ideas on how to mix up your wedding guest attire, today’s post is for you! I often get asked whether it’s appropriate to wear a jumpsuit to a wedding, and my answer is always a big YES. But sometimes it takes a little bit of finessing to figure out the right jumpsuit for the dress code, and how to style it to make it feel elevated enough for a formal event.

So whether you’re looking for an outfit to wear for a destination wedding or a black tie reception (or anything in between) I’ve got lots of jumpsuit tips below.

Let’s jump in! (Sorry sorry I couldn’t resist.)

Favorite wedding jumpsuits:

Let’s first start with a roundup of some favorite jumpsuits out there catching my eye! I think a black jumpsuit is always a great bet, because it’s classic, it’s safe but chic, and it’s easier to make a black jumpsuit work for a range of different dress codes.

Black jumpsuits for weddings

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If you’re browsing for a jumpsuit for, say, a destination wedding, summery wedding, or something else where you want to branch out and wear something more fun and vibrant, here’s a roundup of more colorful jumpsuits!

How to dress up a jumpsuit for a wedding

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How to dress up a jumpsuit for a wedding:

(Some tips to consider:)

First, where to buy a jumpsuit for a wedding?

If you aren’t sure where to begin when shopping for a wedding jumpsuit, here are a few favorite spots to look!

  • Reformation: Probably my top pick for jumpsuits and dresses for any kind of formal occasion. (This goes for brides, too!)
  • Revolve: They have SO many dresses and jumpsuits to choose from–always on-trend, stylish, and at a variety of price points.
  • Anthropologie: Anthro has some really cool styles you won’t find anywhere else. Flowy, colorful, boho–think statement makers.
  • Nuuly and Rent the Runway: I am a huge fan of renting dresses and jumpsuits to wear to weddings. I’ve had great luck with both Nuuly (reviewed here) and Rent the Runway.

Consider the venue.

The first thing you have to do is consider the wedding venue. Many weddings will have the dress code listed on the invite somewhere, but if it doesn’t, the location should give you a pretty good clue as to what the dress code should be.

For example, beachy destination wedding is probably more casual and calls for lighter (even linen) fabrics, whereas a wedding at, say, Field Museum in Chicago is definitely an instance where you’ll want to go a bit more formal–think a slinky, swanky black jumpsuit! (See below for ideas!)

Make sure it fits well.

Like any cocktail dress or gown, your jumpsuit needs to fit you well, so get it tailored/hemmed if you need to. There are lots of jumpsuit styles out there, but I would avoid the super shapeless styles, as they’re more casual and hard to dress up. Instead, look for jumpsuits that are more fitted and tailored. It’ll make your styling a lot easier if you have a base that really feels like it’s already elevated. Remember, you want the jumpsuit to basically replace the type of dress you’d wear to the same setting. So it should feel as nice as a cocktail dress, or even a gown.

Add structure with a fitted waist or belt.

Maybe you have an existing jumpsuit in your wardrobe that just needs a bit of structure to work for the occasion! You could consider a belt or a sash that’ll define your figure and refine the look. 

Choose the right fabric.

To make sure your jumpsuit feels appropriate for the occasion, get the right fabrics. This may depend a bit on the destination, but you’ll want to stay away from fabric that looks naturally more casual if you’re trying to dress it up for a fancier dress code. (For example, save the linen jumpsuit for a destination wedding) and instead go for textiles like silk, velvet (for a winter wedding), high quality polyester, viscose or rayon that look more expensive and formalwear-appropriate. 

Go monochrome.

When you’re not sure how to style something, a monochrome look is always fun–which essentially means you’re wearing the same color from head to toe–coordinated shoes, handbag and all. (Obviously this is already pretty easy to accomplish with a jumpsuit. 😉) This is easy to do with black on black, for example, or navy, neutrals (just steer clear of white, obviously), or can be a fun way to make a statement with a color!

Refine your jumpsuit look with jewelry. 

Earrings to wear for weddings

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I am always a big fan of a statement earring for weddings, especially with a jumpsuit. It’s an easy way to take your one-piece outfit from everyday to elevated. I’ve rounded up some favorites above!

Style it like a LBD.

Getting a black jumpsuit and styling it like any other LBD is by far the simplest way to wear a jumpsuit to a wedding and have it look stunning and event-appropriate. Just find a black jumpsuit you love, and style it how you normally would a dress.

Add a handbag. 

Purses for weddings

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The right handbag is the perfect way to elevate your look. It’ll add structure, color, and detail to a jumpsuit wedding look. Here are some favorites above. Truth be told, I really only have two kinds of wedding handbags: one small clutch that’s a bit more formal, and one clutch that’s a bit more casual (like rattan) for a summer wedding. Metallics are always great because they go with everything so you’ll wear them again and again, but of course, black is always a nice choice for a formal handbag, too!

Pick the right shoes.

Shoes for weddings

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The nice thing about choosing shoes for a jumpsuit? They’re pretty much the same rules that apply for choosing shoes for a cocktail dress! (When I say “rules” honestly I feel like there aren’t many–my only rule is that the shoe needs to be comfortable, easy to walk in, and go with everything.) Loeffler Randall makes some of my absolute favorite heels–especially their bow heels, which are so fun and comfy at the same time. I’ve rounded up some favorites above.

4 Wedding Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas

Styling a jumpsuit for a black tie wedding:
Wedding Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Styling a jumpsuit for a cocktail attire wedding:
Styling a jumpsuit for a cocktail attire wedding

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Styling a jumpsuit for a destination wedding:
Styling a jumpsuit for a destination wedding

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Styling a jumpsuit for a casual wedding:
Styling a jumpsuit for a casual wedding

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

I hope this helped give you the confidence to rock a jumpsuit for a wedding–whatever the dress code may be!