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Paris in Chicago (My New Bike!)

Aug 11, 2017

Paris in Chicago

Top: Old, but similar here and here (several linked below, too!) // Shoes: Everlane Day Heels – some of the comfiest shoes I own! They also just released them in super pale ballet pink! // Jeans: Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans (also styled here and here) they are my latest denim favorite and run TTS. This pair is only $99 and is similar! I also love this lighter/more distressed pair from Madewell. If you don’t like the raw hem look, these high-waisted dark skinnies from Madewell are similar but with regular hem! // Bike: c/o Raleigh Bikes–it’s the “Superbe” model! // Hat: Hinge // Tote: Madewell Transport Tote 

Paris in Chicago (My New Bike!)

Goooood Morning and bonjour from Montreal!

Today I am so excited to share more details about my FAVORITE new thing with you: my new bike!

You’ve seen some sneak peaks on Instagram and Insta-stories, but it’s time to spill the beans: I am freakishly obsessed.

Luckily, in the neighborhood where I live, riding your bike is cool and very common–so it’s slightly less scary to ride it around Wicker Park than in other neighborhoods where biking is more dangerous–haha! (And yes, of course, I wear a helmet–it just isn’t cute enough to make it into these photos!)

You may recall that Neal adorably surprised me with a red beach cruise at Christmas last year which I am still head over heels for. However, I quickly discovered that it was difficult to keep up with the other bikers in the bike lane because my beach cruiser was only a single speed– totally fine on side streets, but in major bike lanes I felt like I was going to get run over at all times, not to mention other bikers were lapping me like granny in the carpool lane.

Thus, an upgrade to something with gears was in the imminent future! I had also been wanting something with a basket because I often bike to the grocery store and fun fact: it’s difficult to bike down a busy street with two gigantic IKEA sized bags of groceries over both shoulders. (WIDE LOAD!)

Since my new “Superbe” bike from Raleigh Bikes came into the picture–needless to say–I literally look for reasons to ride it.

(And no, they aren’t sponsoring this post or paying me for anything, either!) And yes, my favorite is to ride it with a cute French-girl-inspired outfit to pretend I’m straight-up Parisian. Embarrassing? Probably. Here are more details on the bike if you’re in the market for one, too! (And outfit details below, if you aren’t :-P)

Raleigh superb bike

The Design:

Is it not, without a doubt, the prettiest bike you’ve ever seen? It has the look of a gorgeous cruiser with the functionality of a road bike! The best part about it is that it’s a step-through bike, meaning, the middle bar is lower than usual so you can step right through it without lifting your leg above your waist. This means you can even wear a dress while riding it with no problems! It also features a chain guard so you never have to worry about your pant leg or dress getting caught in the chain. (Remember that from your childhood days?)

The bike comes in white, hunter green, black, and pink–which are all inspired by different famous shopping districts in different cities–the white, actually inspired by Chicago’s Magnificent Mile! All are complete with little bells (STOP) and beautiful leather accents.

Jess Keys Raleigh superb bike

7 Speeds:

The bike has 7 speeds, which have come in so handy. The other day I even zipped from Wicker Park to River North in about 13 minutes, which would’ve been unheard of on my one-speed beach cruiser (and something I wouldn’t have been brave enough to attempt!)

No hassel assembly:

They have partial and full assembly options that you can check out right here, but Raleigh works with local bike shops in your city, so mine was shipped to On The Route Bikes to be assembled, and the owner, Joanne, even rode it to me and dropped it off at my doorstep!

Fun fact: We also figured out that Joanne is the aunt of my high-school friend, Kailee. We actually looked so much alike in high school that our nick name for each other was “twinnie.” Joanne mentioned how much I looked like Kailee to her family in passing, and of course, Kailee was like, “UMMM I KNOW HER!” From Scottsdale AZ to Chicago–what are the odds?

Detachable basket:

One of the cutest features of the bike–the basket actually detaches so you can take it in the store or farmers market with you! I mean, it was just made for holding piles of baguettes.

[one-half-first]Paris in Chicago[/one-half-first][one-half]

Raleigh bike bells


Paris in Chicago outfit

More French Girl Essentials:

I think I’m so in love with the classic “French girl” style because, it’s that–classic.

The older I get, the more I feel like my style gravitates toward the classics, with feminine touches that truly never go out of style–a pair of perfectly fitting high-waisted jeans that hug you in all the right places, a classic striped tee that goes with everything (seriously, I’ve had this tee for years and wear it year-round–linking similar options below!) and the comfiest little red heels are suitable for any season and any everyday occasion. A straw boater hat (only $30!) is obviously the cherry on top 😉

Shop more favorite wear-everywhere striped tees: 

Paris in Chicago outfit idea

red low heels

straw hat and bike

Paris in Chicago fashion

Hope you have the best weekend! Make sure to follow along on my Montreal trip via Insta Stories

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