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Burnt out and unmotivated? Try this.

Sep 29, 2016


Original outfit post here 

Last week I had a mini melt down. (Neal might tell you it was a regular sized meltdown.)

It went kind of like this: we were out shooting blog photos, and it wasn’t going well. They weren’t turning out how I’d hoped, and no matter how hard we tried we just couldn’t capture the shots I was going for.

I just lost it.

I stomped up the stairs back up to our condo, feeling so defeated and so mad, and went straight to the fridge and took out the wine. (Never mind that it was like 4:30 in the afternoon.) 

I opened the cupboard to find no wine glasses (?!?!?!?) and then almost had another meltdown all over again. (Hint: They were all dirty, in the sink.) I angrily began hand washing them, then lost track of how many I was washing, and then ended up pouring wine in ALL of them just because I wasn’t paying attention. (WOAHHH. HEY PSYCHO. WAKE UP.) 

Okay, it was a regular sized meltdown for me, as I’m not much of a crier, but I don’t want to make it sound like it was THAT big  of a deal. Because, it was, you know–just one of the “life” moments. 

You know how sometimes life just hits you and flips you upside down for a bit? That happened a few weeks ago, and it put me so far behind in everything work-related that it felt like I was standing at the deep end of the pool on my tippy-toes. 

That wasn’t the first time I’ve felt burnt out with blogging. There are lot’s of times over the past year where I’ve wondered if I really want to continue making this my “job.” More times than one, I’ve dreamed about finding a new means of income and going back to making this my hobby again. (But who am I kidding? Why would I go back to the corporate life I hated SO much?) 

I came to the realization (days after this meltdown episode, of course) that I had spent the last few weeks operating in fight or flight mode–so no wonder I was feeling burned out. 

Know what I did this week? I sat down, and mapped out a very organized, structured way to approach my work days and work weeks. I identified the problem areas, and came up with ideas on how to fix them. Hell, I even spent an hour today laying out different outfits to shoot and snapping photos of them for future reference. 

I forgot how much fun blogging was! 

Take this lesson from me: If you’re feeling burnt out, just take a time out, sit down, and create a plan to get out of your rut.

That’s all it takes, seriously. I can’t stress it enough! 

What can you do today to lesson your overwhelm? 

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