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This is the Only Hostess Gift Idea You’ll Need This Season

Dec 8, 2017

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It’s that time of the year again when you’ve got back to back holiday parties pretty much each weekend from now through January–right? It’s hard enough figuring out what to wear to all of these functions, much less remember to get a little something for each host or hostess! (That stops today, hooray!)

The good news is: giving the perfect hostess gift isn’t rocket science, AND, you can stockpile your hostess gifts all at once–so you never have to run out to buy something at the last minute!

Read on for my tips and the cutest hostess idea I’ve discovered yet ??

Hostess Gift Tips:

In terms of budget, stay around or below $15-$20

First thing first–how much to spend? Everyone always wants to know the answer to this one, and honestly, you don’t have to go overboard with the spending when it comes to hostess gifts!

Honestly, how I look at it is–I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to write me a thank-you note, or feel pressure to reciprocate with a more elaborate gift than they would typically buy, if the situation were reversed. A nice, no-pressure gift that qualifies as “just a little something” is perfect. It says, “I’m thinking of you, thanks for inviting me” but doesn’t say, “I expect the same from you in return.”

Bring something that anyone will love

Don’t get too creative with the gift itself 

Everyone always wants to know a super cool and creative hostess gift idea, or they don’t know what to bring so they end up showing up to the party with a hodge-podge of store bought desserts or appetizers instead. (Another party attendee tip: never show up with surprise food unless the hostess has specifically asked you to bring it. It could throw off her whole menu, it forces her to dirty more of her dishes, it requires you to be in the kitchen and in her way, and although your intentions are good, she really does not appreciate it, I assure you.)

Here’s the thing–the more specific you get with gifts, the less they appeal to a broad audience. When it comes to hostess gifts, something classic and foolproof is going to win every time. Now is not the time to be creative with the gift itself!

The best hostess gift? Wine! 

What’s everyone love? Wine. I can’t think of a situation where wine WOULDN’T be an appropriate gift to give your hostess. (Unless, I suppose, if the hostess doesn’t drink, but even if she doesn’t, I’m sure she’ll be glad to have more wine on hand she can serve others at the party!)

If you walk in the door with a great bottle of wine or bubbly, it’s going to be received with open arms. Plus, it’s easy to stock up on a few bottles of wine to have on hand, or grab one last minute.

What kind to buy? We brought a lot of wine to a lot of parties over the years, and Chloe is always my go-to for a few reasons:

1. It’s sophisticated.

I mean, look at the label. It looks so classic. Who doesn’t love adorable packaging? Your hostess will appreciate the classy touch it adds to her bar cart!

2. The price.

You can’t be showing up with 2 Buck Chuck, but who can afford to spend $40 per bottle of wine when you have 10 different parties to go to!? Chloe is usually only about $13 per bottle (depending on where you purchase it!) It’s a great happy medium in terms of price point.

3. The taste.

I love Chloe! All of their wines taste like $35 bottles when they’re less than half of that cost!

4. You can buy it literally anywhere

The liquor store, the grocery, even the corner store or drug store! I’m often forced to get wine at CVS or Walgreens before a party and 9 times out of 10, they always have Chloe!

(And if you really don’t want to bring wine for whatever reason, you could always check out my Gift Exchange gift guide for more ideas!) 

Add a personal touch:

It’s always fun to add a little personal touch to whatever you’re bringing, especially if it happens to be a bottle of bubbly or wine. It could be a cute cheeky holiday card (my friend Katie makes the CUTEST ones she sells on Etsy!) A fun little stopper or wine bag (how cute and ridiculous is this faux fur one?) a tea towel (how much would your hilarious aunt love this one?) or this hysterical pair of “if you can read this, bring me wine” socks or adorable tassel wine charms!

BUT. The cutest, easiest, idea of all that requires zero extra funds?

The Cutest Hostess Gift Idea: Custom Wine Labels

This season, Chloe is offering wine labels you can customize! For FREE! You can write whatever you’d like on them, and they take just a minute to order! Just peel and stick onto the bottle.

We kept ours short and sweet and customized our labels to say, “Happy Holidays! Love, Neal & Jess!” 

They have been so well-received from friends and family that I placed an order for several more! When your host decides to enjoy your bottle, they’ll remember their sweet friends that gave it to them! How is that for the easiest, most creative hostess gift idea, hm?

To top things off (if you’re feeling extra festive) tie a cute little bow with your favorite ribbon up top! (I picked up this pretty white and gold ribbon at Target!)



Favorites from Chloe Wine Collection:

If you decide to place your own custom order, you get to pick the variety of Chloe you’d like to put it on! Here are some of my favorites (it might be fun to get a few different varieties depending on what your host likes!)

Chloe Prosecco: I think bubbly is definitely the most foolproof bottle to bring. Plus, it’s fun, festive, and always appropriate for a party! You’ll rarely run into someone who doesn’t like Prosecco!

Chloe Pinot NoirThis is my second favorite Chloe wine–but I think that’s probably because I’m a Pinot Noir fanatic 😉 They make a really good one!

Chloe Pinot GrigioFor those you know that prefer white wine, their Pinot Grigio is a crowd pleaser! I wrote more about it in this post.

Chloe MerlotI also really love their Merlot! I typically don’t drink a lot of Merlot but theirs is the perfect cold-weather wine with a bit of smoky spice to it! I wrote more about Chloe Merlot here!

Do you love this idea as much as I do!? I hope it helps make your hostess gifting a little easier this season! 

Big thanks to Chloe Wine Collection, a brand we love and purchase often, for sponsoring this post! You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram!


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