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Honeymoon in Cabo Photo Diary: Part One

Honeymoon in Cabo Photo Diary

WAHOOO! It feels so good to be back!

Today, I’m so excited to share some behind the scenes photos from our amazing honeymoon in Cabo! We honestly never anticipated needing a week on the beach so much, haha! After all that happened with the wedding, you could say that landing in Cabo was a sight for sore eyes. We stayed there for a total of six nights, the first three nights at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos before moving further downtown to stay at our friends’ condo in San Lucas. Because of the plethora of photos, I’m breaking this into a two part post 😉

Honestly, we never anticipated wanting to do the all-inclusive beach vacation for our honeymoon, but as we got into the thick of wedding planning, it became more and more clear that neither of us had the time, nor the energy, to plan a romantic European getaway on top of planning our wedding. (And in hindsight, we could not have IMAGINED trekking through Europe for two weeks afterword! We were way too tired and our brains were far too fried!)

Then, in January, when we visited Secrets Playa Mujeres in Cancun, we were like “YEP. DONE. DOING THIS FOR OUR HONEYMOON!”

Honeymoon in Cabo Photo Diary: Part One

We chose Cabo not just because of its proximity to the West Coast (where we were getting married) but also because I had been there previously and loved all the culture and how much there is to do there. If you’ve never been, there are actually TWO cities that make up “Los Cabos”–there’s San José del Cabo, and Cabo San Lucas. Both offer a ton of culture, restaurants, and cool sights to see, so we knew we wanted to be able to explore both areas. I might be biased, but I think it’s the most beautiful part of Mexico–with the Baja desert and gorgeous mountains in one direction and the pacific ocean on the other.

We chose to visit Secrets first because after our wedding, we knew we wouldn’t want to venture off the resort much (or plan anything that required brain power, haha!) and the fact that they have so many dining options and great drinks made it easy. They also have a ton of activities–we watched a little Monday night football out by the pool and also checked out the live music at their piano bar (I wanted to make it to 9am yoga but that never ended up happening, haha!) If golf is your thing, they’re pretty famous for their two championship golf courses, too!

The only time we went off the resort was to visit Flora Farms for dinner on our second night, which came highly recommended by you guys, and I am SO glad we went! (More on that below!)

Anyway, we rolled in LATE night, at like 10pm, and to describe us as exhausted would be the understatement of the century. Luckily, they had a JET TUB on our balcony, and there was champagne waiting for us as soon as we arrived, so we hung out in the jacuzzi and admired the beautiful stars and listened to the waves while we polished off our champagne and ordered in room service. (It was heaven. Really. If you haven’t ordered room service while wearing a fancy plush bathrobe and slippers–which I basically lived in whenever I wasn’t at the pool–you really haven’t lived.)

Honeymoon in Cabo Photo Diary

The view from our balcony!

Want to know something crazy? We actually arrived BETWEEN two tropical storms. Cabo had been hit pretty hard just a few days before we arrived, and there was a ton of flooding–luckily Secrets got up and running and didn’t have as much damage as a lot of other resorts. That would’ve been just our luck, right? 😛 This is the view from our balcony during the day!

Honeymoon in Cabo Photo Diary

View from our “hallway”

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos | Honeymoon in Cabo Photo Diary

The prettiest architecture!

One of my favorite parts about the resort is that literally everywhere you look is incredibly beautiful. The whole resort is white stucco with these beautiful terra-cotta tiled roofs, fountains everywhere, tropical flowers, cacti, palm trees, and shrubbery covering the place. I fully appreciated the little design details, like the beautiful southwestern tile and the cheeky pottery!

Honeymoon in Cabo Photo Diary

But really, be cuter.

beautiful flowers

These beautiful flowers covered the whole resort!

Honeymoon in Cabo Photo Diary

The “quiet” pool

The first day, we hung out in the main pool with the swim up bar–because, obviously–haha! It wasn’t until later that we discovered that there was a second infinity pool with a perfect view of the ocean! We hung out here the second day. We highly recommend ordering a few “iceberg” cocktails–they’re half margarita, half Mexican beer, and they are SO good! When you have a few too many margaritas, I also recommend hitting up the gym or the spa for some of their fancy and rejuvenating Chlorophyl water, which I clearly took advantage of, haha! (Neal loved their gym, but full disclosure, I never actually set foot in there :-P)

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos for dinner

Before dinner on second night (aka our first “date night” out)

Our second night at the resort was our first night “out” so to speak, since we were so exhausted the first night we stayed in and ordered room service! (24 hour room service, I might add. AMAZING.) We went to Oceana and they were SO SWEET after hearing about what a fiasco the wedding was and that we were on our honeymoon, they went above and beyond to make it an incredibly romantic night for us. We had a beautiful romantic table with a view right out onto the pool and ocean. The view of the city lights and the stars was so dreamy!

Oceana Secrets Puerto Los Cabos

Date at Oceana

Despite being a “seafood” focused restaurant (and I don’t like seafood) Oceana has always been our favorite Secrets restaurant (it was our favorite at Playa Mujeres as well!) They didn’t disappoint–I had the steak and it was phenomenal! The chef even came out to congratulate us on our honeymoon and asked how we liked our meal.

sunset at the resort

Caught the sunset at the resort before heading to Flora Farms!

The resort is super close to San José del Cabo, which is an adorable historic town with lots to explore. (Although, we didn’t do this because sadly there was still a lot of clean-up happening due to the tropical storm). However–luckily for us–Flora Farms was just down the road, and was open! We took a taxi from the hotel and it was only a few minutes away.

I’m so glad that all of you insisted that we go there–it did not disappoint.

We arrived early to walk around the beautiful property and sat to have a drink at the bar. I would definitely recommend doing the same! The best part is that it wasn’t busy at all because September is low season. They had an awesome live band (that played one of our favorite songs that was also played at our wedding–Into the Mystic–where I promptly started sobbing. Haha!) Everything they serve is sourced from the farm. So we honestly didn’t have anything that wasn’t outstanding. I would highly recommend the burrata–they also had a fried chicken dinner special that we went for and it was incredible!

For my fellow dog lovers, they have about 10 stray dogs they’ve adopted that roam the property, and along wit your menu you get this cute little guide with a drawing of the dogs and a description of them. The majority of the night we played the “which dog is this?” game and died laughing because they are the only dogs in history that have taken no interest in my annoying dog voice. (If you didn’t have food, you were dead to them.)

Another cute part–we mentioned to the bartender in passing that we were on our honeymoon, and within three minutes we were sat at our table with a congratulatory sign and free complimentary champagne. Seriously so nice!

[one-half-first]Date Night Honeymoon in Cabo Photo Diary[/one-half-first][one-half]

Date Night Honeymoon


Secrets Cabo

The next day we checked out at Secrets before heading to stay at my best friends’ parents condo in downtown San Lucas. (How generous were they to let us stay there?!)

More details on the second half of our trip to come. But we couldn’t leave without me downing two of their amazing Frappés (by myself). And of course, my favorite thing–room service breakfast! (Highly recommend the huevos divorciados!)

[one-half-first]room service breakfast[/one-half-first][one-half]

room service breakfast cabo


Honeymoon resort balcony

More to come soon! Hope you have the best Tuesday!