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Hello, weekend!

Feb 7, 2014

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Hey there, Friday!

It’s our favorite day of the week again! It seems that you’ve all enjoyed my last couple Friday roundups (thank you!) so let’s continue to make it “our thing” shall we? 

1. This video will make you so very instantly happy. 

2. You officially have 1 (yes, one) week until Valentines day- so start planning! I can’t even handle how much cuteness is packed into this festive little dessert

3. Prepare to be impressed with this comprehensive list of 25 golden cocktails. Ugh, no- this was not curated especially for me. It’s for the Olympics. Which I guess is cooler. 

4. If you’re really bored this weekend, I challenge you to do this. And let me know how it turns out- I could be in the market for those. 

5. If you’ve ever been curious about learning calligraphy (which I have been) I found this post to be extremely informative. Unfortunately mine still sucks. But hey, gotta start somewhere, right? 

6. Set your alarms, Peter Pilotto for Target hits stores and Target.com on Sunday! I recommend setting it for around 5am CST- I had GREAT luck with this with the Phillip Lim for Target launch. 

7. While you’re on Target.com, you should really look into purchasing this adorable bar cart for only $116. 

8. Now that you mention bar carts, would you have ever thought to look here for such incredible barware?

9. Find inspiration in this incredible brunch spread by The Everygirl if you’re entertaining this weekend! 

10. If you love Ellie Goulding, this do not pass up this BuzzFeed list of 15 Essential Ellie Goulding Covers. And there’s your Friday playlist. 


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